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  1. I have a spare Witter plug, like the one above , if it any good to you. David
  2. I think you will find that the figure of 3500 kg for car and caravan applies to people that do not have B + E entitlement as per the OP's link to DVLA. see this https://www.gov.uk/towing-rules/y/car-or-light-vehicle/no/licence-issued-before-19-Jan-2013
  3. Not sure where you are but try ASHBY SELF STORAGE LIMITED in Packington, owner is Charles Eaton Phone 07973 730017 or 01530 564360.
  4. Remove paint as it contaminates the Alko hitch pads
  5. Hoddy

    Kuga towbar

    I have a Tow trust detachable fitted to my Kuga and when it is in position the sensors do not sense it. I believe that if electrics are set up by a Ford dealer the can disable both the sensors and the rear fog lights, but I stand to be corrected.
  6. Hi Woodie 106, it is attached to the tow bar bracket before the removable tow ball. Would attach photos but away at the moment in the Algarve at the moment and would take too long to post with the speed of the WiFi here
  7. I’m on my 3rd Tow Trust bar and the most recent on my Kuga is more difficult but I am able to connect now without having to kneel. The only thing that concerns me is attaching the breakaway cable to the bracket, so I have put a bracket on to the actual tow bar which works ok and gives me more peace of mind . Voiced my concerns to Tow Trust and they said the socket bracket was strong enough.
  8. Had the same on my 560 and had to remove fridge, not sure if the 570 has the fridge beneath the sink. Took a while to sort out as cables and gas pipe may have to be uncoupled. Don’t forget to have gas connection checked by qualified gas engineer.
  9. What a great idea. Once I had to fit additional amber reflectors to hide a big dent.
  10. On our 2016 Kuga which we brought second hand the piece of metal was in the boot, asked salesman what it was and he told me that if the tow bar was taken off the this had to be refitted. The tow bar is a Tow Trust detachable .
  11. Is this the file you were looking for: Beginners GuideTo Caravan Electrics.pdf Beginners GuideTo Caravan Electrics.pdf
  12. Had the same problem with my last car. Used but came with a tow bar fitted and all circuits working. When connected to the van lights worked and the battery supply OK but fridge not working. Tested by dealer with me in attendance and everything tested OK . Dometic engineer had already tested fridge and that was also OK so not the caravan. Checked all the wiring on the car and found a poor earth which was alright for normal power feed but when the heavier load for the fridge was applied it did not work. Made better connection and it has work perfectly for over 10,000 miles of towing,
  13. Hoddy


    The typical fine for an out-of-date MoT is a £100 fixed penalty notice, which was increased from £60 in August 2013. However, fines can go up to £1,000 if taken to court. 13 Nov 2017. Depends if taken to court so not an automatic fine of £1,000,
  14. Have a look at file below. Copied from Caravan Talk a few years ago so apologizes to breaking any copyright regulation Beginners GuideTo Caravan Electrics.pdf
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