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  1. Got the correct seal replacement at my local caravan shop in Weston super mare called devan caravans, they were very helpful.
  2. Hi all iv noticed some damp in my front windows of my coachman amara 2012, I'm in the process of replacing the front window seals, does anyone know the best place to buy then from ? Seals direct have sent me what they thought was the correct replacement however it dosent look right to me, check out the pictures, measuments reveal it is indeed smaller. Sample of new seal is placed on top of old one removed. Thanks in advance for any comments / advice
  3. Durbanite i find you post / comments very usefully and helpful - actally thinking about it, maybe not
  4. The Caravan had a service last year it wasn't picked up then, so I can only assume it's happened during the cold winter / extreamly hot sumner we had.
  5. UPDATE, spoken to highbridge caravans today, warranty on coachmans for water ingress is 6 years ..... So DIY fix is required, any advice would be great.
  6. Hi All, Here is my little problem I came across today whilst giving my 2012 Coachman Amara a little spring clean today, To my horror I found two cracks in the roof panel that joins the side panel, Check out the photos, If anyone can give some advice of how to repair it would be great, Having researched I am aware of the hole drilling and filling technique, If any one has anymore information or advice I would really appreciate it, Im wondering if I use it, (as planned for this weekend) I run the risk of the crack getting a whole lot worse. Thanks All
  7. Thanks to everyone one who wrote helpful information.
  8. Thinking of getting my 1994 avondale harrior caravan out in the next couple of weeks that I purchased last year, thought it would be a good idea to check the brakes, I have taken the one shot but off, and discoverd some hair line cracks on the pads. Any one have any experience with hair line cracks in brake pads ? They are the alko type If I want to replace pads how do I identify what pads I will need. Many thanks for any help
  9. Hi I did what you said and located the problem, tucked away from the consumer unit in the oppersit side where two 7. 5 amp blade fuses one had blown. Thanks for your suggestions
  10. Hi again, all the trips are on, there is one blade fuse that has caravan battery which is fine, should there be some more somewhere ?
  11. Hi All, My caravan is connected to the mains, the Switch CAR / OFF / CARAVAN is switched to caravan, but I have no power. I have a new lessure battery fitted, I have checked the circuit breakers. 240 scockets are working fine, but cant get anything out of the old girl, lights, pump etc Please Help,
  12. Hi, I have an Avondale harrier, it seems to have a electrical fault. On the switching panel ( from car power to caravan power ) the power neddle show nothing, however the 240 sockets work with 240 power plugged in. Any suggestions ? I have no lights pump etc, Any help greatfully recived Flatrightout
  13. Ok gents thanks for your reply I am armed the correct sealent ( soudal fix all ) took the rail off today, well part of it, got half way around and it seemed to be fine and no damp meter readings so tomorrow I'm gona get on the case, What a pain to get the old sticky mastic off the rail, any tips ? Can't beleve after 15 years how ***** sticky is still is, got some on my shoes, there going in the bin after ! Cheers Flatrightout
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