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  1. Brilliant! thank you, I will check it out
  2. Sorry for not making that clear. Stevan is right, it's the actual netting which has become ripped and now totally useless. The netting is stuck to a plastic insert and I need to cut a piece to fit and re-glue. Thanks, Mike Thanks Stevan
  3. M&J

    Hi would it be possible to email me a copy of the 12v Electrical Manual please?  Many thanks, Mike

  4. Hi All, I have recently purchased a 15 year old Bailey Ranger. It's in great condition but there are one or two niggling little jobs that I want to put right. The mossy netting on both skylights needs replacing. I have the netting (fiberglass) and ready to complete. Could someone suggest the best glue to use? I am thinking a hot glue gun but not sure if it will adhere to the hard plastic Thanks a lot and stay safe with this damn virus that is knocking about. Mike & Jackie
  5. Hi to All, we are just getting organised with our first tourer and really looking forward to our future travels. Maybe we will bump into one another at some point (not literally I hope) Have a great summer
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