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  1. It is good to know that there are some caravanners who have the same thoughts as me - I thought I was in the wilderness. Our renovations will include getting rid of gas bottles, heater and cooker because it is my choice to use only sites with EHU. What happens if there is power cut? the same thing that happens at home. I also prefer to use site shower facilities as I am one of the people that others seem to think use the facilities and leave them in a mess so there is more room for me! I also think it is a waste of space to have a toilet space that includes a wardrobe - I like my clothes fresh and dry - not steamed. Please can you give more information on the watt sensor that will cut out certain things when I want to cook (on my 2 ring ceramic hob).
  2. thanks for your patience. Tomorrow I am off to get new curtain material and contact the man who will do the decals for me and keep my clothes out of the bathroom. I am known as the woman who only has 2 saucepans - actually it is now 4, 2 at home and 2 in the caravan.
  3. I think my caravan ought to be a home from home and as such I would like to point that I change my curtains according to the season - the windows are the right size in the caravan to do this frequently. Why is this made more difficult by the blinds that are put at each window? I have blackout curtains at home and am prepared to add net curtains if I ever go to a flying insect infested area. Why is this not an option? I realise that you might think that I am being picky but I moved with my parents to caravan living in the 60s and we lived perfectly without all these add-ons which I consider excessive. Can you still annoy your caravan neighbours by throwing bread crumbs on their roof for the birds to peck at or are the roofs well sound insulated?
  4. Re the colour white for caravans - my local garage retouches any scratches etc to my car with paint and I am sure caravan repairers can cope equally well. My latest thought is to make my caravaqn look like a parcel wrapped with red ribbon so no-one would dare steal it and it could be easily spotted by the police helicopter if any one was brave enough!
  5. Why is there a 4 ring cooker when many european caravans have only 2 and how do I dish up for 6 people in almost the same area as allowed for 2?
  6. why are all caravans apinted mainly white? surely it would help with recovery if there were some differences to stop the police having to stop all caravans?
  7. Good evening Why is it necessary to put your dry clothes (in the wardrobe) into a damp place (bathroom)?
  8. Good afternoon We are in a similar position but our "new"caravan is a 1999 Abbey Expression 380. The whole bathroom needs changing and we are going to take out the shower tray. It does seem to have used the world's supply of sealant but we are hopeful that the C4 cassette toilet will be able to stand alone. we are also going to remove the vanity unit because we have nothing that fits on the shelves (shampoo, handwash and most importantly make up remover etc). We also hope that removing the shower tray we will be able to remove the 6" step into the bathroom. The velour curtains also disappeared on the first day. We are not to sure about the mattresses as they have been sat and lied on for 13 years so I think all the bounce has gone out of them. We are also going to change the 'kitchen' because I do not want a full size dark green cooker and sink unit. We are going to keep as it is till it is too cold to go on "holiday" Let us now how you get on.
  9. Good morning soon to be friends I have just spent a week in a hired tourer to see if I liked the lifestyle - it was great. I want to go further and get the caravan of my dreams. It appears that this is not available so I am just going to have to do it myself. Has any one done a total renovation? Do you have any tips on structural things? Please let me have your advice and tips
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