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  1. Due to current lock down and the cancellation of Norfolk next week are now in process of winterising the van as it looks as though this it for this year. New van this year and still getting to grips with various 'quirks'. Have previously with both two earlier vans removed and stored at home cushions/upholstery to avoid any damp problems during the winter period. Done the same this morning with the VIP 565 2020 and mattresses and settees now at home. Never happened before put instead of the bed and lounge seat frames remaining flat following the upholstery re
  2. Sorry to be the odd one out on this, but 2020 VIP ordered in January and at the February NEC spoke to Elliot Hibbs who volunteered that the flap was an optional extra FOR EXCLUSION if not required; just tell the dealership to mark up the order form!! No flap therefore in our van. Our reason for not having it is that we felt it would be too easy to knock something off onto the upholstery. Might be wrong but pleased we did not have it fitted. Bernard in Tring
  3. Another plus point for the German build quality!! Envious as always a job I dread and thanks for the prompt response. Bernard in Tring
  4. Roof looks impressive. Access is always a problem (safely). How did you do it please? Always looking for ideas. Bernard in Tring
  5. Just a final comment. Just had a 'play' on the Alde 3020 control panel on-line simulator. The grey mist has now been lifted!! Without being offensive in any way Jacko1, if would appear you are making hard work of a system which can be left to its own devices once set at the beginning of ones stay. Perhaps I'm just bone idol or a glutton for big boys toys! Only a personal view of course and no offence intended. Bernard in Tring
  6. Well that is a result. Not only have I had some very useful advise and contributions from members on the forum for which I am grateful, but also when Alde pitch in I feel somewhat vindicated for asking what I thought was an issue only I did not understand. So thanks again to everyone for assisting in this dilemma. I 'll put these 'theories' to the test in a couple of weeks in the IOW subject to the then current or foreseen vagaries of our beloved Boris and the degree of self responsibility of my fellow human beings in the meantime. Again thanks to you all for such infor
  7. LITW thanks very much for that. Very much appreciated. Currently the day setting is 7.00 hrs to about 10.30 hrs as it has not been cold during the day light hours. Understand the principle of the Default setting and this explains a lot; but can you say how and if this is/can be accessed through the panel and is the default temperature 'adjustable'. Seems to be a bit like a 'frost stat'. Idiot step by step guide would be helpful. It would also be helpful if you could expand on the 'although documented, doesn't stand out.' Where? Instruction Book; page number
  8. Owned two previous Coachman with Truma heating; now 'progressed' to a 2020 VIP with the ALDE system. I need some help in understanding the principles of how it works with particular emphasis on the 'time clock' elements. I can make it work, but don't understand the clock system. I can set the day, time, required temperate (lower during night than day) etc and have set separate start and finish times on the clock in both day and night mode. They don't overlap. My dilemma is the heating definitely comes on outside of the times the clock has been set. i.e. the night mode i
  9. I too have this wonderful innovation and Johnaldo you are right; called sods law I think. Funny how Coachmen when they trumpet each year all of their new' innovations', on the forth coming years models graphics, fabrics, double handled fridge etc, something like this is not mentioned! All of the 'unbiased' reviews in the various caravan magazines seem blind to this 'must have' feature also. Must be a guilt complex, based on Cilla's game show Surprise, Surprise, or just a job lot that was too good to refuse!! Bernard in Tring
  10. Charlieboy - no the tank is in the wardrobe on the opposite side of the van next to the entrance door. No obvious surface connection to the Alde. Joanie - think it might be but despite wading through numerous instructions, cannot find might be word blind and missed it; hence posting for a quick fix answer. Apology for the 'laziness'. Thought with other Coachman owners there might be a ready answer. Bernard inn Tring
  11. Thanks for the responses. Don't think it is the 'domestic plumbing'. Is this not drained down usually using the two yellow taps situated near to the boiler unit. And I know where these are!! Previous Coachman with Truma heating have had these positioned close by the boiler unit. I've never 'experienced' the Alde heating so am in a learning curve; it's why I don't want to chance touching it, without 'knowing'. You're certain Brecon are you; please don't take offence by the 'grilling' implied in the question. Not intended I just want to be sure. Thanks.
  12. Coachman VIP 565 - twin bed, rear bathroom - 2020. Recently taken delivery and getting to know! On the off-side, just to the right hand side of the door for the cassette poking through the floor is a rubber pipe, about half inch diameter, with what appears to be a red stop plug in the rubber piping. Appears to be some sort of draining down, but what is it and what does it do. There is already a draining down pipe with plug tucked at the top of the cassette door for draining down the toilet flush. I know it's daft, but anyone know. I don't what to take the plug out witho
  13. Sorry to whinge on about this issue again, but another one of the 'unintended consequences' of ordering a new caravan and 'issues out of anyones control'. As a recap; new van was scheduled for build end of April and delivery early May. Advised at the beginning of June new collection date would be from the 29th July. Approx three months further wait. Coachman back in production on the 4th June, Dealership working from the 8th June. No notification whatsoever from Coachman throughout although I believe they know who their potential customers are. Dealership ha
  14. Just an update on my position. Contains both some good news and perhaps some, not such goods news. Hope it's not in the long term as Private Fraser in Dad's Army infamously said, We're doomed, doomed!! 17th May phoned by Dealer to say that as a dealership they would be returning to business on the 8th June and that the van ordered in January should have been arriving the following day, 18th May, for the obvious reasons of the coronavirus delayed but that confirmation been given by Coachman that it would now be received on the 20th July - approximately nine weeks behind
  15. Do I feel daft or not! Despite looking previously but clearly not taking it in, just looked at the Coachman price list and see the Dealer fit options include this choice of the two Al-Ko locks and Jacking kit for the £700. Looking at the prices of a single lock at £300, doubling it to £600 seems to make the Jack and brackets without the secure wheel lock which is already supplied on my model £100. I have a feeling in my waters that this is just not a realistic outcome!! Still it appears to place it in the realms of affordability if like Cinderella it fits. Bernard in Tring
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