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  1. I have a B&B coil spring chassis that has been converted to a trailer. I am trying to find out it's carry capacity. I know it was a 16' caravan, the chassis plate is missing, it's on 13in wheels, and has fully working brakes. I don't know it's age but I suspect made about early 1960's I need to know if any body can tell me what the axle capacity is or was.
  2. I have purchased a rolling chassis witch I have made a trailer from, the chassis was 16' long when purchased and is on coil spring suspension, has 13" rims and is fully braked. The only data on the chassis is a makers plate (Peak Trailers) I have contacted Peak in banbury, they were less that helpful. I do have a chassis number, I have trawled the internet but cannot find and data regarding this chassis I am looking for information on this, the main thing is I need to know it carrying capacity. Any help and info would be appreciated. I anyone can point me to a pdf showing the construct
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