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  1. Looking for a good site close to Caen for two nights early February. We have the 08:30 sailing so need to be able to leave early.
  2. We're looking to move from Marjal site at Costa Blanca in the new year and begin wandering about a bit. I'm looking for somewhere between Mojacar and Almeria that's not too large (certainly not as big as Marjal) but offers a local (walking distance) village and a beach not too far away. Looked at Los Escullos, Las Negras and Cabo de Gata, but reviews have tended to put me off. Any suggestions? Eric
  3. Only just got reliable WiFi and got your news Nick, all the very best of luck and hope to catch up with you when you're up an about - Eric and Elaine
  4. Thanks ntsbj, we're really looking forward to it. When are you heading off again?
  5. Thanks Nick. We travel in a little over a weeks time, beginning to get a bit excited now! Just fitted WiFi router in caravan, got the MiFi arriving in a couple of days along with the alarm system to fit and then I'll be ready to pack Plan on travelling directly to Burgos, then onto Aranjuez before we decide where the heck to head for from there. Just so long as we find somewhere we both like in time to get settled in for Christmas!
  6. OK, with the help of others in this Forum, thank you all - particularly you tictag - I do believe that I may well be on the way to achieving my goal. In the interest of assisting anyone else attempting to try and ensure internet connectivity I'll outline exactly what I've done and achieved thus far. 1. Started off with a http://www. solwise. co. uk/wireless-usb-rocket-bgn. html This enabled me to increase my ability to log onto an available network immensely. WiFi networks that barely registered before suddenly came up with strong healthy signals. I then wanted to connect mor
  7. Perhaps, but I'm just not sure? Looking perhaps at the Huawei E5331 High Speed 3G 21. 1Mbps Mi-Fi Unlocked Modem off Amazon right now and getting a Pay as you Go SIM from a Spanish provider. Reckon that I'd need a few Gb a week to keep up with the soaps?
  8. Heading off to Spain in a week or so and want to get guaranteed broadband (I know a lot of sites have WiFi), but I need to know I can connect anywhere anytime and stream or d/l video. I've read that getting a MiFi unit and then buying a SIM in Spain might be the way to go? What are the alternatives for Pay As You Go, recognising that I want to use it for email, browsing and streaming UK TV?
  9. Have you booked your return trip yet? We're sailing over on the 19th, might see you on your way back?
  10. Hi DACS, well the hose does connect directly to the gas bottle - so I guess what you say must be correct. Had a look around to see if I could find something like the HOSUN R100U control tap that's fitted to the BBQ hose but can't seem to locate one. Obviously, the BBQ will need to be controllable (even with my incendiary style cooking!) and it really is a nice BBQ, bought as a gift by my son and only used infrequently. Hi Dave_N, yes, I didn't explain it too well did I - sorry. The one end has a connector that fits directly to the gas bottle, whilst the 'tother end has a controller
  11. Hi Dave_N, thanks for an excellent suggestion You're right in that I don't really want to cannibalise the original hose, however, your suggestion gives me the best of both worlds. This forum just keeps getting better - every time I pose a problem, another member comes along with a great solution
  12. I have a portable gas BBQ purchased in New Zealand. Works fine and connects directly to the gas bottle via the hose in the pic 2013-11-02 12. 19. 42. jpg I now have a new caravan with an external gas point that uses a Bullfinch connector that's ribbed in order to fit into a hose with a jubilee clip to secure. My existing hose has the bottle connector one end and the regulator valve (see 2013-11-02 12. 19. 53. jpg and 2013-11-02 12. 19. 58. jpg) at the other. Rather than butcher this hose, I wonder if there's anywhere that offers either an adaptor to the gas bottle end, or can sell me a ho
  13. rangioran

    Gas BBQ connection

    Present connector for my gas BBQ
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