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  1. Can't stand Clarkson or his cronies, no doubt the message on rear of my van will get back too him . He is a waste of space, time & our money .
  2. I found one thru B&B trailers, its now fitted & was exact unlike the ones on ebay, the guy knew exactly what i was looking for.
  3. I also added gas supply & 13amp power into the awning all tucked away nicely, plus as well as H&C water & full oven in the van, i also installed a fitted microwave,so all i have to do is attach a hot air balloon too it like James May did on TOPGEAR .
  4. Have known this van for 34 yrs, i viewed it when it was 1yr old & nipped home to bring my wife to see it (only a mile from home)when i got back to the dealers, i said where is the van ? he replied SEE YOUR BROTHER !!! He had it for 30yrs then turned it into a shed,as he is a hoarder & parts with nothing,i said i will buy it off you its going to waste,he replied no dont want too sell it, next day his wife phoned me & said you can have the van as long as we get too use it, i said OK, so its been a 4yr hobby, now its finnished what am i going tooo doooo.
  5. Got fixed up with over run damper via B&B trailers no problem, he knew the type of coupling used on that chassis,so for £60 quidish will now have peace of mind that the 35yr old one is not going to drop me in it by bursting, as that happened with another van i had & the unit pushed me over the white line at a roundabout,was a lucky escape. Just took it to the paintshop too have the roof painted & it towed like a dream, even without my scott stabiliser, wasn't worth putting on for 20 miles, 60mph was perfect .
  6. Any good tyre company can get the old locking wheel nuts off, its an everyday thing to them,bt will have to buy new locknuts.
  7. Looking for brake damper to fit 1979 B & B chassis on 1979 CAVALIER . Tried to GOOGLE it & get loads of junk about Vauxhall cavalier ?
  8. colin cleverley

    cavalier 460TS 1979

    My 4yr Hobby
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