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  1. I love my coffee but it has to be a proper cup and most campsites don't have a resident Barista or a Starbucks (Costa, yuck!, thats another discussion!) So, I spent the weekend online seeing what was out there as I find the common cafetiere very clumsy and to be honest the taste isn't that good. Also most pod type machines are good but again bulky for smaller vans' like ours and also can draw a fair amount of amperage!. Then I came across the Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker, highly recommended by professional baristas and it even features a good review with Which?. The price. . £19. 99! and that includes filters and everything you need to get going. Today this little device arrived via secure delivery from the UK supplier based in Portsmouth and it was so simple to use. I was sceptical as to the cup of coffee it produced but like the reviews I was amazed and felt I should pass this information on to any coffee lover out there looking for a low cost but quality way of making their favourite brew. Link to UK website click here
  2. friscan

    Nova 390

    Fantastic build quality over similar British made caravans and onboard fresh water tank.
  3. Fantastic build quality over similar British made caravans and onboard fresh water tank. Click here to view the caravan review
  4. Having just finished a 14 month tour around Europe in our Hymer motorhome we have now decided to stay put for a few years and to sell the motorhome. Just to keep our hand in for the occasional weekend or week away we have bought a Hymer Nova 390. Only bought it due to the build quality of the Hymer motorhome (and it looked nice in silver as well!) so hope we have made a good choice as we just wanted a small 2 berth. We can do either motor homing or caravanning and feel the motorhome suited us best for Europe and the Caravan for the UK, mainly because of the awkward authorities here in the UK who are so short sighted in providing motorhome facilities and parking. So, With the motorhome now sold its soon to be off in 'Louis' as we have called the Nova and it will be my first attempt at erecting a full size awning!. Now that should be fun so if you see me rock up on a campsite your allowed to laugh for a while and then pour me a gin and tonic! We had a website going whilst we travelled if anyone is interested on our European tour here All the best for now and enjoy the sunshine. . Andy, Lorraine and Bradley (B'dog)...
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