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  1. Hi all quick question. . when resealing aluminium panels should i be using non setting mastic or permanant mastic?? Resently had much water ingress and have stripped old wood batten out, have now made new frames but because ive had to remove an exterior strip i need to know how to reseal the lower plastic bodywork to the aluminium. . seems like they used non setting mastic before. . any help would be appreciated. Paul
  2. Would the mouse of eaten the foil type wrapper from the chocolate bar packaging. its a bit odd that no crumbs were found or packaging. . And no I cant get a cat. Always wanted a dog but not a cat.
  3. All four traps set last night but no mouses caught over night.
  4. It wasnt a very intelegent mouse as the other end of the chocolate bar was open and easily available. . whats strange is there was no evidence of the foil wrapper, or any chocy crumbs. Ive bought 4 traps today, im afraid there not humane traps. One more offering of chocolate and goodbye vienna. Ive put the traps initially inside the caravan. Im going to jump out of my skin if one goes off tonight. Im beginning to wander if the chocolate was already like that when i bought it, just not noticing the mouse picnic area. It was a supersize bar. . Anyway will report back tomorrow with any results. My caravan is old so there are of course vents and gaps here and there. Just as i was getting settled in now i have this issue quite off putting. . Any ill post updates. . Paul
  5. Hello all, left a bar of chocolate out overnight in my van. As you might know i live in mine. Have attached a picture of what i found this morning. Looks like ive had a visitor. . Mice do you think? Paul
  6. Hi all wandered if you can point me in the right direction for under caravan water pipe insulation. . Winters on its way and as I live in mine i want to be prepared. . Paul
  7. Thanks for all the replies, the underfloor heating seems to be a popular choice. May look into this myself. As for the wifi i have onsite wifi which is proving to be a great form of free internet access. Cheers to all that contributed
  8. Thats sounds fantastic. . costly in guessing.
  9. Hi all was wandering about peoples favourite gadget / tech on board your caravans or motorhomes. Always looking for upgrades. As you may know im a live in caravaner and have a old caravan. This however has its benifits in that its a blank canvas for adding tech. .
  10. Hi all, im trying to find out a bit more about my Abi Monza 500CT. Firstly does Abi still exist? and i know my abi is pre 92 as i dont have a long chassis number just 3 letters and then 6 numbers. It starts with MBA. ..... I found that on the a frame. I Cant find any plates anywhere else and was wandering about all the weights. . If anyone has any idea of year or anything about monzas please do let me know. Paul
  11. Ok so i removed the heater, used a blank on the 3 way. . worked a treat and yes now heater is on ebay. . thanks. .
  12. Thankyou all, i guess its quite simple really. Strangely the weirdest part of it is finding a mixer tap suitable. Think the idea of just having a seperate tap is quite good and a bit cheaper. I was hoping i could fit a nice shiny mixer tap. But hard to find one with two lots of wires. Well i think i need two lots of wires. . Anyway thanks so far. . will let you know how i get on.
  13. Yes i do not have a pressurised system so just a cold water feed via a microswitched tap. Im still a bit confused If i buy lets say a seperate tap for the hot water is this microswitch somehow connected to the same circuit as the othrr cold water taps. As i dont have a pressurised system water needs to get to propex. . Sorry for the lack of understanding. . if i could find installation instructions for the propex i would most likely understand a bit better. But i cant find them online,not even on propex website.
  14. Hi all, Ok so i want to install a hot water immersion into my caravan of which is currently cold water only. Now remember i am only cold water When i invest in either a truma or propex 10L i have a few questions. 1. Do i require another water pump? 2. I have to buy a mixer tap, which type do i buy. One with one set of wires or one with two sets of wires. 3. How does the propex or truma fill up with water? Thats it for now. .any help appreciated Fyi i have an old Abi Monza 500CT and I live in my van. . so the need for hot water. . Paul
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