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  1. Just purchased a new to us Fiamma Caravanstore Zip and love it to bits, but I have a silly question that will probably get a lot of logical answers and will end up as a DOH! moment. When rolling up to pack away do you roll it overhand or underhand and if I was to choose the wrong way would it cause any damage? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Peter If you read the post a couple of lines down from this one called "exploding oven door" my answer is yes. Mine got replaced withoutt question and touch wood has been no further problem. (Have I just jinxed myself?)
  3. Thanks for input guys. Van is all fixed and working I was just wondering if there was a reason so I didn't do it again.
  4. Just picked up my brand new caravan and took it onto a certified site where I could fit all my knicks and knacks and test all the bits. At the end of a tiring day my OH put a corned beef hash in the oven and we settled down to watch TV. BANG, an explosion from the oven as the inner glass door shattered, glass everywhere. ...the oven was still alight and working, Ditched the corned beef hash and starved instead, Has anyone any ideas about the cause, I should point out that we have had a new glass fitted by dealer and all seems well.
  5. Mine did the same in the New Forest. After stripping down the inlet socket and getting a mobile engineer to reassemble it (OH not impressed) turned out that the pipe had come off the inside of the connector that you plug onto the van (the bit that goes from the side of the van to the aquarol). It is covered by the white flexy plastic so couldn't be seen. Quick push by engineer all fine. . Got back and put on a jubilee clip for good measure.
  6. Makes grumpykev less grumpy. ..... I WANT ONE!!!!!
  7. OK, The Rally Pro it is then. Thanks for all of your help. Now to convince her indoors
  8. Still swaying guys and the Kampa is winning at the moment. Please keep the help coming
  9. Me again After nearly falling for and having a lucky escape from ebay last night, as advised we went shopping today. . Her indoors loves the traditional porch awning like Dorema and Bradcot and I fell for the Kampa Rally for quickness and lightweight materials. I bow to your knowledge and experiences. ..who should win. ..PLEASE HELP!!!
  10. Thanks guys have turned down the Senator now to find a good porch awning
  11. Hi all, Very new to this game, but can somebody tell me if an Isabelle Senator is a porch awning. I have seen a very decent looking one on ebay and from the photos it looks like a porch but then states it is a size three. I have a 2002 Sterling Europa 480/2 and I am after a quality porch. Seeing as this one will be shipped from Poland I am hesitant to progress without being sure. I am of the understanding that Isabelle is a good buy and if so don't want to lose out. ...Thanks
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