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  1. That was my impression too, but wondered if my memory had failed me. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, This is a bit of a random question but what do our European caravanners use to store their water? Do they use roll type barrels? Do they use jerry can type containers? It's been a while since we were in France and I can't remember what they were using. Thanks for your responses. Bob
  3. The only problem I see is the composition of the electrolyte being copied and cloned by other companies with less scruples. As the article says, the idea is not new, but the chemistry of the electrolyte is. As soon as the product is marketed other rivals will be buying samples and tearing it apart to understand how and why it works. Then shipping it to a far eastern country to manufacture in scale. Keeping control of the rights will be an issue if it all works.
  4. After a bit of scratching my head, managed to figure it out. First I had to unscrew the lever handle. Once that was out I was able to access the allen head grub screw holding the head onto the stem of the cartridge. Unscrewed that and off it came. I'm now not sure if it was the cartridge, as the trim under the handle had unscrewed itself and appeared to be fouling the mixer head. Tightened that up and replaced the head. All I need to do now is fill with water and see if that fixed the problem.
  5. Found the cartridge on Bailey Parts, but still trying to figure out how to get access to it. No doubt really easy when you know how.
  6. Our kitchen tap has just started to drip. I don't mean the sudden drip when the curved part empties. A slight fiddle with the mixer valve handle seems to stop it, but I'm guessing the mixer cartridge needs replacing. The tap is a Francis Pegler model, but I can't see how to get access to the mixer cartridge. Anyone know how to dismantle the valve to replace the cartridge? I'm guessing it will be a 35mm cartridge, but if anyone knows that too it would be a great help. We don't live near our dealer so figured it would be easy to replace myself once I know how to access it. Thanks
  7. We or I should say I like using our Cadac Carry Chef or whatever they are called these days, anyway the big version. We have cooked all sorts from stir fry's to stews and all in between. The only problem I have is that if there is more than a mere gentle waft of wind it blows out when on the low setting. I have read that people put toilet roll holders, tin cans etc somewhere inside to prevent the thing blowing out. I tend to use a wind break if it is windy, and that helps, but not perfect. So who has discovered the perfect solution? Are able to cook in a force 9 gale? Please give clear instructions on how you do it, and where you put tin cans etc. Photo's would be great. Thanks
  8. An update on my Easy Tread Carpet. We have used it a few times since finally managing to get one. We never did get the Continental Carpet, but settled for the Easy Tread as that was all we could get. From all we have read about the Continental carpet I'm glad we went for the cheaper option, not that we had a choice. It is comfortable under foot, and fits well. When it comes to replacing this awning, I'm going to have to think long and hard about a Kampa. Maybe Kampa think in a few years I'll have forgotten the experience of this year. Maybe not.
  9. Thank you for your reply. May I suggest you put a contact email address on your website? You have a postal address and you have a telephone number, but no email address.
  10. It's not often I wear heels while in the caravan. lol So I don't think that is going to be a problem. We tend to wear crocs, wellies or walking boots, and I don't think they will go through this mat.
  11. My Easy Tread carpet arrived too. So we are all set now with everything. I must look out for a Continental carpet and have a look at one. Not that I plan on getting one now we have the Easy Tread version, just interested to see one in the flesh as it were.
  12. It is, but about £40 less, so less profit for the store and Kampa.
  13. Looks like it at the moment. I searched around before changing my order with Camping world and none had stock. So they were the only choice. Having said that, there was a big difference in price between the Continental Carpet we ordered, and the Easy Tread version we finally settled for, so both Kampa and the dealer have lost money.
  14. That's where my Easy Tread is coming from. I also got the other bits from them and the awning, but I don't blame them for the lack of stock. They have kept me informed since March on when the carpet was expected. Sadly Kampa let them, and their customers down.
  15. Thanks Oldblueyes. From what I can see it looks good. We will hopefully find out tomorrow as the Easy tread version is being delivered. We will see it in action next week. At least we have a carpet. No thanks to Kampa.
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