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  1. Yes i am in dispute with the dealer to get the caravan replaced or my money back dont know how that will go as i am still waiting for a response from them
  2. I purchased a new Bailey Alicanto Sintra on 18/01/20 and i wish i had kept my previous caravan my experience with this £29700 caravan has been horrendous. From delivery solar panel not working and a flat battery cheap and shoddy bed set so bsd Bailey suppled a new set same as the original one with the same faults. ATC stopped working 2 trips to get the unit replaced front rooflight trim retaing clips broken trim below microwave coming off trim strip on kitchen cabinet coming off side reflector fell off insect screen clips fallen off breakaway cable clip came off led lights over cabi
  3. Hi Thanks to everybody for responding to my post,Sorry about writing in capitals . The roof lights are made by Seitz via Dometic but i cannot find any way of contacting them. I rang White Arches yesterday to ask them to check their new vans and they are surprised that this can happen after checking their stock which all had the same problem . Hopefully they will inform the manufacturer. My response from Bailey was not good. I have just has a response from Bailey,some good news, they are passing on my e mail concerns to Dometic let us hope something will be done to solve the problem
  4. Has anybody had the same problem i have with the roof vents on the 2013 model. The large one over the bed and the large one over the lounge. When they are put on the first stop open, any wind can blow them fully open As there is no lock on the bar only a small pimple on the groove where the support bar rests. the vent over the kitchen has 2 sliding locks to lock the bar in place. nothing like that on the larger vents. i was a verwood last saturday and put the vents on the first stop,went out and when i returned i found to my horror both had been blown fully open as there is no way to stop
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