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  1. I’ve got d4 my mpg today was 26.8 this was done on very hilly A roads from North Yorkshire to Southport pulling 1500 kg
  2. Got some off eBay 2weeks ago
  3. Try https://www.sealsdirect.co.uk
  4. Not sure what they going to offer
  5. S4 I use a 400 kampa fits from back of van to window past door without covering window
  6. On offer at go outdoors £2.70 a tub
  7. Towed 1500kg Valencia with mondeo 1.8tdi did the job fuel economy was fantastic but a 2lt would of been better
  8. Just picked some wonder wheels cleaner for car /van advertised £7 on the self got to tills and it was £3.50 @ Morrison’s in store £9 in Halfords
  9. Company name is ripe insurance
  10. Just had a quote £100 cheaper than the rest Aviva underwritten anyone used them ? thanks
  11. It me wasn’t but my dad I must of been around 16 he took me to the show room told me we was getting a lada estate car 😳 he always says the best car he ever had i remember after passing test the steering wheel felt like a bus comfy seats though
  12. I’ve got fwd D4 2lt great car not had any issues being front wheel drive. towed 8 1/2 hours back from Dorset in the summer lovely comfy drive mpg around 28 towing
  13. W4limited Self Adhesive Awning Stud
  14. So far not gone off since fitting battery in pir 😁
  15. Changed battery in pir so far it’s stopped 😁
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