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  1. W4limited Self Adhesive Awning Stud
  2. So far not gone off since fitting battery in pir 😁
  3. Changed battery in pir so far it’s stopped 😁
  4. Went in van yesterday to take front seats out to get replacement set now the alarm keeps going off nothing in there to set sensor off any ideas thanks s4 Valencia
  5. Been there just down the road from the dealer had to have new breakaway cable fitted electric plug replaced on car and replacement plastic jockey wheel as broke that too was going about 10 mph so I always try to lift van off hitch before move
  6. Hi had 1.8 tdi towing s4 Bailey was fantastic on the fuel but needed a bit more power other than that a great car
  7. Autoglym snowfoam then polar seal then dry off with microfibre cloth polar seal onece a month only have a look on Halfords site for videos works a treat on my xc60
  8. Pull switch on U4 controls all lights in bathroom not sure if U3 is the same but check the bulb
  9. I had one on my old van had no problem also good after sales too
  10. I was away last BH weekend driving home and alarm goes off tyres hit 75psi temp 50 never happened before normally tyre pressure 62 psi Just put it down to being a warm day
  11. Taken in dark room with torch light you can see gas filled mine with 15 litres 10kg bottle
  12. I got the 10kg one from safefill two weeks ago but they soon sold out of all bottles filled it with 15 litres cost Β£8.57
  13. Thanks dave i have got one now and it fits 😁
  14. Hi everyone can anyone tell me if a 10kg safefill will fit in locker ? As regular is about 1.5 β€œ below 600 mm bottle is that safe thank you
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