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  1. I had xc60 fwd 190 bhp couldn’t fault it apart form wheel spin if grass wet but normally on hard standing drove for 8.5 hours stopping for 15 minutes from Dorset to Southport if you have r design the suspension is harder due to sports spec mine was lux sat nav towing 1500kg
  2. Aintree caravan service do warranty work on my Bailey and service the van too
  3. Oh yes it would help unicorn Valencia 1500kg
  4. My towcar just been written off so thinking about BMW X3 your thoughts please
  5. She was an 88 old lady and her husband 89 luckily no one hurt to bad whip lash and possible fracture arm she didn’t see the car and hit it traveling over 35 on a 20 zone and over 1 hour wait for ambulance gald both ok but I could of done without it
  6. Should be going away over the weekend but someone didn’t see my car parked outside my house and hit it cannot get hold of hire towcar until Monday at the earliest £14,400.00 repair cost so I think it will be a total loss
  7. +1 for rhyno had one on my first van didn’t have any problem but not sure if they still open anymore
  8. So had shoes replaced today AL-KO won’t pay for it so no warranty so just had to pay £170 to have them done AL-KO say it’s wear and tear.The van has been sat there for last 8 months. trying to do a section 75 on Visa card added some photos of the removed shoes
  9. I did find it easier to fit it when unzipped and done if from back to front
  10. Yes fits s4 single axle I got one last week
  11. Just waiting for AWS service to get back to me with the response from AL-KO. when i do hear I shall let you all know 😀
  12. Just had van service done at home including alde fluid change for 5 year £300 plus vat £360 no problems with van on 3rd service just need to use the van when it’s safe too
  13. I will wait to see what AL-KO say on the warranty claim but also payed £1000 on credit card when I brought the van so maybe section 75 but see what the outcome will be
  14. Having 2018 Valencia service done today service chap says there’s a problem with the brake shoes splitting . He going to put in for warranty claim but not to hopefully they will pay out as van on 3rd service van not moved past 8 months faulty batch service guy telling me he replaced loads 😏
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