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  1. He said nearly https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8066039 £499 https://www.coolmycamper.com/products/ £590
  2. There's profit and PROFIT. I won't go into the comparison with Apple as that would take the thread even more off-topic.
  3. I'm of the same opinion, just look at the profit the company makes.
  4. We've just returned from 10 days in Confolens and the only restrictions on the (lovely) site was that every other sink and urinal was taped off and the staff wore masks and asked visitors to the office to do the same.
  5. We are off Tomorrow for 10 days at a site in Confolens to scout out the area as somewhere possibly to move to.
  6. My understanding is that it is against EU law for a manufacturer to refuse to supply RHD vehicles anywhere in the EU but the manufacturers choose to pay the fine and keep refusing to supply RHD vehicles (VW have been fined a few times for this).
  7. Yes it was legitimate, I referred to it as a 'fiddle' as IMV any tax avoidance scheme is a fiddle. 20 odd years ago the UK motoring press was full of adverts for companies who organised these buying trips and I haven't seen one since then. Totally off the topic but are second hand vehicles cheap in Germany? the reason I ask is that we bought our Freelander from a dealer in Western France and it was originally a German registered vehicle and the dealer had a showroom full of newish ex-German vehicles.
  8. Thanks, that's what I really want to use it for although I have booked 5 nights for the Le Mans 24 hour which has been postponed until September when I will need it. The scheme I was thinking of was probably knocked on the head by the EU, the UK HMRC gained out of the scheme.
  9. Any recommendations for the panel and controller? Wasn't that the reasoning behind the 'fiddle' years ago of buying vehicles in the Common Market, I seem to remember that Belgium and Denmark were the favourites, VAT and Special Car Tax (or whatever it was called) free and paying UK VAT and car tax, which was lower, when importing it into the UK?
  10. Thanks, I've got some duct tape, so will use that. It was strange the way the original foam went, it turned into a very sticky mess.
  11. I took the vents off to clean them this morning and noticed that the foam that I assume seals the gas vent from the interior had rotted away and I can see through into the living space through the top of the fridge. Although we don't use the fridge on gas often I want to do something about this, would it need a special foam or would duct tape be sufficient?
  12. It does change but as of today https://www.sortiraparis.com/news/coronavirus/articles/216259-coronavirus-the-deconfinement-map-by-department/lang/en
  13. https://www.thelocal.fr/20200529/campsites-bars-and-gites-how-tourist-businesses-can-reopen-in-france
  14. From an announcement by the French PM yesterday (28/5/20) evening For trips abroad, it will be necessary to wait until June 15 to see more clearly. A decision will be taken at European level to reopen the internal borders. "France will be in favour of reopening the internal borders of Europe from June 15 if the health situation allows," said Edouard Philippe, who said he hoped that "travel in Europe will be allowed for the summer". but only if other countries don't impose quarantine for travellers from France Note that campsites and holiday villages will also be authorized to reopen on Tuesday in the departments classified in green. However, nightclubs must remain closed.
  15. No, at the moment you can only transit through France to reach you principal residence, but who knows in July.
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