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  1. Don't submersible pumps only operate when the tap microswitch tells them to?
  2. Not with a submersible pump.
  3. Very often just before cash machines, speed, Safety Cameras.
  4. Switched sockets are available in France but not very common. As polarity is not specified in mainland Europe wiring, they can't be 'reverse polarity'. Do UK caravans have switched sockets? none of mine ever have. If someone plays with an electrical appliance without unpluging it first, as far as I'm concerned that just Darwinism in action. All the sockets in our house have shutters on the 'holes' and they aren't opened until both pins are inserted. You can still buy plug tops in the UK for fitting yourself and plug top fuses are great until a 3A one clears and is replaced with a 13A one. Having worked on both, the mainland European system is much more idiot proof both by the installer and consumer.
  5. On our Freelander the car rear fog and reversing lights are also disabled when the 13pin plug is plugged in. It also changes the automatic gearbox mapping somehow, I can't put my finger on exactly what but the vehicle 'feels' different when I tow our empty rubbish trailer which weighs (comparably) next to nothing.
  6. There are lots of grey areas that a lot of UK immigrants take advantage of, both in Spain and with personal knowledge in France, this is one of them Residency in Spain. I often wonder how these people would get on in the event of a car accident when the insurance company is faced with a multi million euro payout.
  7. I was under the impression that it was the same throughout the EU, a total of 6 months in one year https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/temporary-imports
  8. That's just to protect themselves, they wouldn't have a business if all their customers complied with that.
  9. They will make any style but For German plates https://www.german-number-plates.com/ France http://www.french-number-plates.com/ Etc.
  10. https://www.number1plates.com/plate-type/show-plates/ for example
  11. In France it's 2 x 14 days for W or WW plates. When we bought our caravan in the UK, I obtained a temporary number and a plate which I took with me to collect the caravan, then I re-activated the number a couple of months later when I had obtained the CoC documentation from Swift so I could take it to a test place to confirm that the documentation and caravan matched which then enabled me to get a permanent registration.
  12. With my French driving license for anything over B1 I have to have a medical every 2 years because I'm between 60 and 70, before 60 it's every 5 years and after 70 every year, thankfully it only costs 32€ When mine was renewed last year, it came back missing the B+E category, when I questioned it I was told that the C1E category covered towing a caravan. I'm not sure if le Flick would be convinced if I ever got pulled towing the caravan.
  13. I thought one of the main reasons for the UK leaving was because the leavers didn't want an EU Army. Can't have it both ways ;-)
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