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  1. The worst shock I ever had was about 3.5kV from a capacitor the size of a biscuit tin, it bounced me off a wall about 10' away. I volunteered to work on low voltage stuff after that, ever seen what happens when an idiot fitter drops a spanner across the output bus bars of a 50V power supply capable of a continuous 2,800 Amps?
  2. I can't be bothered to wade through the decree and the English language 'newspapers' aren't always the most reliable source of information. https://www.thelocal.fr/20190408/britons-living-in-france-will-be-able-to-use-uk-driving-licences-in-case-of-no-deal-brexit That's as of today, the French Government have said they will do to UK citizens in France whatever the UK does to French Citizens in the UK, and the way the UK Government is behaving, anything could change tomorrow.
  3. I was told photocard only because they are the only ones that comply to the EU Spec.
  4. Oh yeah :-) Because 2 pin reversable plugs are in common use and DOUBLE pole breakers and switches (see above) are used, there is no such thing as 'reverse polarity'.
  5. That was because the copper didn't know the law. Every time I was stopped at routine checks here, the Gendarme told me to exchange my license, when I showed them the print of a Government web page that said an EU license if valid until it's expiry, I always got a "I didn't know that" That's because the UK Government have said you won't need one, other countries have said you do need one. The UK Government could change their mind tomorrow and say you do now need one, it's an individual Government decision.
  6. Mine is 3 years then to the end of the month with a note that it's only as valid as the National Driving license. In a typical French way it's valid for more groups than my driving license.
  7. Hence the need for a UK driver to obtain two different ones.
  8. My French issued IDP just says Convention sur la circulation routiere du 8 Novembre 1968. It's the only one issued in France and is applied for on-line free of charge.
  9. Assuming you could get the correct value fuse, it would need to be an Amp or two lower than the ECB in the bollard as the EBC will trip before a fuse of the same value clears.
  10. It's a standard DIN rail fitment, so there are any number of standard boxes that it will fit. My only concern with the device would be regarding any standards it met. Well done for finding it, the only ones I found were from wholesale suppliers in China with high minimum quantities.
  11. Thinking about this, our caravan has 4 MCBs, so any device to limit the overall current draw would have to be before the ELCB or between the ELCB and the other MCBs. So not as straightforward as just replacing a MCB.
  12. If you are asking the question, you shouldn't be doing it but yes in most cases. There doesn't seem to be such a thing as an adjustable MCB. Yes, if it was a 6 Amp MCB in the bollard, it would be anyone's guess which would trip first.
  13. Thanks, it looks as if all the ASCI sites anywhere close to Barcelona are all 18 or 20€
  14. I need to store our caravan for 3 days while we visit our daughter in Barcelona. The ASCI sites in the area are all 20€ per night, does anyone know of anywhere cheaper?
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