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  1. We stayed at Camping Ole for a couple of weeks in May this year but thought it might be a bit exposed for the winter. Campingjavea looks interesting, we liked Denia, although it was a bit wet there in May :-) That was our impression of coastal sites when we were there earlier this year, hence asking for recommendations rather than taking pot luck.
  2. We have decided to go down to Spain for January and February. Has anyone any recommendations for long stay sites South of Valencia, preferably ASCI. Also any recommendation for the best route from Brittany, say, Roscoff? Thanks in advance.
  3. Some time ago I found a document on the Caravan Club web site that said that double pole MCBs were made compulsory in 1992. Even before I changed them to 'continental' ones none of the sockets in our caravan were switched. Why?
  4. Some UK caravanners :-) and I don't understand it either. I think it falls under the category of 'a little knowledge .....'
  5. I saw an interview with Don McLean where he was asked what 'American Pie' really meant, his reply was "It means I never have to work again" Isn't that because of the number of balls per {some weight}
  6. and a lot faster than a fuse will clear.
  7. Sorry, it was adjustable trip current. https://www.amazon.fr/Testeur-prises-différentiels-Multimetrix-VT35/dp/B00D826CZO
  8. While you might not be able to tell between 30ms and 35 ms, I would have thought most could tell between 30ms and a second or if it worked at all. A couple of weeks ago I bought a socket tester that had an adjustable time RCD tester, which wasn't much more expensive than a good quality tester without that facility. That's what the MCB is for.
  9. UK caravans manufactured since the mid 90's have had to have double pole MCBs, so there are already 2 levels of protection. Press the test button ? I see more of a problem with an additional (IMV unnecessary) often home made, external plug and socket in the mains supply.
  10. OK, 220V domestic plugs and sockets then.
  11. In 14 years of living here, neither have I but I understand he's a 'top bloke'. I really wish people wouldn't use the term 'reverse polarity' with regard to continental mains supply, as has been said most mainland European sockets aren't polarised and they were not designed to be.
  12. Lost in France

    Useful APPS

    Plex, watch TV and movies from our home media server wherever I am. Whatsapp FaceBook Messenger BBC Radio Amazon Alexa to control lights etc while we are away. XE.com for exchange rates Skype, for our UK landline. Various bank, store, mobile networks apps. k9 email Weather widget. Google Maps ASCI campsite app
  13. So you trust a press release issued by a company trying to sell cars then? It's up to each member state on how to implement EU directives.
  14. Yes, it now has a much smaller footprint. Yes but as I said above, I use a Smart DNS Proxy, it doesn't kill the download speeds (the best VPN I found, slowed my 950Mbps home connection to >35Mbps) Yes but the BBC are very good at detecting and blocking VPN's. It's not BBC tedium, it's where they have bought the broadcasting rights for. There are many, Google is your friend, all of them illegal.
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