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  1. The BBC are very good at detecting and blocking VPN's, which is why a Smart DNS is better (as well as cheaper) I use SmartDNSProxy which allows me to select different countries for different services, i.e. USA for Netflix, UK for BBC, France for Amazon Prime etc.
  2. A very good way of accessing TV from where you are not meant to :-) unlike a VPN it doesn't slow down the connection and can't be detected and blocked. I use SmartDNSproxy whih at $20 a year, so is much cheaper than a VPN
  3. Create another FB account using the business email address
  4. We don't but when many specialists in the field come to the same conclusion, I tend to think they might be onto something, unfortunately you and I probably won't be around to find out. Graphs I've seen with sea levels, average temperatures etc. show change going back thousands of years but also show an exponential change in the past 100 years, so I feel that it's a natural change that made worse by mankind.
  5. Unlike you, I'm not an expert on this, so won't comment apart from to say that most of the people concerned seem to be highly educated specialists in the field, whereas the deniers, shall I say, are not.
  6. There's a difference between weather and climate, apparently.
  7. At least here in Brittany it's anyone's guess. Over the past 5 years we have had good and bad weather in every month between April and October Some years we have had the central heating in June, other years the grass has been dead by June and full recovered by September.
  8. France finally scraps law forcing drivers to keep breathalyser kits in cars https://www.thelocal.fr/20200108/france-to-finally-scrap-law-obliging-drivers-to-keep-breathalysers-in-cars
  9. I chemist friend said this recently about a zero limit "So how will you deal with someone who has a gut fermentation problem and doesn't know it? Or someone who does physical work in an environment containing other alcohols - there are many different types of alcohol, not merely those we humans consume for relaxation and pleasure. Or someone whose metabolic processes are far slower than yours such that they still have alcohol in their blood stream more than 48 hours after consuming half a glass of very weak wine: conversely, how do you deal with someone with a very fast metabolism who consumes a single glass of alcohol and has fully metabolised it well within an hour - like your hubby? Draconian measures always bite back and cause suffering and injustice. Or, as lawyers are happy to remind us: hard cases make bad law. Law and the way in which we regulate and manage our society are all about safe sensible achievable balances. Total bans on anything never work - see Prohibition in the USA - and trying to force them to work just makes extra bureaucracy and significant added problems, not least by creating opportunities for criminal behaviour. Try asking police forces how many extra staff and road traffic monitoring vehicles and other equipment they'd need in order to effectively enforce a total ban on drink-driving. Then ask yourself if you want to live in a society in which every person leaving a pub club restaurant or wine bar gets stopped and breathalysed. Changing laws doesn't make society change. We didn't start using seat belts decades ago because of changes to the law; we did so because people made changes to the way they thought about safe driving in ever-increasing levels of busy traffic; we as a nation started thinking that driving without a belt was uncool and stupid. It was the clunk-click ads which changed people's minds, and they did that many years after the law had changed. Just as the Christmas drink drive ads made it uncool to drink drive and seriously reduced the numbers of incidents many years after the law on drink driving were introduced. What makes society change is other people's thinking and attitudes, not laws. Laws aren't deterrents, laws don't change societies; they are prescriptions for what to do when things go awry. You need to be aware that zero tolerance cannot be made to work, just as zero incidents of drink driving is also not achievable.
  10. Many years ago I was stopped for 'speeding' and breathalysed at about 20:00 one evening on the A38 into Derby. I passed the breathalyser and got off the speeding offence. I proved to the court that had I been doing the speed claimed, the Police car couldn't have caught me in the distance from where the Policeman said he first saw me to where he stopped me. I also complained about him following me at dusk without lights, for which he was suspended from driving Police cars.
  11. Isn't the gas ignition Piezo ? so doesn't need a battery. There is a small window in the middle of the heater to check the gas flame.
  12. The top dial is for the water heater, which is switched to gas, turn it slightly anti-clockwise to switch it electric. The temperature setting are only applicable when the heater is running on gas. The bottom dial is for heating and has a small indicator lamp under the black dial at the 0 position, red when heating, green what at temperature. There will be three illuminated switches somewhere (possibly at the bottom of the table storage cupboard) they are for the battery charger, water heater and space heater, obviously the heater ones need to be switched on and illuminated.
  13. True but the Volkswagen 'drop' advert was aimed fairly and squarely at Japanese cars which were actually pretty reliable.
  14. From a very long and expensive advertising campaign. i.e "If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen" which ran for years
  15. 600+ would be even better :-) https://www.supercoopers.com/supercoopers
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