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  1. I've been to Russia 5 or 6 times, albeit only in and around and Moscow, wonderful country and people but unless you have a LOT of money, don't expect to eat well. I've certainly never eaten so many McDonald's anywhere else.
  2. You can get beam deflectors for LHD vehicles but they are rare. Headlights on LHD vehicles are the opposite of RHD insofar as they 'kick-up' to the right.
  3. They were also the days before 9/11 and Big Brother
  4. The UK never signed the Schengen agreement and the agreement isn't an EU scheme anyway, a number of non EU countries are part of the Schengen Agreement. The longest delays I faced at Calais, over 2 hours a few times have been because of the UK Border control there.
  5. The clue might have been when my son phoned the Police to say his house had been broken into and they said "We will send someone round in the next few days, here's a Crime Number". The same happened when my daughter's house was broken into.
  6. Yes and there always seem to be plenty of them about whereas, according family and friends, there aren't many of any other type about to investigate burglaries or, in particular, thefts of trade tools from vans.
  7. I guess it's easier than catching burglars, muggers and dealing with local anti-social behaviour.
  8. Yes, my wife travelling alone was frightened into buying a couple of very expensive ones by an announcement on a ferry.
  9. True, I've just changed my 'offer' from 1Gb to 300 Mb and saved 25€ in the process ;-)
  10. I think I said that :-) I was told that apart from a joint agreement around the Belgium border the French don't give out owners information because of privacy reasons. I don't know if I've ever been flashed for speeding in the UK but have had had plenty of parking fines and invoices given on my French registered cars in the UK but these have never been chased for payment.
  11. Google translation of the last French one I got Elements concerning the speed (read by an automatic control device or not) Speed restrained Retained speed = measured speed - technical margin Technical margin * 5 km / h to 100 km / h, 5% of the speed measured above, for a fixed radar. 10 km / h to 100 km / h, 10% of the speed measured above, for a moving radar. Examples for a fixed radar: - for a measured speed of 95 km / h, the speed adopted is 90 km / h (95 km / h - 5 km / h); - for a measured speed of 140 km / h, the speed adopted is 133 km / h (140 km / h - 7 km / h). Examples for a moving radar: - for a measured speed of 100 km / h, the speed adopted is 90 km / h (100 km / h - 10 km / h); - for a measured speed of 140 km / h, the speed adopted is 126 km / h (140 km / h - 14 km / h). 'Order of 4 June 2009 relating to road control speed meters
  12. £16.2 million according to https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-6405553/DVLA-make-16-2m-year-selling-details-parking-firms.html
  13. Yes and it also enables the Private Parking Companies to operate and extort money from those who break their (often ridiculous and petty) rules.
  14. From https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/804462/inf266-release-of-information-from-dvlas-registers.pdf Under reasonable cause, the fee for vehicle keeper information at a specific date of event is £2.50. If further information is needed for example a copy of a document or additional keeper information, the cost is £5 per vehicle.
  15. It's not a case of 'don't bother' it's a case of privacy and the road companies aren't enforcement bodies.
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