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  1. The “two great weights” are Harmonic weights. Maybe to Google it would be better than me trying to explain their reason for being there.
  2. UPDATE = success. I have used double side number plate tape, to stick 2cm x 2cm white PVC angle (from Screwfix), to the body of the caravan, close to the bottom edge of the two outer front facing windows. On a quick glance they are almost invisible, and when seen, look as though they were there from the factory. This I hoped would deflect the rain water away from the bottom of the windows. Having recently driven all day in torrential rain in France, in a situation where before water would have entered through the front windows, all was dry. Many thanks to all of you who had offered possible remedies.
  3. You are welcome. Don’t forget to let the forum know how you get on; it might help others with a similar problem.
  4. Assuming your rear high level LED brake light is the same as I have fitted to my Bailey, it’s long and thin:- To check if it is working, you could go inside the caravan, and at the same level as the light there will be some sort of furniture. I have a long shelf. On the shelf and at the back, adjacent to the wall is some quarter round plastic trunking. Carefully ease the inner insert out and you should see the wires to the light. The light has wire pigtails about ten inches long. At their end are Lunar terminals. If you apply 12volts to them, observing correct polarity, you will see whether the light illuminates or not. If it is okay then your fault is elsewhere and further investigation is needed. However, if the light is u/s then Bailey sell replacements, part number 1170088, at about £27. Looking at the replacement light you will see how it is fitted to the the rear of the caravan. So there will be no need to break any seals, just two screws to undo, and the replacement LED part can be inserted into the existing housing. I did add a bit of extra sealant between the light housing and the actual LED unit. Hope this helps.
  5. Don’t forget there is another camping place at Seville, and that is Area de Autocaravanas de Sevilla. They DO take caravans as well as motorhomes. Details are in the Camping and Caravanning Club ‘Winter Sun Camping’ guide, also there is the internet site for details as well. Open September through June according to CCC guide. Although the official website suggests open all year.
  6. LAZYDAZE, I would suggest you join (for free) the Freelander2 dedicated forum at freel2.com Lots of help from owners available there.
  7. I should have mentioned that I don’t put any additives in the holding tank, just what gets there by way of flushing of the toilet. I started doing this as I found by accident that this method, for me, prevented the build up of limescale in the flap/trap mechanism. I spend a lot time in an area were limescale is a big big problem.
  8. Just to clarify re blue in the flush tank. SuperKem advanced toilet fluid & rinse, is blue, and is designed for the flush and holding tanks. For the last 4 years, that is about 400 nights, I have been adding diluted Thetford and Elsan blue to the flushing tank. No blockages, no staining of white bowl. I do however empty holding tank everyday. Just my experience.
  9. Many thanks to all for the replies. Paul P, Artlenock...Windows are cleaned frequently and silicone spray applied yearly to the seals, which appear in prime condition. Griff...... I have fitted Landrover mud flaps, that hasn’t made much difference. Doosan..... I tried the cardboard remedy on the Lunar without success. Springtime.... The Lunar was sold 2 years ago. The current combination is a Bailey Brindisi and the Disco 4.
  10. Thank you all for the replies so far. I don’t want to go down the towing cover route. I think the reply made by ‘Stevan’ is the nearest as to what is happening, especially as 2 of my caravans have experienced the same problem. So I hope other replies might come in from Disco 4 users.
  11. The 3 front windows on my Bailey do not have any adjustment, although all my other windows do. I can’t remember about the Lunar.
  12. When towing my Bailey Brindisi MY16 in heavy rain, the two front outer windows leak. (From the bottom?) I tow with a Disco 4, and wonder if due to the large tyres, a lot of spray is sent up, and this is then forced up under the outer two windows at the bottom. The centre window is not affected. I have fitted rear mud flaps, but there seems little improvement. My previous caravan, a Lunar 462, also had rain coming in whilst being towed by the Disco 4. Previously the same Lunar had been towed by a different model of car, and all had remained dry. At the time I assumed the Lunar was leaking due to it being five years old. However, I now wonder whether it is the Disco that is causing the problem, due to the extra spray, and not faulty windows on two caravans. I am considering sticking some 20mm x 20mm right angled plastic trim, with number plate tape, on to the front bodywork of the caravan, close to the outer two windows, in an attempt to deflect the spray. If this fails, I can easily remove the trim without damage. Has anyone else experienced this leaking scenario, if so, how did they cure it?
  13. Sounds like the striker plate may need adjusting. First try pushing the door towards the fridge itself, and whilst still pushing try using the handle to pull the door open. This method should release the pressure on the striker plate and alllow the lock to release from the travel position. As has been stated it can need a tug to open from the travel position.
  14. Digoxin Tablets Has anyone experience of purchasing Digoxin Tablets in Spain, and were they able to buy them and what did they cost? Thank you.
  15. Hi Martin. We tried staying at that Municipal site at Rennes in February 2015. We found the reception closed until quite late and a keyed barrier. The site seemed occupied by white van types. As we couldn’t get in we drove on to a site at St Malo. Because of our limited experience we didn’t mention it before. Hope you have better luck than us.
  16. CliveB. I am not sure if my problem WAS the same as yours. Do a search for my original post dated 3/12/17 titled ‘Truma Combi Sensor Hysteresis’, and then read through to my successful result dated 25/4/18. I have a Pegasus Brindisi, so not a lot different to your model. Cheers Conquest.
  17. Thanks CliveB for giving us your feed-back, often forgotten by many members. It does help others making a search on a problem, and then there is no result. Glad we, two of us, could help you.
  18. If you do a search, you should find another tread relating to this problem, along with all the various remedies. One I found worked for me was to push on the door, and whilst still pushing, insert the key and turn to unlock, then keeping the key turned, open the door. This method takes the pressure off the door bolt and striker plate so allowing it to be withdrawn just this little bit extra, so allowing the catch to release the door. Having to do this quite often, I decided to take the advice of another poster and adjust the door lock itself. To do this, gently prise out the green, red and logo inserts that can be found on the inside side of the door lock. I used a minute screwdriver to prise them out. I then release the 4 screws slightly and pushed the whole lock towards the hinge side, tightened up the 4 screws and pushed the red,green etc back in place. This has completely solved the problem. Even on a really hot day in the sun, the tip of the door bolt lip still has about 1mm free space from the striker plate when the door catch is opened. Result for me at least.
  19. Maybe your rooflight (skylight) is the type that you open a few inches along one side, and then can slide it open to allow more air circulation.
  20. RESULT. The original position of the sensor was on the internal wall at right angle to the door. It was also 4inches down from the ceiling and 5. 5 inches from the outside wall. After three months of experimenting, I have moved the sensor 9inches further into the caravan and keeping it at the same height. It all now works properly, with a . 5 to 1C temperature gap between switching off and then coming back on- Bliss at last.
  21. I have had this several times on my Brindisi. Tried the wood and hammer, no movement, so no improvement. However, I have found that when the lock sticks, I push inwards on the door, whilst turning the key to unlock, and then pulling on the handle to open the door. . This often works for me. My method is that it takes the friction off the bolt and stricker plate and allows the bolt to move very slightly more into the opening position.
  22. Many thanks to all who have replied to my question. I will use the link, Taunton Trailers, supplied by ‘happynomad’, to purchase the caps along with a carabiner breakaway cable that I need. Their price seems competitive .
  23. I have a 2016 Bailey Brindisi with the factory supplied Al-Ko AKS 3004 Stabiliser with the black coloured handle. I notice that there are no side caps on the head, unlike a much earlier model stabisher that I owned. I see also that one or two other Al-Ko stabilisers are without the plastic side caps. Are the caps missing on mine, or is this model now produced without the black caps?
  24. I believe my 2016 Brindisi will have the same awning rail height as your Verona. I am parked on chippings and I have just measured 2410mm from the chippings to the awning rail groove. ( That;s 241cm ).
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