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  1. Thanks daveandjude for the update. conquest.
  2. I’ve downloaded the NHS app (not the test &trace one) and my Covid vac details are there. BUT I am unable to either add my wife’s details, nor downloaded a second app for her as we only have the one iPhone. Has anyone overcome this problem, or am I doing something wrong?
  3. A rather long wait until around September time. We are having it built with the extras we want. Very few off the peg, none suit our need.
  4. TEST UPDATE. Have spent most of the day driving and examining the New Defender 90. This included backing the 90 up to the front of caravan at home. I couldn’t hitch-up as no tow ball, but it looks like the rear door needs to be open to allow assess to the AL-KO stabiliser handle. I was able to open and close rear door without fouling the jockey wheel stem, so hopefully no problems there. Driving to and from dealers on identical route of stop start traffic and open roads, albeit only 50 miles each, the OBC shows the Defender 90 about 25% more fuel efficient than the MY16 D4. Comfort and elbow room seems similar to both vehicles. I am 6’4” and 13 stone. The 90 has much more leg room. The 90 felt more nimble, quieter engine, but more tyre/wind noise. The D4 is the reverse, but both really quiet and comfortable. The 90’s rear seats fold down, but the do not make a flat floor. The are still angled up by about 6 to 7 inches. However the seat base can be easily unclipped (no spinners needed) and removed. This then allows the back of the seat to fold down virtually flat. JTQ. The dealer did have a LWB available with tow ball, but I partially wanted to try out the 90. I was able to take the 90 home and see how the dog cage, chairs, air awning and other camping equipment fitted. CONCLUSION. I have ordered a New Defender 90 with the new D250 deisel engine and among the extras included air suspension. RESULT. A very excited conquest!
  5. Thank you all for the replies so far. I am still hoping that someone will reply who has actually driven / towed with the new Defender. Over the past 17 years I have owned 4 Land Rovers from new, and so far all have been reliable, comfortable, well made and designed for their job. I have an extended test drive shortly, although I won’t be able to try it out with a caravan attached. At least I will have time to compare measurements and make a notional hitch up.
  6. I currently tow my 1450kg caravan with Discovery 4. A fantastic combination. However, I am considering changing the Disco for a New Defender 90. Has anyone towed with the a new Defender and what are their impressions?
  7. I recently needed your size for my Bailey. I also wanted the same make. Bailey’s parts now called primaleisure have them. part number is 1140039.
  8. Good advice from ‘PeterR’. If you use emulsion alone the stains will probably bleed through again, despite using umpteen coats. Using the oil based undercoat, or a Zinsser Primer first will save you having to repaint later. You don’t need to prime the whole ceiling, only need to cover the stains and say a foot more all around them, then feathering the outer edge.
  9. www.streetwizeaccessories.com gives you access to the instruction manual which includes answers to the dimensions you want, it also gives contact details for the supplier. hope this helps.
  10. This question about micro fibre towels came up several years ago. A poster recommended towels from Mountain Warehouse. We took the recommendation and bought one each. Really cheap ( and 15% discount for CMC members). Two years on and we are still using them. If they ever wear out, we shall purchase same again, and they do save weight, hanging in the bathroom at the rear of the caravan. ps-for drying oneself it is more of a patting motion than the sliding motion of conventional towels.
  11. My guess is it is the safely micro switch operated by the glass lid has stuck. This is what ‘solarpower’ mentioned. There is a service information sheet on the www, but I can’t find it at the moment. From memory the first course of action was to swiftly open and close the glass lid about 12 times. This is to unstick the switch. Then opening and closing the lid very slowly you should then hear the click of the switch working. I had this fault where none of the burners would stay alight. Carrying out the above procedure cured my problem.
  12. To reply to CAPRICORN 12’s question about the temperature for the cold pressure test, I believe it is 17C.
  13. The “two great weights” are Harmonic weights. Maybe to Google it would be better than me trying to explain their reason for being there.
  14. UPDATE = success. I have used double side number plate tape, to stick 2cm x 2cm white PVC angle (from Screwfix), to the body of the caravan, close to the bottom edge of the two outer front facing windows. On a quick glance they are almost invisible, and when seen, look as though they were there from the factory. This I hoped would deflect the rain water away from the bottom of the windows. Having recently driven all day in torrential rain in France, in a situation where before water would have entered through the front windows, all was dry. Many thanks to all of you who had offered possible remedies.
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