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  1. Thank you so much for your reply you have been very helpful.
  2. We have a Bradcot Atrium awning but no matter how well we set it up, we always suffer with an area near to the central window that fills up with water. Any thoughts of how to prevent this happening.
  3. The upper hinge on my Dometic RML 9430/9435, appears to have come loose, the hinge at the top moves from side to side. Not a lot, but the bottom hinge is firm. Is this a job I can put right myself or should a caravan service guy do the job. The door needs to come off to allow you to remove the control box. Any ideas on a fix please.
  4. Will you remove the old ones which could be tricky, how will you apply them without air bubbles so they lay flat ?
  5. Thanks for your thoughts, I just seem to get obsessed with this sort of thing, as you say the caravan functions fine so live with it.
  6. I have a 2016 Bailey Pegasus Verona, both Upper decals above the front windows have now got noticeable random white lines in a random pattern on each decal. any ideas what to do, to replace they are £81.99 each.
  7. The seals were not a good fit when the van was new, how do they fit ?. My van is only 4 years old, will I get more life out of new seals ? What’s the part No please.
  8. I have a Bailey Pegasus Verona 2016, the seals on the upper edges of the Fwd fairings are now in a poor state they don’t fit to the fairing well & on closer inspection all the seals have started to crack clearly they are not up to the job, any ideas of suitable replacement or can they be removed without looking a mess Ideas please.
  9. Could anybody help, We are intending to use our caravan on a rally this year. I have a solar panel for charging the battery but since we have changed our caravan the battery is now mounted centrally below the floor at the side of the fixed bed, our caravan is a Bailey Pegasus Verona model year 2016, how can I connect the charging leads conveniently any thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. We are away in our Bailey Pegasus Verona 2016 & we have now encountered a problem with our water pump, the whole system is all set up, but this evening I went to turn the tap on & the pump did not come on when I looked at the control panel a red light was on but pump not running, I then turned the pump switch to off & checked the connection outside the van then returned to the van & turned the pump switch back on, all was then OK, this same fault happened this morning too. Anybody understand such a intermittent fault
  11. We have a Bailey Pegasus Verona 2016, last September whilst away our caravan sprung a leak, the leak was immediately below the roof moulding & running down the side of the side wall of the van. I reported the issue to our supplying dealer & their response was that this was a commmon fault. Our caravan was returned to the dealer & was repaired under warranty, my only concern is that due to the fact that we now have a roof seam on our caravan roof, is this type of construction likely to become a problem area & always problematic giving rise to water leaks in future years ?. Bailey have now changed their method of caravan construction so instead of having a one piece roof panel they have now introduced a system of manufacturing which requires two roof panels a forward section and a smaller rear section that forces a roof joint. Considering Bailey have built caravans for 65 years & with all their experience & all the development cost involved with Alutec to provide a caravan with a moisture ingress warranty of 10 years, who in design would ever consider creating a roof seam which has a potential of creating a major roof leak which in my opinion will be very damaging to Baileys reputation & may steer people away from purchasing Bailey caravans.
  12. It may have taken 2 years, but it has only been in the last 6 months that we found out there was a fix for the problem, once we were in touch with the dealer it took some time for the warranty claim to get sorted. Disleygolf1
  13. I reported this problem with the Dream sleep seating in September 2016 and I am very pleased to report that our caravan has now been back to our supplier and we have brand new seating & baffle boards, this has now corrected the problem, the seating does not move at all, The seating cushions are much firmer too it is just a pity that we had 2 years with a faulty van. I suggest that all Bailey owners with the same problem do no hesitate to contact your supplying dealer to have the problem sorted under warranty.
  14. We have a Bailey Pegasus Verona 2016, we have just encountered a problem with our entry door. The problem first came to light when we returned to our caravan one day last week, it had been very sunny & the sun directed straight onto our entry door,I put the key in the lock turned it but could not open the door as the door catch was obviously fouling the the catch plate on the door surround to gain entry to the van I gave it a tug & the door opened, on further inspection from inside the van I viewed the door catch & the plate on the door surround & noticed that the door catch & the plate on the door surround had no clearance, causing the foul. It looks like this foul is caused due to the door expanding due to heat, as I inspected the door catch & surround in the morning when it was cool & there was plenty of clearance. I contacted our supplying dealer & they told me that all there caravans with Hartal doors have the same issue when the sun is facing the doors allowing the doors to expand & create a foul, has anybody encountered the same problem and if so what can be done to fix it, I can't see any way of adjusting the door catch or handle currently.
  15. I am very disappointed with the white seals on the front & rear fairing seals they have very quickly faded from white to off white, is there any product that would restore the white it has started to make the van look tatty after all it is only 15months old.
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