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  1. Hello Im new to caravans I have wanted one for ages but the cost of a caravan has been beyond my reach with a young family, we now finally have a 1979 fibreline and we are over the moon with it and have been busy tidying it up as it was covered in decals and was pretty filthy I have a few questions if anybody would be so kind as to help 1. I appear to have some damp/soft wood around one of the windows I have replaced the rubber as this was all cracked and broken, is it a big job that could potentially damage the van should I try and cut this out. 2. there is a small hole in the floor where the door has not been shutting properly again as above should I just cut this out there is a hollow between the the whole and then the fiberglass underneath I take it these are not structural or safety issues as the rest of the van is in tip top condition, remarkable when its age is taken into account. 3. I need some spares the water heater knob is missing its a main nymph any ideas? and also a door hinge 4. Why do these vans seem so collectible I was almost gifted mine and after looking they seem to go for quite a lot I have no intention of getting rid of it but im suprised at the value. 5. I have the original occupiers handbook should anybody want a copy I hope I haven't run on to much and thanks in advance.
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