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  1. Spot on. We have a "kite like item" on a pole, used to be 'camp cow' and is now 'pigs might fly'. As we tend to tour a lot in summer months it's a great way for our kids to orientate themselves . Not that we let the wander far when too young to do so, but they can get disoriented pretty quick with the excitement of a new new site and the layouts blur into each other if we've been to a few in quick succession. Plus, why do folk put decorative items in their gardens at home.... they find them nice to look at and are a demonstration of their personality. I pe
  2. I think 10pm is reasonable too, not because our kids will be out that late but because that's normally the point when I have to try and get the wife to switch to her 'inside voice'!
  3. that's good insight, I like to get as much of the 'heavy stuff' in the car before I start thinking about loading the van... I might rethink this strategy! Thanks @Mr Plodd Ted
  4. Hello all, We wouldn't normally consider using the van over Christmas and New Year, but we might this New Year! The reason we wouldn’t usually consider it is not because we don’t think it’s a great idea, it’s due to it usually being a hectic time with lots of travelling round to see family and friends, works parties, house parties, Panto, school and other events around the kids… we’re usually fully booked every weekend between mid-November and mid-January. This year, well nobody knows what it will be like and what restrictions will be in place but we all cer
  5. Welcome. This a great forum and it's amazing when you search old topics from years back, how many of them are just as relevant as they are today
  6. This is spot on, it's all about proper preparation and the application... clear, clean and dry the area. Apply the tape to properly prepared suffaces and let it set. Job done.
  7. We’ve never considered using the caravan at Christmas or New Year, given we’ve young children and usually with lots of family and friends to meet with (we are very fortunate yes). However, this year we thinking of a few days away over New Year given the likely restrictions around parties, social events and mixing within households. Do we (as a forum collective) think there will in a spike in booking on sites this year? Have you started making your own plans and making bookings? How do you select what sites to book during the Christmas/holidays and New Year?
  8. Great caravan, only negative we found was the slimline bunks (only 1ft 10 wide I think) but that's not unusual is caravans. We had a 2012 Swift (Fairway 554) for 6 years, loved it, only issues we had was locker closures/hinges breaking.
  9. I think that is spot on, only things I would add is that you like it and get a good feeling when sitting in it
  10. I was 39 and wife 35, with 3 and 6 year old girls... if she had her way we would have got one pre kids (I wish she had!).
  11. Yes, I noticed they do get a bit of a bad rep but then, most makes have those that are in favour and those that aren't. Thanks for your insights
  12. Thanks for this, very pleased to hear you love your Pegasus. We've got everything crossed!
  13. Agree. Mine are 9 and 12 now and we're changing to a van with bunk beds and their own area at the rear of the Caravan; sacrificed a fixed bed to keep them happy (or really it's to keep us happy as the longer they keep loving Caravan holidays the more we get to enjoy to!) I do think it's good for kids be be still and calm and get to a place where they are 'bored' as that's when the imagination and creativity kick in, so agree completely, yes.
  14. Blimey, you must have really loved it. Would have been easy to turn your back on caravanning for good after that experience. Good you didn't. Took my wife 6 years to convince me we should get a caravan, now (6 years in) I love it, we all do. My kids were 6 and 3 when we got our first van, was a good age for them to get into it. Can't image life without one now.
  15. haha, sorry, I just assumed my ramblings wasn't clear!
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