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  1. A pro to have a car roof rack with bike racks is you can use it when not using the caravan... I've always gone down that route. Weight on the car and not in the van. Allows us to carry a bit more in the caravan, or even the awning.
  2. I would like to see some level of restrictions but they should be sensitive, to both preventing spread and also peoples needs to have some family interaction. We've no plans to visit anybody and we won't have anybody visit us, nor will we break or even bend any rules over the festive period but we're fortunte as we have a nice little family unit of 4... hard for those that don't have that! Very hard. Having said that, we will go away in the caravan and have a meal out if no restrictions prevent us from doing so. We'll be sensible but not to the point where we'll restric
  3. So... paid £322 for Dover-Calais crossing August 2020, PO credited our account to use with 18 months. Looked at August 2021 and we need to pay an extra £193 (£515 in total). Mixed feelings, certainly would love the idea that a August 2021 trip to France would be safe but I'm not about to pay another £193 when I imagine we could loose the full amount should we dicide it's not a good idea for us to go. I may just look to book UK sites for next year again and say goodby to the £322... don't think they would let me book for 2021 in September of next year with that credit.
  4. Good to know, cheers Mind, I did give our 'sky blue' one a good soaking in bleach this year,,, that also didn't appear to do it any damage!
  5. I think this clip has a good view of the safe jacking points, pre fitting of AL-KO brackets
  6. I don't have movers but this advice is great, thank you. Ted
  7. I do have the handbook and did look for information on jacking, including jacking points, but couldn't see anything... was obviously a 'man look' so I'll go back again! Thank you.
  8. Hello all, While I assume my 2017 Twin axle Pegasus Palermo has AL-KO chassis and running gear, does anybody know for certain if it's got the correct holes for the Al-Klo packing brackets to be bolted straight on (See image)? As advised on this forum and to save money on insurance, I sourced myself two No.33 chassis wheel locks but our caravan doesn't haver obvious jacking points! I have an AL-KO jack already and can't afford a 'lock n level' system just yet but I need to quickly be in a position where I can easily fit both locks! Another of my assumptions i
  9. Not at all Gordon, unless I've not understood what you are saying. If after 14 days of contact you test negative then you go back to same restrictions as everybody else. If you had further contact in that period then the clock would start again (how could you if isolating). What would you want, everybody that has contact, or even secondary contact, isolate until everybody within a 100 miles tests negative?! We need to keep real about the whole thing. Having a system designed to restrict the spread balanced against one that allows people to earn a living and carry on is
  10. I don't disagree and as we will be in the van for a few nights post Christmas but before the 12th night, I'm sure we'll have some lights up. I just this the way the original post was structured, it was done as an attempt to cause a reaction rather than a genuine 'what do you think' type post.
  11. Me thinks somebody is trying reel a few in...
  12. Being a parent of small(wish) children I can't argue with that, it's the truth Hence our amazement of the way both school are handling things. While most small children don't know what hygiene is, they are actually very good at mimicking behaviour... teaching them the "right" things to do is as easy as consistently exhibiting that behaviour.
  13. Food for thought... My 9 year old daughter who attends a primary school with ~150 pupils is one of 27 children isolating at home, day 6 of 14, due to a teacher testing positive. So far no reported illness of COVID symptoms in any of the children. My 12 year old daughter who attends a secondary school with ~1200 pupils has attended school every day it's been open. The school mails all parents when they are made aware of a confirmed case, after identifying students who should isolate for 14 days due to having been in close contact with the person who tested positive. I t
  14. Ted E

    Fantastic idea

    All, Very good thread and some interesting points raised. As already mentioned by a couple of folk, I had assumed that leaving taps and drain point open would allow remaining water to freeze/expand without coming up against resistance (trapped air) and thus not being able to cause damage. However, I clearly can't say that would always be the case so I'm interested in making myself a drain down kit... Anybody any views/images on how you do for a Whale plug? Thanks in advance Ted
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