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  1. Like it or not and listed or not , "Duty of declaration of material fact" rests with the proposer.
  2. I agree with Colin H - coming from a similar background. Unless your car insurance prescribes cover for towing a trailer I'd say you still had a "duty of declaration" for both towing and the modification of the fitted towbar and electrics. Insurers can get a bit precious about such things when a claims situation arises - sometimes leading to compromises. Regarding cover and liabilities, if you have suitable legal cover that might well be your first port of call.. The only other way you'll find out is by asking your insurer. I would hope (and expect) that Aviva will play straight. Mr Plodd has made a valid contribution, but insurers don't (and can't be expected to) list everything they expect to be declared and how they interpret "material fact" can be interesting. Some insurers charge, some don't. Others allow for it in hidden costs. Over to Legal Eagle.
  3. Same experience as Glenn and Les. You get there eventually. Not exactly "plug and play" are they? We've had far more user-friendly versions.
  4. If you haven't already, try the AL-KO web site. They have a spare parts service. It was good when I used it before covid.
  5. Perhaps The Coachman is hoping somebody can send him some white heather to change his luck. I have only pink and purple.
  6. CJ1149

    Caravan suite

    Roy, I don't know if it helps but I recently looked at doing something similar in a 2012 BKBluebird (part of the Willerby Group). My current thinking is that it would be more feasible to have new seat base and back foams with new upholstery. You might get away with re-upholstering. In mine there is very little woodwork required and the pull-out bed just needs one new pivot. Any new chairs have got to fit through the door - not as easy as it sounds. No doubt others have different ideas.
  7. I've had 2 twin terminal batteries and had no problem with quick release clamps. Both were Numax CXV. Ample room between posts. I imagine different brands and dimensions may vary so you might want to check the height clearance in the battery box too ?
  8. I had one of those on an early Corniche. IanV8 is spot on. You could also supply 12v from an extension plugged into a 240v - similar to those you buy for air beds. The modern equivalent would probably be a completely new whale socket and electrics.
  9. Yes, Thetford is definitely the "go to" for the loo.
  10. Our 2019 Vision 545 has 65psi too and the previous (575) had also. Presumably compatible to tyre size, ratio, load rating and also the axle. Tyre brand may also be a factor.
  11. Well that's infuriating. I think you've been unlucky and that some of the points should have been picked up at pdi or by the dealer at some stage. I agree you've bought brand new and expected better (as we did) but of the 2 brand new Coachman we've had, the one that had been at the dealers for a while had far more "teething " troubles, albeit fixed fairly quickly with the exception of a warped sliding door (evident at 7 months) and replaced with a wait of 1 month. The new "factory fresh" one has had far fewer niggles. Interestingly the excess sealant on the awning rail was one and the other was the radio. I don't know how the poor radio and TV reception were fixed at first service. I suspect wiring. or control box but can't be sure. There have been quite a few threads about the Dometic loo and oven - so they're not unique to Coachman. I hope Coachman learn from customer feedback as they did a couple of years ago regarding saggy seats and mattresses. Bought in goods are not always subject to the quality standards we hope for and while I like to think that progress is sometimes risky it's not good when we are the guinea pigs. Over 40 - odd years, and since our change to Coachman 5 years ago, Coachman has been the best experience for us both for touring and more recently seasonal, and continues to be our preference. I hope your issues are resolved satisfactorily.
  12. Ditto madasamans comments. We have a full metal pole awning and an air awning. Full job was for long stays and the pump up job for shorter ones. The difference in length, the shape and storage capacity can also be significant. The leeway on uneven ground is not so good on pump ups in my experience. People change for all sorts of reasons - perhaps they need a bigger or smaller awning now the families expanded or reduced or they have dogs now and didn't before or they've changed the van etc To go back to your original question - the size ranges quoted indicate that the size 14 maximum is similar to the size 15 minimum. Tight with very little to spare. Some full awnings might have a bit more mud skirt around the bottom depending on make but I think you're pushing your luck with a pump up. If you can't try before you buy its a gamble.
  13. Is it a Stinger 310 alarm? I'm almost certain the VIP remote will operate the awning light too. I think it was enabled on the VIP when that was the top of the range model.
  14. Ctec or equivalent unless your van has a smart charger. As Alan says, not cheap but quality.
  15. I've used hardboard or 3 ply cut to fit the wheel arch and it's been just as good as anything out of a bottle. In recent years I've gone posh and currently use elasticated spare wheel covers.
  16. CJ1149

    So am I evil!

    A quiet word would have been better and more considerate to others - how many people did your alarm annoy?
  17. I thought there were 2 or 3 12v sockets on the VIP? (similar to my 2019 Vision) can you use one of the others until you can get it repaired by a dealer under warranty - in case there's a wiring fault issue?
  18. I recommend searching the forum archive. Delamination has been raised numerous times and different opinions exist regarding how to fix it. As far as I know only one company specialises in repairs (EECO - exhaust ejector company) and they won't touch anything thats had any DIY attempts. There are 3 adhesives (e.g. Bondrite) which claim to work but all need to be applied when the window is almost clinically clean and has been removed from the caravan. Now wait for the arguments to start.
  19. Thanks for the ideas. Coldog - Good idea. I've jut tried some spare rainpipe I had but the inside diameter is too small to fit around and the outside diameter is too wide to fit within the existing vents. I'll experiment a bit longer. Jim - Thanks but I'd intended using bubble foil (e.g. ecoquilt) mainly because I'd find it quicker and easier to staple across joists rather than cut and fit the kingspan type.
  20. Thanks for replying and the link. I think that'll be the way to go. I was hoping just to fit to existing from below rather than replace from above because some of the vents are in awkward places. I guess I can't get away with being lazy.
  21. I intend adding insulation to the underside of the Bluebird. I know that drop vents should be kept clear and that insulation must be fitted accordingly. Is it possible to extend the vents downwards, e.g. with some sort of collar, to ensure nothing can interfere? If so, where can I buy the "collars"? Thanks.
  22. 2seaside is correct. The site owner is wrong to make the generalised statement that "there is no VAT on used vans". VAT notice 701/20 is relevant and for once reasonably clear.
  23. It sounds as though something is wrong and needs to be checked by a Gas Safe engineer. Advice from the owner/manager of the static site we use is that gas should be turned off at the bottle (47kg calor propane) whenever we leave the site for more than 24 hours. This reduces the chance of any gas leaks (and consequences) and also losing all of the gas if say a squirrel was to chew through the hose. The same goes for mains water to avoid unexpected leaks or bursts. Sounds a bit pedantic but it only takes a minute and I think it's a good idea.
  24. Yes, it's very annoying. Dometic seem to be having all sorts of problems with some of their products. Is it poor design or quality control ? It's certainly not unique to Coachman and I can imagine that they (and others) will change supplier if enough complaints ensue.
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