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  1. It's across the apex of a corner and adjacent to the seam on the right - which is also damaged. Hence my cautionary response. AND please don't shout.
  2. Fair point about saving money Andy but I referred to avoiding future warranty issues resulting from consequential damage - potentially leading to ingress. You pays your money and takes your pick.
  3. I'll stand corrected but I think you'll first have to go to a Swift main dealer or Swift authorised repairer to avoid any future warranty issues. As an aside I share your anxst. I scraped a Volvo on gatepost once. The repair worked out at around £12k per square inch. Ouch.
  4. We've had exactly the same experience with 2 caravans. The topic was discussed on the forum some 2 years ago and whilst various fixes were suggested nobody could explain why it was sometimes ok and sometimes not. I'm sure a push button on/off switch was shared by a regular contributor and I seem to remember a comment that these sets were designed for cars and expected to be wired permanently to a 12v supply. I've searched the archives without success. My answer was to take the front face off until I changed the radio.
  5. johnaldo beat me to it but how about one of these off ebay for about £12
  6. I've used those on classic cars as a security measure and they're handy if you need to quickly isolate the battery. I prefer the snap-on /clip-on version for the caravan as shown by DACS
  7. Another vote for furniture spray . Also, as Mickfishing has mentioned , check you have the correct beading because it's unusual for the rail to be too loose and the beading fall out. Ianfish - I'm sure I've seen an advert for beading sizes in either 4mm or 6mm - possibly by a repairs/alteration business - so perhaps you did have a "fatter" bead. Not immediately noticeable.
  8. CJ1149

    Ford Kuga

    I have a Kuga 180ps automatic and currently tow a Coachman at approx. 1550kg . In my opinion the Kuga is one of the most competent tugs I've had - it's very stable, will take a 12.5% gradient with no problems, copes with muddy, wet pitches and is quite happy on motorways. Typical mpg whilst towing is 26 to 28 mpg. Its comfortable enough and drives surprisingly well solo. I 'd prefer a bigger boot and better mpg solo - averages 40 mpg. I changed to the Kuga auto because it was one of the few cars I found easy to get in and out of after I had a spinal op. Prior to the Kuga I had a Volvo V60 (manual) - superb solo car, competent tug but I had to change and there wasn't an XC60 immediately available at the time hence the Kuga. When they first came out I had an Insignia 2.0 tdi saloon (manual). It was more comfortable and more economical solo than the Kuga but not as competent or steady when towing a Swift at 1455kg. I hope this helps.
  9. What sort are you using? I've had the same pair of Milenco Aeros on 5 different cars and not had a problem but I do know people who've had to buy different pads for a better fit especially on Mercedes.
  10. If you can't find a canvas/tent repairer:- Internal ones work well and you can put extra guy ropes on the front by attaching them to the canopy supports. I prefer the storm guys that go right over the awning. To avoid rubbing I use seat belt pads (cheap off ebay). I've done this for 3 full seasons without marking the awning.
  11. Regarding the VAT reduction. I fully support any incentives to help business stay afloat following the implications of covid. However, unless I'm mistaken some of us have unwittingly been more supportive than others to our cost. When lockdown closed sites we were offered a refund or a carry forward credit for next year . We agreed not to take a refund on the basis that we would have next year paid for and that the "credit" balance might help the site. It seems to me that had we taken the refund and then re-booked this month (i.e. the revised date of supply) we could have saved the difference in VAT - in our case for a season, that's a few hundred £. Shot ourselves in the foot methinks.
  12. I've had similar problems with an aging Canon printer (about 4 years old I think). Works perfectly ok via cable but not via wifi with my new Dell laptop. I have been advised that when I installed my new laptop that it updated with the latest Windows 10 version which the Canon won't recognise via wifi. I assume this implies that the current OS and the newer hardware aren't compatible with the printer via wifi but that the cable connection is backward compatible. It makes sense in a way as I bought both the old laptop and the printer together and I guess their hardware and software were compatible until they "grew" apart. (for example the removal of support for certain Windows versions by Microsoft). Regardless, for now I'll just use a cable until I change the printer.
  13. Fiat Chrysler launched a scheme along the same lines a month or so ago. I guess they're looking for ways to increase turnover and/or get rid of all the backlog.
  14. There is another consideration. Insurance. If you're unfortunate to be in a claims situation your car insurer could accuse you of contributory negligence if you break any of the rules already explained - and a claims situation doesn't have to be your fault.
  15. Buying into a park home/static caravan can be a minefield. The Ts & Cs should tell you all you need to know so make sure you have a current version before you sign. Even then there may contain ambiguities so it may be worthwhile to seek legal advice. If all is well - enjoy - lots of people do.
  16. Carly - if in doubt. walk away. Otherwise you'll always wonder if you made a mistake. Include a full damp report (preferably an independent one) and if possible a full service history with any used caravan you think you'd like.
  17. That'll depend on the Ts&Cs of the site owner /landlord possibly governed by planning consents.
  18. When you finally succeed with decent number plate strips have a look on Amazon for cheese wire - it's the easiest way I could remove my plate when I changed cars.
  19. You seem to have done well with your tests so far, so apologies if the following were mentioned in the previous threads:- - check all earths in both car and caravan are sound and clean (always worth double checking) especially in a1994 caravan - run the car at a fast tickover to fully actuate the fridge/charger relay - relays are relatively cheap - replace it to eliminate the possibility of a fault - have an auto electrician with caravan experience or your local mobile caravan service check the fridge and then check the 12volt supply circuit.
  20. Both my last 2 Coachmans were bought new and showed the deviations as described, particularly when viewed at angle. It bothered me at first and I asked about it on handover. I was also assured it was "normal" and have since had various explanations as to how it occurs as part of the production and assembly processes. One explanation was that the "rippling" was created during the rolling of the aluminium sheets and is avoidable so could be a raw materials issue rather than a caravan assembly issue. It's far less noticeable on my 545 compared to the 575 for some reason. I'd prefer it not to exist but it's not a problem.
  21. Correct yorkyguy - but it's been used for years by other than Swift Group. I'd still advise a paint mix and match for most vans over 4 or 5 years of age and certainly for a 1994 model.
  22. It 's possibly Fiat White 249. Your first inclination to take a panel to a paint mixer is by far the best way to allow for ageing, weathering, fading etc.
  23. About 20 minutes walk (each way) this afternoon. Only a few minutes drive. Downside is that its via a crew yard and everything gets covered in slurry and there's no water to wash with. Very handy and secure with the owner living and working on site so I'm happy with it.
  24. Well said Black Grouse and thank you for being so positive.
  25. Different sources often confuse things. The exact model and year is required and the manufacturers figures should be the ones to work with. The dealer should clarify. Volvo UK specifications, dimensions and weights for the V60 Cross Country, quote maximum braked trailer weight 1800kg and max noseweight 90kg for all diesels except the 4x4 - different again for petrols and different again for unbraked trailers. The owners manual for my 2016 D4 quoted 1850 and 100 respectively for braked trailers. The specifications were revised in 2018 so I guess my 100kg was overridden. As Woodentop says, the lesser of any figures quoted should apply because they are the "weakest links". As an aside, the ideal noseweight for my caravan at 1480 kg (loaded) at the time was about 85kg. and I hardly knew it was there.
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