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  1. Try: the caravan warehouse ( google without spaces) , or ebay or amazon. Does it have to be a perfect match - difficult because of aging ? Depending on the adjacent trim/wallboard a contrast could work.
  2. From memory I think you have a good horizontal run from almost all the way from the rear (perhaps minus 40cm) to just beyond the front window. That gives you a good sized porch if you want the window inside. Again from memory, there's only a small gap between door and window if you go for a smaller version and want the window outside. Its do-able, just. Hope this helps.
  3. Pull the fuse, disconnect and reconnect battery, replace fuse. Standard instructions with most solar panels. It removes the risk of an accidental short or sparks from the solar panel output. Minimal though it may be it could cause an explosion if there was any gas around - from the battery for example.
  4. FWIW we measured the longest run to encompass the door without encroaching any windows whilst utilising the longest horizontal section of awning rail. Then we shopped around for an awning to fit those parameters.
  5. There was a thread 18-24 months ago about these radios - not necessarily the same model but similar issues. I remember the comments that these were originally intended as car radios and as such aren't 100% compatible with caravan use. Somewhere in the archives is a thread showing how to neatly wire in a simple, separate on/off switch whilst maintaining a battery live feed to avoid lost settings. It solved a lot of issues. It does beg the question as to why bought in goods aren't always tested and then adapted for caravan use.
  6. Like it or not and listed or not , "Duty of declaration of material fact" rests with the proposer.
  7. I agree with Colin H - coming from a similar background. Unless your car insurance prescribes cover for towing a trailer I'd say you still had a "duty of declaration" for both towing and the modification of the fitted towbar and electrics. Insurers can get a bit precious about such things when a claims situation arises - sometimes leading to compromises. Regarding cover and liabilities, if you have suitable legal cover that might well be your first port of call.. The only other way you'll find out is by asking your insurer. I would hope (and expect) that Aviva will play straight. Mr Plodd has made a valid contribution, but insurers don't (and can't be expected to) list everything they expect to be declared and how they interpret "material fact" can be interesting. Some insurers charge, some don't. Others allow for it in hidden costs. Over to Legal Eagle.
  8. Same experience as Glenn and Les. You get there eventually. Not exactly "plug and play" are they? We've had far more user-friendly versions.
  9. If you haven't already, try the AL-KO web site. They have a spare parts service. It was good when I used it before covid.
  10. Perhaps The Coachman is hoping somebody can send him some white heather to change his luck. I have only pink and purple.
  11. CJ1149

    Caravan suite

    Roy, I don't know if it helps but I recently looked at doing something similar in a 2012 BKBluebird (part of the Willerby Group). My current thinking is that it would be more feasible to have new seat base and back foams with new upholstery. You might get away with re-upholstering. In mine there is very little woodwork required and the pull-out bed just needs one new pivot. Any new chairs have got to fit through the door - not as easy as it sounds. No doubt others have different ideas.
  12. I've had 2 twin terminal batteries and had no problem with quick release clamps. Both were Numax CXV. Ample room between posts. I imagine different brands and dimensions may vary so you might want to check the height clearance in the battery box too ?
  13. I had one of those on an early Corniche. IanV8 is spot on. You could also supply 12v from an extension plugged into a 240v - similar to those you buy for air beds. The modern equivalent would probably be a completely new whale socket and electrics.
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