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  1. They are excellent readings - even for a 3 year old van let alone a 13 year old. If the rest of the caravan is in similar condition you have made a jolly good purchase. Enjoy.
  2. I use a C-Tec on my Vision 545 and have used a C-Tec on previous Coachman and other makes. I have also used C-Tec equipment on classic cars and motor cycles. In my opinion C-Tec is efficient, effective and reliable although a little expensive. You can use the C-tec conditioning/maintenance charger with the battery in-situ but you must remember of turn off the mains supply from the hook up. I have permanently attached the C-Tec battery harness so all I need to do is plug in the charger and switch it on. The crocodile clip attachments can b used but I'd rather use the permanent fixings. The alternative is to remove the battery to charge it. As far as I know you can't switch off the vans internal charger so every time you use the hook up you'll have the overcharge issue. You need to get the caravan charger checked - I have heard that other owners have had a similar experience but I don't know how they resolved it. A Coachman dealer should advise.
  3. My experience with Volvo Assist has been excellent - far better than the 40+ years membership of the RAC. I had 4 experiences (1 whilst towing) with RAC compared to 3 (2 whilst towing) with Volvo. Volvo was quicker, more efficient, more flexible and in my opinion well worth the extra cost of main dealer servicing. Volvo prioritised our safety and welfare regardless of whether the issue was with the caravan or the car. On the only occasion we told RAC the fault was with the caravan they initially refused to attend. I stayed with RAC whilst Volvo Assist applied but changed to Green Flag via the CMC when we moved away from Volvo. I might have been fortunate but based on my experience I wouldn't hesitate to use Volvo Assist .
  4. As ancell says, it's do-able. If you have somewhere to do it, a way of keeping everything dry and a few DIY skills you're already half way there. However, I would want to know how far the damp and rot has spread before investing time and money. If you can get hold of a damp meter or even ask a mobile caravan service engineer to do the test for you, do a damp check to find out if the renovation/repair is viable.
  5. CJ1149

    Kuga towbar

    Mine doesn't on my 2015 Kuga. I think you'll find that base of the swan neck (similar to the attachment point of a detachable) is outside the scope of the sensors but ask the supplier. You might also find that the bumper armature is removed and the new bar cross member replaces it. Hoddy is right regarding when the caravan is connected. Car reversing sensors, reversing lights and brake lights are disabled when the 13 pin is connected to the caravan and the canbus software is updated accordingly. The reflections back off the caravan would be unbearable if they weren't.
  6. Rob The warning's there for a reason and accidents can happen to the best of us. I just pull the fuse for peace of mind.
  7. +1 for an awning rail protector and I squirt "Mr Sheen" polish along the rail groove.
  8. We bought a new Vision 575 in 2017 and this year we replaced it with a new Vision 545. Both were sited on the same seasonal pitch (hardstanding). We had some heavy rain last year and have already had some this year. On both caravans we had a minor dribble of rain from the joint in the awning rail between the door and the front of the caravan, most recently last week. In both cases we blamed the awning rail profile because in both cases we struggled to get the bead clamps to sit square to the caravan wall and even with different brands of clamps the best way forward was to add larger pads. Sujus and others experience now makes me wonder if the joints aren't sealed properly and I shall let my dealer know. Having said that, I have previously had to remove excess sealant from the awning channel to get the bead to slide along. I wonder if we've caught the beading on a blob of sealant and pulled it off?
  9. No doubt others will make suggestions. As you are convinced you are right my suggestions include:- Seek legal advice by all means Remind the dealer that your contract is with them and you expect them to support you within the terms of the Consumer Rights Act Send the dealer a copy of an independent inspection report. Notify the dealer in writing (keep a copy) that unless they act in your interests you will take legal action against them in pursuance of your rights.
  10. We've had similar with our last 2 new caravans and put it down to the "newness" of the heater. To me it smells like hot plastic (a bit like a new kettle) and I was also concerned that perhaps some cabling was getting a bit warm under the extra load. I don't think so though. I expect it to wear off after some use.
  11. If the po cut holes more than 50mm then they are too big for the c-lines to fit properly. The c-line needs a hole no more than 50mm in diameter. I had similar some time ago and the only way I could think of was to make a cover plate larger than the domestic socket - to cover the screw holes as well as the cable hole - and then re-drill to suit the c-line. I used some 6mm ply, rounded the corners, bevelled the edges and varnished it. It looked tidy. Any help?
  12. From your description It seems that the only water pressure is whatever is getting into the pipes from either your barrel or from your mains supply and it's then hitting a restriction. It could be a blockage as Woodie suggests but check your owners manual for other potential problems, e.g. if there is an internal pump that's not working, the pressure sensor that regulates flow when you turn a tap on,(both usually found under the front seats) electrical connections to the taps etc. if any of these are fitted to the 1997 model any one or more can cause flow problems. I've not had a Bailey but I have had caravans from the same era and had similar problems to resolve - I've never seen a plastic pipe furred up enough to block the flow but I have come across jammed pumps and sensors (both can be damaged by frost) and poor old electrical connections. I hope this helps.
  13. Having been retired a while now I have a bucket list of memories to revisit. Almost a lifetime ago I spent many happy hours fishing on the Witham from Boston to Lincoln and beyond. Having a caravan pitched nearby I hope to fish the Witham again on the Kirkstead to Tattershall stretch, perhaps up river to Bardney. Can anybody tell me where the public stretches are please, day ticket or otherwise ? Clubs seem to have the rights to almost everything and I just want a few hours, not membership.
  14. Thank you Rodders, Stevan and Tradewinds. You have given me some more thoughts and confirmed some of my own suspicions. There are 2 separate coax cables from the VP2 unit at output points TV1 and TV2 so I guess these feed bedroom and living area wall points, the VP2 acting as the splitter - which explains why I can't find a separate one. I'll check for loose strands shorting or for bent conductors. I'll dismantle the wall sockets and hope they are connected! (and that there's enough coax in there to work with) The cables disappear into the roof/ceiling void so I'm hoping there's no physical damage from screws etc. I haven't checked all the connectors and connections yet, that's my next job. I have both screw-on and crimp-on types so I should be ok. The aerial input to the VP2 is white. I've not checked the bollard connection in the battery box. The photo shows the VP2 unit with left to right, 12v input, my TV flylead connected via an adapter to TV2, the original black coax having been unscrewed and left loose, the original black coax connected to TV1 and then the white coax from the aerial to "ANT IN". I am not certain what the black cables coupled together at the top of the photo are for. Life was a lot more simple with an outside aerial and a cable through the window or a wall point!
  15. 2019 Coachman Vision 545 Sorry to raise this again but I'd appreciate a bit more advice. We had a few more days away last week and I repeated the earlier tests (as recommended by Status/Visionplus) and also as suggested by Alan and David. There is no signal at either of the 2 internal TV points - 1 in the bedroom and 1 in the living area. There is a good signal and reception if I connect the TV direct to the Vision Plus VP2 unit. I am therefore assuming there is a fault somewhere between the VP2 unit and the integral TV points. I have some new connectors and a crimping device should any need changing, and that, together with checking for poor connections is as far as I will go. I can't see any sign of a splitter as a suspected source of a problem. It would be really helpful if anybody with a similar Coachman could tell me where there's is located - or is the "splitting" to the separate TV points performed within the Vision Plus unit? If none of these simple solutions are successful it'll have to wait until the end of the season and go back to the dealer. Any ideas folks?
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