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  1. A gas griddle with radial grease/fat drainage slats?
  2. Well said Gordon. Limitations are necessary to combat the self-centred greediness/panic buying and might also reduce the terrible waste of hoarded perishables. It might also result in a reduction of pests and diseases as a result of overfilled/overspilling refuse. Unfortunately some people will be inconvenienced. Those of us who are will learn to adapt.
  3. We are in a similar situation to Glen and Les and have had similar offers from our seasonal pitch provider. We are also quite happy with that. As far as refunds etc are concerned I think all anybody can do is accept and comply with the terms and conditions of the booking. Any better alternatives rely on the goodwill of the site operators. Otherwise vote with your feet next time around.
  4. Again, thank you Frank. I've only driven fluid flywheel or dual clutch equivalent. I never noticed any creep with BMW and I've not driven auto VW or Audi. My current tug is a Kuga. The brake noise it can make when creeping against the brake led me to think it was a bit like riding the clutch and further encourages the use of D.
  5. Is there any mechanical detriment to leaving the car in D and having brakes applied? (if so, another reason for using N ?) I'm thinking about auto box "creep" against the brake.
  6. Thank you Frank. That's clearer and is what I expected. So the auto hold function is similar to just briefly holding on the pedal.
  7. So do those cars that have no "handbrake"(parking brake) lever, but do have a toggle or a button or some other electronic brake, always activate the brake lights when applied (ignition on)? or just when in automatic "hill hold" mode? If always then I didn't realise that and I've learned something. Reminder to read the handbooks.
  8. Similar to Fireman Iain. N being next to D with handbrake on enables a simple, quick routine no different really to using a manual box. Much less aggravating to the driver behind you than sitting with your foot on the brake - especially in the wet.
  9. Thank you, for this, I have taken a screen shot. I’m going to call Landrover Today. 

  10. Lorraine - consider this posted by logiclee, it's very informative.
  11. Personal choice. If you can find compatible rims don't forget that torque settings will be different (higher - up to 130nm, but get it right) and you'll probably need different wheelbolts - length and seating, probably conical, and they'll need to fit onto/over the drum correctly so as not to fowl the arches.
  12. Where have the responses to the original thread gone? This appears to be the same thread with several replies missing. I thought that when all the weights and measures had been clarified the general consensus was "yes".
  13. My experience is - It is indeed carefully pry off - with a blade to distribute the pressure rather than a small narrow screwdriver or similar. Strong thumbnails can work too. If you can warm the plastics to make them less brittle that should help ( a hairdryer on a low setting will suffice ) As a back-up you could buy a spare surround before you start. I hope this helps.
  14. I saw that item too. Weight savings and performance are great but at about 6 or 7 times the cost of a more conventional battery I think I'll wait until prices come down.
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