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  1. A good result. Keep a close eye on the sliding door - they can warp.
  2. I've fitted Grayston coil spring assistors 3 times and was very satisfied. They are basically thick rubber mouldings that slide between the spring coils and stiffen them up a bit when under extra load. From memory there was negligible increase in ride height unladen and a reduced drop of about an inch or so with the caravan on. As far as I know there was no detriment to handling without the caravan on. They vary in price from about £12 upwards so very reasonable and I found them quite easy to fit. Some people argue they shouldn't be necessary if suspension is in good condition but this doesn't always apply especially if the standard springs are progressive.
  3. Has there been any progress with this topic please?
  4. For the benefit of those who contributed to this thread, especially those considering a Passat, there's a review of the 2019 facelifted Passat Estates, including the hybrid, in Practical Caravan. I mention it because the stated kerbweights are way higher than those I was quoted by a VW main dealer recently. So much more that I'll probably look again at Passat if those higher figures can be verified. I hope this is helpful.
  5. Thank you all . I take on board all your real world comments. Regarding myself, with close on 40 years experience, I currently tow a Coachman at about 1538kg max. with a Kuga 180ps approaching 89% and I'm comfortable with that. I can reduce that a bit if I wish, with spare capacity left in the car, but it's not a priority. I really quite fancy a 1 or 2 year old Passat Estate but like others they've slimmed down with even the heaviest models coming in at no more than about 1540kg. (kerb) That's arguably 100% with very little room for significant adjustment. I'd prefer at least an extra 100-150kg. Adding the experiences reflected in this thread to my own, whilst being a little disappointed I won't be towing with a newish Passat in the foreseeable. Thank you all.
  6. Thank you Frank, that's just the sort of feedback I was looking for.
  7. Simple question - has anybody any experience of towing a caravan at (or over) 100% of kerbweight with any post 2017 model Passat estate? It can be regular or just a one-off experience for the purpose of my interest. If so, what was the weight of the caravan and how did the car cope? Please, no debates about weight ratios on this occasion, thanks. Thank you
  8. In my case the glue lasted about 5 minutes but I suppose it depends on where the plastic broke. I guess its the type of plastic that superglues don't like.
  9. They are little beggars! It can get worse as it gets further into autumn when they look for extra food and warmth.. Gas lockers are by design well ventilated with lots of gaps. Reduce the chance of rodents getting in by applying aluminium mesh over the gaps and holes. Don't completely block them. The aluminium mesh sold by car accessory shops (e.g. to replace radiator grills) is fine enough to keep most rodents out without compromising ventilation. We had all sorts chewed - spare shoes, gloves, chamois, dusters, spare drain and waste pipes etc. Even emptying the locker was no deterrent - they still nested. Mesh has worked for 3 winters whilst the caravan is stored outdoors. By the way, the habitation underfloor vents could have wire grills over them - it won't keep rodents out.
  10. The implications of this post are very worrying. MBaz should be thanked for alerting other owners. Glen, that photo is very helpful. For clarity, can I ask:- If the lens and bulb holders can be removed (presumably this is how a direct single wire was connected?) is there insufficient slack on the loom to gain access to the connections? If not, could the bonded "blister" be removed with say, a scalpel or craft tool to gain access to the connections? If removed, are replacement "blisters" available? Has the dealer or Coachman commented regarding these points?
  11. My local Coachman dealer just happened to have a few in stock when it happened to me - mine just snapped when I slid it closed after it had been secured open. I suspect breakages are not unknown. Try your Coachman dealer.
  12. An alternative source of information could be Practical Caravan magazine. There's a section near the back that lists new caravans in different categories. Also there are diagrams of different layouts that show positions of beds, bathrooms, kitchens, seating etc. Most of those diagrams are equally applicable to used or new caravans.
  13. Not just hybrids - these thieves don't discriminate and don't care as long as they have an opportunity. How they get underneath must be well planned. I recently had a spell in Derby hospital and the staff were concerned that cars parked on site were being targeted, both in plain view and in daylight and at night. Imagine just finishing a gruelling 12/13/14 hour shift or visiting a poorly patient to find your car has been targeted.
  14. 2 of ours fell off in the first month. (2019 Vision 545) It'll be mentioned when it goes in for the first service. Previously 1 fell off the first week away in our 2016 575. Annoying - never had this with any of our used caravans. The links are useful thanks.
  15. For many years Fiat White no. 249 has been used. If this has been superseded recently somebody else may know better. Whatever you use, remember that fade, wear and tear will make matching more difficult so clean thoroughly first and be very gentle with any cutting compounds.
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