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  1. That appears to be too big to be other than a massive oversight or an intentional part of the design. I've never seen a gap as big as that in over 40 years of caravanning. Ask the main dealer to check other similar models for the same "gap" and if "they are all the same sir" get on to Coachman and ask for an explanation. In the meantime, if not using the van I think I'd be capping it off to keep out vermin and damp and next doors cat. I've used stainless steel insect mesh on gaps but nothing on this scale.
  2. Create a spreadsheet or just make a list of all your requirements. Weigh each item before you list it together with its weight. Add up the weights. When you've recovered from the shock you can then decide on essential or preferred items and amend the list. Then amend it again with columns for what's going into the car and what's going into the caravan. Some folk remove the spare wheel to save some weight and some swap standard caravan items for lighter ones e.g. the table, the gas bottle etc. You could consider a small porch awning for short breaks rather than a f
  3. Well I think this caravan has been parked up somewhere remote like Flyingdales in Yorkshire. That cable was possibly once connected to one of the big domes whilst the LAC watched the footie.
  4. My guess would be a brake cable that's come adrift from a clevis. If you can, have a look under the A frame just aft of the hitch and handbrake. There may be a connecting piece or a clevis that looking for something to connect to.
  5. ancell - well done for having the "never surrender" attitude and for thinking your way around the difficulties. I too have some physical weakness and fully understand the desire for independence. I don't really understand why you attached the spare wheel first though - unless of course you had to put in position ready for "rescue". I now see that you are RAC.
  6. LE: The joining piece enables extra length(s) of hose to be attached if your standard hose won't reach the tap.
  7. I hadn't thought about water or moisture incursion. It was a well know problem in the motor trade during the late 70s and early 80s when laquer was first used over metallic/pearlescent finishes. Vauxhalls used to do an annual check and free restoration for the first 5 years (or was it 7) especially on the top edges of hatchbacks and boot lids. It was attributed to humidity being trapped between paint/laquer layers. It's probably too late now to enquire about the manufacturing process but it might be interesting to find out if any repairs have been carried out and by whom, say in the la
  8. They are also called "Well Nuts"
  9. It looks as though something really aggressive has attacked the paintwork. Is it a metallic finish on that model?
  10. Joanie. Any half decent new for old policy will have a caveat that says something along the lines of "or current equivalent" or "if no longer available to the same value" . It will also state the age beyond which new for old cover ceases.
  11. That reminds me. Advice as to how to use the aquaroll pump used to suggest plunging the pump up and down into the full aquaroll 4 or 5 times to rid it of any air bubbles. I can't remember whether that was in the caravan handbook or in the instructions that came with the pump. I don't know if the OP tried "plunging". Years ago in Lincolnshire we had a borehole that reached an aquifer through chalk. The water was very hard and kettles used to fur up quickly. If we drew water from an outside tap it used to take a while to clear. Think "alka seltzer" for a few minutes - I imagine that
  12. I'm assuming you bought privately otherwise a dealer should have checked CRiS. The insurance company advice follows standard industry practice that has existed for many years. They should confirm the decision in writing to you. If they have notified CRiS of change of ownership to you then CRiS should issued revised documents in your favour. This can take 6 to 8 weeks. If you've not received anything by then contact CRiS and the insurance company to progress things. The admin fees may seem a bit annoying but at least you have peace of mind, proof of ownership an
  13. Kiaboy - thank you. I wish we could help the OP more .
  14. OP profile shows Kia Ceed and Elddis Explore 304.
  15. Thanks Paul1957. I wonder how many folk have thought they've drained down when really they may not have.
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