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  1. CJ1149


    Whilst I was a bit sceptical about "wet and forget" I was really pleased with the results when I tried it. I reported my findings on here a while back when my van went green in open air storage. Just follow the instructions and a garden sprayer is the way to go. Leave it to work for as long as you can - I'd say at least 10 days - before washing etc.
  2. CJ1149

    Volvo maps

    That's annoying but are you sure there's no mph/km/h option ? Volvo owners manuals aren't easy reading but it might be in there somewhere - or just a ask a main dealer ?
  3. Just to draw this to a close. What looks like a keyway isn't one and the mechanism only operates the turn button on the other side of the door as suggested. It has no other purpose. Also as suspected almost anything that'll fit to as depth as little as 1mm - even a thumbnail - can be used to cancel the turnbutton. So I hope this helps somebody else with thanks to all.
  4. That's the one Rodders, thanks, and you've saved me the trouble of uploading the photo I took, thanks. When it stops raining I'll venture out and try a key/whatever.
  5. Agree with John and Bubble. 2 caravans I've had just had the simple overflow as described. Could the wires be for a water level sender?
  6. Emergency access had occurred to me but not a simple "coin" slot. It looks like a keyway, a bit like a keyway on a car door (for those of us who can remember them) but slightly recessed. There's no mention of the lock anywhere and until now nobody suggested it's simplicity. I'll try a small coin or screwdriver and if they work then job done and I won't have to tape over the turnbutton any longer. Thanks to all for the replies.
  7. Thanks for the replies so far. The handle has an integral keyway on the kitchen side of the door and a turn button on the bathroom side. This implies that it should be lockable with the button for privacy on the bathroom side and lockable/unlockable for security from the kitchen. Nobody I've approached so far (including a dealer) has any knowledge of a key for this lock. Why fit a relatively expensive lock and not provide a key?
  8. Just a quickie - does anybody have a Coachman with a central bathroom and if so do you have a key to the lock on the door between the kitchen and bathroom? Thanks. (2019 Vision 545)
  9. I've always left mine open by habit I suppose left over from the days of single glazed windows and gas mantle lamps. A cardboard wedge used to suffice but for years I've used pipe insulation. A metre length of 12mm bore, cut into 100mm lengths and slotted onto the bottom edges of the overhead doors will keep them open enough to ventilate without straining the hinges. Takes just a few minutes and costs next to nothing if you want to try it.
  10. Terry, this has been raised a few times and if memory serves it was on the Caravan Club forum and on the Swift OC forum some time ago. I remember that one owner said the flex was so bad that the inner and outer layers of the window had rubbed together and left a mark inside the window. I don't remember anybody complaining about leaks though. I don't know the solution to the problem but I do know there were conflicting experiences and production discrepancies were blamed in the same way they were regarding delamination issues 20-odd years ago. I do remember one owner found that his top box deflected the wind pressure sufficiently to effect a temporary fix. Have you put a question out to Swift owners?
  11. That's a useful photo Glen. Awning rail not just "stuck" on then. Stevan - fair comment but "via the awning rail alone" is relevant within context. It's good to know the OP's damp was spotted early anyway.
  12. Well that's cheered me up no end - I've just booked my 2019 545 in for its first service. Seriously I do hope yours gets sorted properly and quickly Simon. One comment though. I read on another forum that an owner with a 2018 575 had damp and was told that ingress can't occur via the awning rail alone as it sits over a bonded seam. Please keep us posted.
  13. Well I went cheap and use a 6 ft garden cane wrapped with dusters held on with insulating tape. Not pretty but it works.
  14. Direct Line isn't always competitive premium-wise. However, my experience has been very good especially with customer service and claims handling - and that's when insurance is most valuable. Shop around and make comparisons. I'd be looking for an insurer with a good track record for claims management and customer service.
  15. Danny123 - if all else fails search on Ebay for caravan window seals/auto door seals or rubber profiles , or whatever. There are sellers on there who will send a sample pack of 4 or 5 profiles for about £1. It might just be worth a punt.
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