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  1. Thanks for your replies people!
  2. Thanks for your reply and the photo's - do they have an argument free guarantee?
  3. Vintage65

    Octavia VRS

    This car has huge boot space, a whisper quiet engine and is extremely comfortable for a long journey. The boot has a low sill which helps with loading. I've thoroughly enjoyed owning my VRS
  4. This car has huge boot space, a whisper quiet engine and is extremely comfortable for a long journey. The boot has a low sill which helps with loading. I've thoroughly enjoyed owning my VRS Click here to view the towcar review
  5. Hi We own a Sterling 460 and are looking to buy a small easy to put up lightweight porch awning with a max budget of £200. We have resisted buying an awning for our first two years of caravan ownership, as we hear they are a major sorce of arguments and the potential for divorce! Bearing this in mind, does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.
  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. Will let you know the eventual outcome just for interest!
  7. Thanks Janet - I will have a look as I'm not sure what make it is!
  8. Thanks for all the replies - very much appreciated. So I now have a brand new motor mover that doesn't work! I suppose the question is am I at fault, and should therefore pay for the repair, or should I ask the dealer to repair it under guaruntee? No-one at the dealer gave us any tuition on how to use it, and neither did we get any instructions! Just on another note, I am a reasonably fit 48 year old, and putting the motor mover on takes all my strength and weight - Mrs Vintage would never manage to use it in a million years - aren't these devices meant to help those who have less
  9. Thank you Conq - this could avoid lots of future problems!
  10. No - how do we do that Conq? We are soo new to this!
  11. Hi all, We are very new to caravaning, and I wondered whether anyone had any toughts on an issue we have with our motor mover. We recently acquired a cravan, and had a brand new motor mover fitted. Whilst on holiday in Ireland, we camped on a pitch which wasn't quite level. To remedy this, we put a chock under one of the caravan wheels, and tried to push the caravan onto the chock. However, we weren't strong enough, so decided to use the motor mover, to move the van no more than 3 inches higher on one side onto the chock. This we did successfully, and then put the ha
  12. Good idea Lefthand Down - the model is a Stoves DF 500 DIT. And very odd that the dealers workshop had no idea this could be an issue. Cheers All
  13. Genius. ........the hob cover does not automatically sit back on anything. You have to push it right back, so it feels like you are straining the hinges and behold - we have gas - permanently! Thank you so much Faffynjus!!!!! We can now holiday without worrying! Brilliant forum - thanks everyone who contributed suggestions.
  14. Thanks the cooker hood suggestion is very good and one we hadn't considered and will try today!
  15. Thanks for your suggestions people. We bought a new gas bottle today, and will fit it tomorrow. We are using the gas rings on the hob or the oven, on an internal gas point. . The repair bloke from the dealer didn't actually find any problem, in fact he said he couldn't find a problem, but changed the regulator anyway. We tried it and it worked, and decided to leave the gas on overnight to check it properly - and come the morniing. ...thats when it didn't work again. We have tested it three times today and it hasn't worked - why does it always work when they come to repair it!
  16. Hi all, I'm new to caravanning and we have just bought a Sterling Europe 460 from a dealer. We have previously been using a Motorhome for the last four years. We love the van, and the first time out in it, and we turned the gas on (brand new gas cylinder) it worked fine. ....for a few minutes, and then the flow of gas stopped. It came on again after half an hour, allowed us to cook some things in the oven, then stopped again. It would occasionally come on again, but not for long. We called the dealer, who sent someone out to fix it, and it worked. Last weekend we we
  17. Hi all, New to caravanning (previously motorhoming) and saw this site looked like the place to be for caravan related matters! Looking forward to sharing information with like minded people.
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