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    There is a 2016 review here. https://www. practicalcaravan. com/reviews/tow-car/35378-hyundai-tucson Hope that might be of interest.
  2. Don't they often deliver caravans on a lorry with one also being towed behind? So presumably it must have road lights.
  3. Personally I would prefer the gas bottles stored in their dedicated storage in our caravan than at home. This raises questions about motor homes in storage, some with built in LPG tanks. And what about petrol tanks (cars are often left when motor homes are removed from storage)?
  4. We can only agree with you. We discovered Riva view Secret Escapes (sorry, not a caravan trip) in August 2015. We literally booked and travelled a week later. Riva is a lovely town, and a good base to walk from The lunchtime breeze was very welcome. We also loved travelling on the various ferries to different villages/towns on the shores of the lake.
  5. Hi David, Apologies, I wasn't trying to cause you concern that you weren't covered. I just wanted to make sure people reading this thread didn't assume cover for over 75s, but checked the exclusions. Regards, Steve
  6. If people are taking insurance it's important to check current T&Cs - Nationwide definitely states upto 75 years (older with age premium). I appreciate it may have been different in the past. http://www. nationwide. co. uk/products/current-accounts/flexplus/insurances-and-benefits#xtab:worldwide-travel-insurance See exclusions.
  7. We use Nationwide. Insurance covers upto 75 years. The Flex plus account is £10 per month. This can be reduced as you get 3% interest on upto £2500 in the account.
  8. We used the CC deal in March 2016 on an XC60, at our local dealer in Swindon. As others have written, you may get a similar or better deal by haggling. For us it removed the need for that, and I'll admit it's not something I'm very comfortable with or particularly good at. The deals do vary over time. Looking on the CC site now we would have got 10% off the list price and factory fitted extas (before VAT), then £1500 off before VAT, plus various finance offers and servicing offers. We got: 10% as above, free metallic paint, £2750 off for taking 0% finance on 50% of the
  9. Is there any chance of accessing the tap by taking off the external fridge vents? Just a thought! I'm not familiar with that model of caravan.
  10. You will get new debit card, branded with the new Flex Account. Make sure your existing card will work until you get home, before you change.
  11. Dad had a Zephyr when I passed my driving test as a 17 year old, but it was only a Zephyr 4! My mate's dad had similar, but a Zodiac, and that had the big engine. I could never get on with the column gear lever. We also had a Morris 1100 - used that for my test - that was much easier to drive. Sort of back on topic, I've just seen a mini pickup on the A420. Now that looked fun.
  12. The article suggests Nissan are at least trying to address this with more technical multilink rear suspension. But must confess to no practical experience - I've not driven a modern Pickup, only an old 3litre Isuzu workhorse.
  13. Not a comment on Tiguans, but for what it's worth we changed to auto in March, after many manual cars, and we both absolutely love it for day to day driving, and for towing.
  14. Other considerations are how far the dealer is from you, and whether any warranty work has to be carried out by them.
  15. That sounds great, congratulations. We love towing with ours.
  16. You must have been unlucky. Mine was new in 2007. Paint still looks great (it's from before the matt finishes). It's been raced in the 5 Brompton World Championships at Blenheim, and carted around numerous caravan trips. It needs some regular TLC to keep it healthy, especially as brakes and gears have long cable runs - and the cables have to put up with the fold.
  17. There are so many reports of diesel engines contaminating their engine oil with diesel that I would never go more than year without changing the oil and filter on my towcar. But must confess we had a petrol Citroën C2 a few years ago, for our two to learn to drive in, and that never went near the garage between 2 yearly services. Edit: Apart from when a coil spring broke.
  18. Thanks for posting. Love the creativity of engineers. Stil prefer my Brompton, one reason being that it folds with the oily bits on the inside.
  19. I'm the opposite. I know it's there, but haven't had to make use of it, and don't have the courage to 'test' it!
  20. Agree 100%. Everyone at Wiltshire Caravans are so helpful.
  21. Same here. Disconnected ours and fitted a blanking plate to the 'T' connector. It can easily be reconnected when it comes time to change the 'van. It never really stood of chance of working effectively. The pipe to the awning heater crossed the width of the caravan, under the floor, before reappearing in a cupboard on the other side, and being connected to the vent in the caravan wall. And it 'stole' heat that should have been going to the bathroom.
  22. We added space saver spare wheel (in my view much better for towing than relying on repair kit), dark glass in rear windows (better for security?), front proximity sensors (got use to these on previous car), winter pack (heated seats and front windscreen ), rear camera, Volvo detachable towbar (neat installation and easy to use). Car drives and tows very well. It's a very relaxing drive, the auto helps with this. I remember reading someone's comments before buying, that said sitting in it 'was a very nice place to be'. And so it is.
  23. Thanks for your, and others, replies. Our rear panel was replaced in 2013 after cracks appeared at the top, and that lasted until Sept this year when same problem occurred. Customer Care says it's out of warranty and I understand that to some extent. What annoys me is that there's no guidance or advice about what to do to prevent reoccurrence. When it was first replaced we were told that re-profiling the structure beneath the rear panel, and new design of rear panel, would fix the problem. Clearly this wasn't the correct diagnosis of the root cause. So I'm reluctant to spend any
  24. Do you have a friendly contact at Customer Care? They very politely turned down my request for another repair on my 2013 Avante based dealer special. Thanks.
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