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  1. Excellent, common sense post. (Unusual for an ex-copper)
  2. scotsstag

    Kuga Service

    Wife's Alfa Giulietta has 2 yr intervals. Quite a pleasant surprise.
  3. Make sure a wheel doesn't fall off it, people might try to help and then get no response. Make sure a wheel doesn't fall off, people try to help and then don't get a response/update.
  4. What about a Panda Cross 4x4. Great little car, my grannies got one.
  5. Yes, they may well do. They'll have to up their game if they do offer a 5/7 yr warranty or it might bankrupt them .
  6. B1900 I'd tell your mrs to give it at least 5 years for them to iron out any teething problems . It is LR after all, they couldn't sort niggles out on the Defender, including all of it's previous guises in 50 odd .
  7. Our Landy Defenders do about 24 mpg solo, oh and about 24 mpg towing.
  8. I can see it selling to a certain type of customer (but not necessarily existing ones), unfortunately not to me B1900 mate, to bling for us .
  9. In general Land Rover main dealers IMO are useless, arrogant and down right poor. We have even had one vehicle quite badly damaged whilst having a heated windscreen replaced, they did of course deny everything. Then I asked to view the workshop CCTV, they suddenly decided to repair the damage as a good will gesture but still wouldn't admit they caused the damage in the first place! Tried every LR dealer from Carlisle to Perth (none are interested in Defenders!) but I now travel a couple of hundred miles to have ALL of our Defender servicing/work done at Lakeland Land Rover in Torver. Usually we take two Defenders at a time and get a very smart courtesy car for a couple of days then pick two up when we return it.
  10. As a farmer (consider myself a "real" farmer with 1500 breeding ewes and 180 suckler cows) AND Defender owner the reason farmers haven't been buying Defenders is that they haven't had any to buy. May I add that in my area your presumption that we haven't been buying for years if absolute rubbish, 7 (yes, seven) of my 9 (nine) neighbouring farms own and run Defenders, not Discos, not RR, Defenders. Biggest mistake LR made was stopping one model without either a crossover period or at least a PDQ replacement.
  11. Sure I've read on here before that it shouldn't be done. Something to do with overloading the unit and burning it out if I remember correctly. Someone will be along shortly who knows for sure.
  12. Great post for anyone who wants to give DIY repairs a go. Thanks for taking the time share your methods.
  13. Isuzu never made a 2. 7 TD. Either 2. 8, 3. 1 or 3. 0 (in order of release)
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