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  1. Shouldn't make any difference to the company books at the end of the year as all businesses pass on the vat to the chancellor regardless of it's %. The vat they charge/receive goes straight to the government, they only CLAIM BACK what they have spent.
  2. Don't forget "Dealer Specials" (nearly all major manufacturers do them) very often get more bang for you buck with added extras.
  3. As far as I'm aware you only lose 2 years of your NCD for a fault accident anyway so hardly seems worth the extra cost IMO. I was told this just the other day by my local NFU agent when renewing.
  4. Why join our excellent forum just to post 3yr old news?
  5. I would say it isn't powerful or physically heavy/strong enough for flat ground never mind an incline no matter how slight, in addition the drive-train will most definitely not be up to the job.
  6. Totally different car I think Griff, been totally re-designed by '93.
  7. Far more important things happening in the country than a few mis-spaced number plates.
  8. A Nato hitch is totally different, it's a spring loaded opening hook.
  9. That's not off a tractor, they use a totally different type of drawbar for towing than anything else.
  10. Even if the poster is adding sound, useful, helpful information ?
  11. scotsstag

    4 Wheel drive

    You're quite right it was the 4Runner I was thinking of. Always happy to be corrected.
  12. scotsstag

    4 Wheel drive

    No they're just a Hilux crew cab with a back built on.
  13. scotsstag

    4 Wheel drive

    Pretty sure they're more Hilux than Cruiser at the age, price range OP is looking at.
  14. You were driving it wrongly.
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