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  1. Most local independent tyre suppliers/fitters are more competitively priced than you may think. In addition they are also convenient.
  2. Afternoon Jezzab, just to let you know mate that it was me that thanked you for the last post..
  3. Facts in your opinion, which is why "someone" disagreed with you in the first place. Why are you stating/assuming that I disagree with your opinions and asking ME to have a look on Google?????? You HAVE NO IDEA of my thoughts on the matter as I haven't stated them!!
  4. Or could it be that their opinion is just different to yours
  5. I think I would have insisted on the 48hr test drive, offer finished or not! You were spending a lot of money Steve, and I would have thought at least one of the dealers should have obliged if asked especially if they were made aware that 2 additional dealers were in the picture. Anyway best of luck with getting it sorted to your satisfaction.
  6. Yes also easily and quickly stolen as I've found out a few times when at various sales. Guess I should remove it, but I just forget..
  7. As far as I can read the OP has made no libellous statements or accusations so why should they not tell other possible future customers the name of the site ??
  8. Is the ride also a bit harsher due to the increased pressures ?
  9. Just as you state "It would not be for me" doesn't mean that it wouldn't suit them just fine, maybe they consider a folding camper "keeping it simple" . All about different opinions and requirements.
  10. Typical police, never them even when Typical police, never their fault even with evidence to support otherwise.
  11. Can't recall the weight but we had a Bailey Senator Vermont and to this day it's still the best 'van we've ever owned...
  12. Why don't they say if you take out our insurance the breakdown cover is "X" amount and if you don't it's "Y" amount. At least then you could gauge the possible benefits.
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