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  1. Sure I've read on here before that it shouldn't be done. Something to do with overloading the unit and burning it out if I remember correctly. Someone will be along shortly who knows for sure.
  2. scotsstag

    Paint/body filler repairs to alum. panels

    Great post for anyone who wants to give DIY repairs a go. Thanks for taking the time share your methods.
  3. scotsstag

    Vauxhall Amongst The Most Unreliable Cars

    Isuzu never made a 2. 7 TD. Either 2. 8, 3. 1 or 3. 0 (in order of release)
  4. scotsstag

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    Very heavy rain around us today, did my duty in the Defender and pulled an over optimistic driver and his VW Passat out of a flood. Even attached the tow strop for him to keep his feet dry. . What thanks did I get for my good deed? Absolutely none, just a lot of chuntering about how much it was going to cost him to get fixed. I'll never drive past a person in need but certain people do make me wonder why bother.
  5. scotsstag

    Vauxhall Amongst The Most Unreliable Cars

    I really do think that RangeRover top these lists regularly because they cost so much money and in return for this premium people expect a faultless car. And rightly so IMO.
  6. scotsstag

    Where does it stop?

    So these idiots continually breaking into a factory specifically targeted because of it's use is the owners fault? Priceless, absolutely priceless. Go tell the unfortunate 60 and owner.
  7. +1, I use exactly the same.
  8. scotsstag

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    Won't be easy for a man that has everything.
  9. scotsstag

    Ssangyong Turismo

    Yes mate, thanks to Fiat and the Italian government . They're actually on a bit of a roll at the moment and producing some very nice cars.
  10. scotsstag

    Ssangyong Turismo

    Looks a great vehicle for that job Geoff.
  11. scotsstag

    Ssangyong Turismo

    Funny, we also have an Alfa Romeo and I don't see any of those either.
  12. scotsstag

    Ssangyong Turismo

    I'm afraid not, that's why I know I haven't seen one as it has looks not forgotten easily.
  13. scotsstag

    Ssangyong Turismo

    I've never seen one in Scotland, and I live here !
  14. scotsstag

    Estate Towcar Options - 4WD or AWD but NOT SUV?

    Jag X-Type Estate 4x4, something a little different from the crowd.
  15. scotsstag

    Do the clubs monitor their CL's?

    +1, Spot on.