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  1. So you take your Richmond sausages with you and still never taste a decent sausage abroad..
  2. Best of luck with the cheap fix Doblo, hope it works out for you mate.
  3. scotsstag


    He said potentially and accused no one. In addition there is NOTHING to suggest that the "other" vehicle was not at fault.
  4. I think he is more trying to clarify rather than questioning your figures Les. You just keep posting along with everyone else anything that's of help to other 'vanners.
  5. Scotch Corner fuel prices are usually the highest when we take a trip south of the border.
  6. You're quite lucky at that. Closest railway station for us is 33 miles and nearest bus stop (in use) is 9 miles. Fortunate at the moment that I don't need to use either.
  7. Excellent, common sense post. (Unusual for an ex-copper)
  8. scotsstag

    Kuga Service

    Wife's Alfa Giulietta has 2 yr intervals. Quite a pleasant surprise.
  9. Make sure a wheel doesn't fall off it, people might try to help and then get no response. Make sure a wheel doesn't fall off, people try to help and then don't get a response/update.
  10. What about a Panda Cross 4x4. Great little car, my grannies got one.
  11. Yes, they may well do. They'll have to up their game if they do offer a 5/7 yr warranty or it might bankrupt them .
  12. B1900 I'd tell your mrs to give it at least 5 years for them to iron out any teething problems . It is LR after all, they couldn't sort niggles out on the Defender, including all of it's previous guises in 50 odd .
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