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  1. Even if the poster is adding sound, useful, helpful information ?
  2. scotsstag

    4 Wheel drive

    You're quite right it was the 4Runner I was thinking of. Always happy to be corrected.
  3. scotsstag

    4 Wheel drive

    No they're just a Hilux crew cab with a back built on.
  4. scotsstag

    4 Wheel drive

    Pretty sure they're more Hilux than Cruiser at the age, price range OP is looking at.
  5. You were driving it wrongly.
  6. Used to get it occasionally on the 90's but never the 110. Just make a little hole in it and tie it up with string, that's what we did. 🙂👍
  7. But who's to say they don't NEED that much ability when NOT caravaning !!
  8. scotsstag

    It pays to ask.

    May I ask, if they hadn't accepted the offer then would you have gone down the road instead?
  9. Always preferred a good stiff, hot boiled old fashioned towel myself, I really dislike soft towels. The more like cardboard the better for me. 🙂
  10. Regularly tow 3.5 tonne fully loaded livestock trailers with the Defender. Been doing this as long as I can remember WITHOUT incident. Know and stick to your vehicles (and your own) limits on braking etc and there is no reason that all shouldn't be well.
  11. No, went bust about 2011 If I remember correctly.
  12. On a more lighthearted note may I say that the Disco drivers estimate of where the caravan would come to rest was spot on.
  13. So you take your Richmond sausages with you and still never taste a decent sausage abroad..
  14. Best of luck with the cheap fix Doblo, hope it works out for you mate.
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