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  1. I'm pleased to see that mine wasn't the only one which had this issue. I never thought about awnings too as we don't use one which must make it even worse. I have an external 13 amp socket so I can stick one of my small cooling fans in front of the bottom vent to push air up and out if it gets that hot again but I think that keeping the door top away from the vent is the first step. Fortunately we didn't lose too much apart from a few Magnums through the freezer compartment thawing out but we threw out some food that needed to be kept chilled just as a precaution from the regular part of the fridge as it too wasn't functioning correctly which is why I thought at first it was the fridge that had failed and needed replacing. Thankfully it all seemed to be working fine when we left yesterday.
  2. Just a heads up to anyone who has an Adora 532LD circa 2007 or any van with similar layout with a central nearside kitchen and door to the rear. We've just got back from the hottest week I've ever experienced in the years since I got my first van back in 1990 and while everything went ok, the only issue I had was that the fridge wasn't working properly. It was working fine at first but then gradually failed and I was even resigned to buying a new one. However, it turned out it wasn't the fridge that was the problem, it was the caravan's design which I'll explain. With it being so hot and due to the fact that we had our cats with us, we had to leave the top half of the door locked open with the fly screen pulled down to allow sufficient air flow through the van backed up by two fans which kept the van relatively cool and the cats too. Everything was initially fine with the fridge but then we noticed that things were thawing out in the freezer compartment and I even switched it over to gas thinking that maybe the electrical side had failed but it made little or no difference and it wasn't until the late evening when I reached around to unlock the catch which pins the door top to the sidewall that I noticed the excessive heat in the door top. To cut a long story short, the door top when locked open against the sidewall actually blocks the air from circulating properly out of the top vent resulting in a build up of heat which causes the fridge to malfunction. It's never been an issue with temperatures up in the mid 20s degree C but with temperatures approaching 35 deg C outside and virtually no breeze it was a different story. Thankfully we don't get too many days of temps in their mid 30s without a supporting breeze but it was worth mentioning as it's quite common practice for people with pets and small children to leave the top of the door pinned back...we've always done it even before we had cats and never had a problem until this time around. I don't think it would matter if there was a decent breeze to help circulate the air but we had absolutely none where we were which contributed to the excessive buildup of heat due to the door obstructing the free flow of air which is essential for the fridge to function correctly. As a precaution I'll come up with a means of holding the door open but away from the vent to allow the fridge to breathe if we ever hit another hot spell just in case.
  3. That's often the case with crafts. The clock I took the part from only cost £2.00 from Wilko which is a very cheap fix and best of all it's been running for over 12 hours now and it's keeping perfect time so that's another job sorted. I don't know about others but we missed having a working clock in the caravan the last time we spent a week there. We have phones, TV etc so no need of one as such but it's surprising just how often we glance at the clock without realising it.
  4. Yes, they're very cheaply made so it's little wonder that they fail but when the clock has to be a specific size, other than going to extraordinary lengths to either modify another to fit or pay a silly price for replacement, it's very easy to sort out as I found this afternoon.
  5. This might help someone with a similar issue. The fitted clock in my Adora stopped working which I thought was due to a failed AA battery but when I checked it with a meter it was actually the clock's electrics which were the issue so I thought I'd get a new one..simple or so I thought. Now I don't know whether the clock is the original one as I was given the caravan as a gift by my daughters in 2012 after one of my daughter's bought a new one and it was nearly 5 years old then but it's been an excellent van and even today it would still be my choice of van if I was buying one. However getting a hold of a new clock without have to go to a main dealers was near on impossible due to the actual diameter of the hole so I searched eBay and Amazon without success. The hole diameter is approximately 90mm which is far larger than normal with regard to clock sizes available of this type. The clock that was fitted is 87.74mm according to my calipers which has a rubber ring around it to make up the difference and keep the clock in position. I only found one clock out the 1000's available on eBay & Amazon etc which fitted the existing hole to take the clock and and I didn't particularly like the face of it. After more searching I stripped the clock down and then I noted that it was just a standard AA battery driven Chinese made clock mechanism found and fitted in thousands of cheap clocks so this afternoon I went around three likely local shops that might have sold them but only one was suitable and rather expensive for what it was. I then went into Wilko and while looking at what they had to offer, I remembered that I'd bought a cheap Wilko kitchen clock for my home workshop a while back and was certain that it had the same mechanism so when I got home I looked and yes it was exactly the same size and fitted perfectly into the old clock. The existing hands on the old clock were quite pretty though perhaps not that easy to see the time when in bed at the back of the van with the curtains drawn in the early hours so I cut down the hands on the Wilko clock which were much broader and fitted those instead so I can see the time easily and after putting in a battery, it worked a treat. I think the Wilko clock was only £2.00 so a very cheap fix and a fix that anyone even a just bit handy can do. Hope it helps someone.
  6. Absolutely perfect and just the info I wanted. I usually keep a few blade fuses in my car in case of emergency. I believe there are two physical blade fuse sizes but in any case, as you say I can soon get the correct one from a motorist's shop if I don't have it so no worries about that. I have a multi-meter which I keep in the caravan and can check everything thoroughly so it shouldn't be difficult to isolate the problem once I know what I'm looking for. Clearly from your description I have the right hand version so I'll look for that one and familiarise myself with it before the weekend. Thanks again .
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I was going to try Youtube as there's usually always someone who's come across a similar problem with popular equipment that posts a video of how they solved it but it's always best to ask first as like you say, from your experience it isn't always the fuse that blows so it's good to have a selection of advice and opinions of what could be wrong before starting out. I found the value of Youtube not so long ago when my once quite expensive but now dated Canon high quality photo printer head had become blocked and unusable due to lack of use ( possibly similar to the issue with the pump) and replacement heads are no longer available but someone had posted a vid of how to clean it with just distilled water and worked a treat so it's always worth looking on there. I can do my research this week and hopefully solve it next week as we're due to go for another week at the weekend.
  8. I've done a quick search to find out which model of toilet I believe it is and it looks very much like it's the Thetford C402C so that might help someone point me in the right direction.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Well we always drain off the pink fluid as well as emptying and flushing out the waste tank as well draining off the entire water system before we leave the caravan over winter in the North East of England so nothing was out of the ordinary last winter but as you suggest, the impeller could be seized so that's one thing I'll certainly look at. It can't be much as it was fine last year so I'll check out Youtube etc to look for a fix.
  10. Thanks for replying. To be honest I haven't a clue about the toilet model and I'm not up there until the weekend and I'm certain the original handbook etc are also in the van so I'm not much help I'm afraid. I can certainly look for a blade fuse outside to see if that is the cause. I was going to look in the fuse circuits under the front off-side bunk to find one that's blown but it makes sense that there may be one in the toilet unit itself.
  11. Ok guys so I might be posting in the wrong section here but I thought I'd start here before choosing a specific forum for two issues I have which aren't actually Adria's fault but are related to 3 party equipment fitted to the van which Adria owners may have come across. The fist issue is that the electric flush for the Thetford toilet fitted to my 2007 Adora 532 LD has stopped working and I didn't have time to check it through thoroughly the last time I was there a month ago but I did locate the PCB under the panel on the top left of the toilet which is part of the circuitry. The flush was working fine last season right up to when we last used it but from the first time in the van this season there was no electric flush. We can live without it as we only use it for wees and we can have a jug on standby but we prefer to have it working. My first port of call has to be to find the fuse that protects the circuit to see if that is intact but beyond that if it's not the cause then the problem could lie in the PCB. Has anyone else had this issue with Thetford toilets? The other issue is with the complete Whale pump assembly. The pump works fine but the connector that plugs into the van ( the one with the O-ring and dual electrical contacts ) the part with the O-ring broke off through my other half being heavy handed when she offered to and it's held together with superglue which I've had to repair with glue twice. Obviously I will have to buy the complete pump and hose assembly but are just the connectors still available so that I can fix the old one have a standby in case of future emergency? I believe they used to be available but I've been unable to find any! Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I only take my cars to garages that I know and trust. For the sake of saving the cost of an MOT, you can often be left paying out more than you need to if the garage is eager to fill their workbooks. I have three vehicles and two of them I take to my local garage and the other I take the main dealer, though the local garage also specialises in the same vehicles as the main dealer. I've dealt with both of the garages for many, many years and know the owners so I spread any work I need doing out between them and I trust them both not to rip me off though I do get the impression that the main dealer's MOT dept is perhaps slightly keener but I have never had an issue with either one. Even a company as large as Halfords simply can't afford to give away free MOTs without expecting a return on their offer,.... a bit like the loss leaders sold in supermarkets et al. Halfords will have to pay the MOT technician's wages and overheads which aren't cheap so where is that money going to come from? They must have assessed their market and decided it was worth doing which means that the cost of free MOTs would have to be recouped through anticipated increased servicing and parts department turnover, therefore you wouldn't expect them to be overly generous or lenient in their MOT decisions though that in itself may not be entirely bad as I'd rather take it to a garage that I know will make a fair assessment rather than just pass anything. If it needs doing then I will have it fixed but by going to the same garage each time, I trust them enough to know that they are not going to get me to have work done that doesn't need doing and besides they know that I probably know as much as some of the technicians so they wouldn't even go there. By all means use it as a pre-MOT inspection and then make up your mind from there.
  13. I have to confess that I've never sterilised the water system in the caravans I've owned and so far we've never been ill! I've actually bought Milton to do the job on more than one occasion but simply never got around to doing it. My OH drinks the water from the sink tap ( via Aquaroll) although I tell her to use the water in the 5 litre carrier we fill just in case we run out during the early hours and want a cuppa and she's never befallen any illness through it. As for toilet chemicals, we use both blue and pink from the local caravan dealers but we have also used it from Aldi before now.
  14. That's what I thought. I've done my own research in the past and it appears that a 5 amp circuit is insufficient on startup. The wattage output is different to the wattage input required to drive it. We have a decent oven and 4 burner hob so most of the time with planning, the lack of a micro-wave isn't an issue. There's also the issue of where to put it. Kitchen space is limited as it's central in this van. The old two berth van we owned had an end kitchen which had more space.
  15. Where abouts are you? I can find out if they have any space available for storage the next time I'm up there and let you know. Up to about 13 years ago, my van was kept in their storage area and when I wanted to use it, I rang them and they simply pulled it out and pitched it for me but then due to family health issues they just gave me a static pitch to save the effort and so it has remained that way ever since. I know that the site owner has just recently had a newly installed security fence around the storage area which has an addition security gate and the vans aren't anywhere near as cramped as in your pic. I'm surprised that fire regulations allows them to compact them so closely together!
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