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  1. I took the advice on here and listed our van on Caravanfinder but haven't had a single enquiry in the two weeks it's been live. Is this to be expected? Thanks Mike
  2. Ok - here are the actual measurements: Internal length 20ft 9 inches external body length 22ft overall length to towball 26ft 8 inches . ..... grrrrr . ... no wonder people are not responding to my advert. Mike
  3. You'd think wouldn't you, as that's what the Adria brochure says but it's wrong. I'm going to go and measure it. It's the same floor pan as the Thames. BTW does external shipping length include the A-frame? Mike
  4. I'm trying to sell it on caravanfinder and it's being listed as a very short caravan and indeed the Adria blurb that they gave me with the van also implies an internal length of 17. 7 ft and a body length of about 20ft. But it's massive- it's a 2013 Adora Seine 612DL and it has a MTPLM of 1700kg Reviews from the time seem to be all over the place with regards to the length. If I have to go and measure it, is it as simple as measuring from the window in the front to the washroom mirror to give me the internal length? and the outside edges of the body (longest points) for the external body length . ... or are there some other conventions? Thanks Mike
  5. Thanks guys - an intermittent bad contact in the towbar connector couldn't cause it could it? Mike
  6. One bulb has melted the glue that holds the glass to the metal sleeve of the bulb and both indicator bulb holder show signs of heat damage. My question is could the trailer specialist have wired the towbar electrics incorrectly to cause this, as it seemed to be Ok when being pulled by two different cars (but who knows maybe they were getting too hot and it's just coincidental that one has failed now. I can't see how it's possible that the electrics on the trailer/caravan can draw too much current - is that even possible? Thanks Mike
  7. Got quick release terminals fitted to battery. Flick off the negative when we leave. Battery usually at about 12. 6 when we return even after weeks. Doesn't take long to get back up to 12. 8 with the solar panel connected. Our alarm was draining battery so we got that disconnected. Got an armed guard farmer next door Mike
  8. I'm sure our Ryobi one Plus will run for longer than that on the small lithium battery. It would probably run for 3 hours of hoovering on the big one. It's good for crevices and smaller areas but there isn't a carpet attachment so to do the whole of the vans carpets would take about 15 minutes. But we just do a 5 minute Hoover of the obvious bits Mike
  9. Anyone know what diameter pipe Adria have used on their Adora Seine bulkhead regulator fitting. I need a new regulator and it's a 90 minute drive to go and check at the van. Thanks Mike PS apparently it's either 8mm or 10mm
  10. Problem is it's a 90 minute drive to the caravan, so I was hoping it was obvious to people what size (8 or 10mm) is being used. The caravan is an Adria Adora Seine by the way (2012) Mike
  11. Can you tell from this pic whether it's 8mm or 10mm? Do I need some kind of gas sniffer to test for leaks?
  12. So there is nothing complicated about changing these, and caravanners do replace them themselves rather than getting a Corgi gas fitter? Mike
  13. Thanks Peter will try that. Mike
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