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  1. I found this by searching " Bailey rear lights" Approved Member 1,167 posts Posted May 22, 2009 (edited) I have had a reply back from Bailey (Still waiting for Hella) It appears that you do not remove the lens but remove the complete light from the back panel and remove the bulb from the rear of the light unit. I have also given it a try and it is simple, I removed the light faster than if it was screwed on. Just use something to rest the screwdriver on whilst levering against the rear panel, I thin peice of ply. Please find below directions on the removal of the rear lights. Push a flat screwdriver into the recess at the base of the light. Gently prise the bottom of the light unit out whilst pulling in a downward movement on the top of the light. The complete unit will now pull away from the rear panel To refit is simply the reversal of the removal. Kelly has also sent me a very good Diagram with pictures to assist, should anyone wish for a copy I will email them one, just PM me and I will forward one to you. On a further note the people who were knocking Bailey recently about them not being active on the forum, it was mentioned that should you need assistance to email them and as always Bailey have replied to me within 24 hours. Edited May 22, 2009 by ad210358 Hope this helps. Yes Dear
  2. E Bay, search for `non slip matting` loads available.
  3. Ours was £480 but has now gone up to £600. CaSSOA Gold site run by the local council.
  4. it looks like it could be leaching out of the rubber non slip surface over the winter. .
  5. The rollers in DACS post are the same as the ones I fitted about 3 years ago. When fitted, and adjusted correctly, they are fantastic. I have the pair of grit rollers that I removed, that are perfectly serviceable. If you are interested PM me.
  6. Prima leisure item 1100375 £12.99, I think its the same part.
  7. Hammering the pegs in is not a problem it`s just the getting of the ground afterwards.
  8. We also use the EE mini and so far (7yrs) has been brilliant, I tend to purchase the 24Gb PAYG sim and that does us.
  9. Try searching on that well known internet auction site, change your search from NR to Isabella awning parts. They are available but only in white or dark grey
  10. I had no idea this was an option, must read the small print in future.
  11. Floor mounted radiator brackets, two lengths of 2"x2" square section steel with a floor plate welded on each, then bolt standard brackets on the steel uprights. I know these have been used in some listed buildings in order not to damage the walls and wall coverings.
  12. Consider the Olpro view caravan awning 300 or 420. We have the 300 and so far so good, we use a two stage air pump and it literally inflates in seconds.
  13. Remove the rubber and clean both rubber and window with mild detergent only. Ensure window and rubber are completely dry. Assemble rubber back onto the top of the window. Remove the opening part of the frame from the caravan by removing the end cap and sliding out. Lay two wood workers sash cramps on a table and position the aluminium onto the top of the window, with copious amounts of soapy water between rubber and frame. Check you have the window frame the correct way round, Now lay the whole assembly in the sash cramps with a wooden block along the bottom of the window and slowly start to wind the clamps in, whilst keeping the whole assembly flat to avoid buckling. This is purely a DIY repair that has worked in the past. But the risk is entirely down to you as I am no expert. Good Luck.
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