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  1. I had no idea this was an option, must read the small print in future.
  2. Floor mounted radiator brackets, two lengths of 2"x2" square section steel with a floor plate welded on each, then bolt standard brackets on the steel uprights. I know these have been used in some listed buildings in order not to damage the walls and wall coverings.
  3. Consider the Olpro view caravan awning 300 or 420. We have the 300 and so far so good, we use a two stage air pump and it literally inflates in seconds.
  4. Remove the rubber and clean both rubber and window with mild detergent only. Ensure window and rubber are completely dry. Assemble rubber back onto the top of the window. Remove the opening part of the frame from the caravan by removing the end cap and sliding out. Lay two wood workers sash cramps on a table and position the aluminium onto the top of the window, with copious amounts of soapy water between rubber and frame. Check you have the window frame the correct way round, Now lay the whole assembly in the sash cramps with a wooden block along the bottom of the window and
  5. It does sound like the gas valve is sticking. We had exactly the same some years ago, fortunately I was standing at the sink next to the boiler at the time, so I was able to shut it down quickly.
  6. oop`s good point. Thats it, get a snake!
  7. Wire wool forced into any gaps, they hate wire wool and don`t forget to remove any bars of soap.
  8. Bought one from Aldi about six years ago and is still going strong. It has the full range of torque settings and so sets the steadies perfectly.
  9. Prima Leisure, £19.99 to £42.99, as usual a ridiculous price. A visit to the DIY store is in order.
  10. Also - this pandemic shouldn’t be a political platform. We, as a country (including Scotland, Wales and NI) should be working together for the good of us all, not points scoring against each other. Through no fault of his own, Boris is leading us in the fight against Covid whether we like it or not and should be supported - he doesn’t make the decisions, his advisors do.
  11. Went to book my usual weekly delivery with Asda and nothing available for two weeks. And so it all begins again.
  12. As an insurance holder you get a discount on breakdown cover. Once you have accepted the quotation and paid, they will send you the breakdown information and price.
  13. You quote me as saying ”you should report the neighbour”, that quotation is incorrect, at no point did i say that. What I actually said was "So yes I would, without a moment's hesitation"
  14. Strange comment !!!!! I was just voicing my opinion or is this no longer a forum for differing opinions.
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