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  1. As an insurance holder you get a discount on breakdown cover. Once you have accepted the quotation and paid, they will send you the breakdown information and price.
  2. Oh dear no chance with my iphone 5c then.
  3. Wouldn't it be easier to pick up from the number plate light, assuming that you don`t want the camera mounted up high.
  4. Google "Rubber fixings" and several suppliers are listed. RS components sell them and you can either collect or have delivered. Rawlplug are one manufacturer.
  5. We are off to Sandringham early November. We live in Watford but mother lives in Snettisham, so this site is perfect for a few days visiting her and the surrounding area.
  6. It looks like a whale watermaster, try looking on google for a stockists.
  7. I currently store at the Buncefield storage area in Hemel and it is owned and run by Dacorum borough council, however as from January the price for non Dacorum residents, I live in Watford, is going from £480 per annum to £600 per annum. Pricey but it is a Cassoa gold site. and so very secure.
  8. Try Jacksons leisure supplies and search for Vision plus TV bracket. £ 11.95 inc vat. Other suppliers are available.
  9. Spot on, my daughter travels by bus to work, and she is the only one wearing a mask.
  10. We had a 2004 Coachman Pastiche, a great van but the front windows became delaminated. I used Bondrite S1220 which is a two part acrylic that mixes in the tube during application. It worked for me but that was because the panels had completely come apart and so it was easy to apply and then clamp together using cheap spring clamps. You say in your case only one edge has been affected, as this is the case i believe it would be easier to use one of the other acrylic adhesives such as WC102 as it is very thin and will run into the gap easier. Be warned, in my case, when it had cure
  11. About 12 miles. Used to be on the front of the house but it was a pain getting through to the back garden.
  12. Got the Email from the camping and caravan club stating full closure of all sites until further notice, and i note that for any bookings up until and including May, a refund will be available. But from June onward a cancellation would mean charges would be payable.
  13. Just been on Isabella`s site and they quote a size of 910cm but Isabella`s size as 900.
  14. For me its for mayday only, site fees are just too expensive.
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