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  1. I got our Emuk for X6 and would recommend them. I bought ours thro ebay. May seem expensive but well worth it.
  2. We have an F16 X6, but only a 3 litre diesel, and I agree it is an excellent tow car. Just stick it in D, cruise control on and then enjoy the ride. This is us waiting to get on the ferry at Bilbao last year. Don’t believe the press about bad headroom in the rear, our son was in the backseat when we went round Spain and France last year and he’s nearly 6 foot.
  3. We were away in France for three weeks in summer and our Trinus started leaking again. I emailed Isabella and they requested when we get back to UK could we return the awning and they would address the problem. We encounted other problems, with the awning, whilst away which I informed Isabella whilst away. When we got back I packed the awning in a bag and Isabella collected it. It was returned and all the faults were put right. The only thing we couldn’t check was if the leaks had been fixed. We are away in York for the week and it has been raining for the last 24 hours and so far no leaks detected. I don’t want to tempt fate but well done Isabella.
  4. We are in France near Pau, excellent camp site but have a problem with out Ventura Trinus. After torrential down pore last night it started leaking so pulled back the zips on the bladders to try and seal the leaks. Sprayed Aqua Tex on the areas and went away for the day. Returned and rezipped the bladders but one of the zips has come off. Anyone had this problem? If so how how did you reattach the zip? Excuse the pictures but its late and the beer has been flowing.
  5. This might not be in the correct section. We are going to the south of France via Bilboa and am wondering about marker boards for rigs over 12m. I think I will need them but was wondering if I could attach the marker board to the bike rack on the back of our van?
  6. Our ATC supply switches off after a number of minutes if the engine isn’trunning.
  7. The focus is not in the same class or standard as the X6. If I could I would drive the X6 every day. After driving all day in the focus I’m glad to get away from it, I don't say the same about the X6. Underneath the X6 is the same as the X5 so the drive will be the same. It is only the back end which differs. I like the look of the X6 over the X5.
  8. We moved from a 5 gt to an X6 3d msport. I only drive it on a weekend as it is classed as the wifes car, I drive a focus 1.5d. I think it’s a good looking car, much better than the x5. It tows our swift conqueror 560 really well. We got ours as a pre built un registered car just before the 17 registration came out and got a really good deal. The only thing we are not keen on is the the white leather because it is very hard to keep clean.
  9. Enjoy, the mirrors are very good, the car is very good, any pictures? This is ours.
  10. We have the F16 with the same mirrors and use the Emuk model type and they fit no problem and once set up they are a doddle to fit and no more adjusting. A bit expensive but after cracking the mirror surround with our old Milenco I think they are worth it.
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