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  1. Enjoy, the mirrors are very good, the car is very good, any pictures? This is ours.
  2. We have the F16 with the same mirrors and use the Emuk model type and they fit no problem and once set up they are a doddle to fit and no more adjusting. A bit expensive but after cracking the mirror surround with our old Milenco I think they are worth it.
  3. Thanks Paul, I have been looking and I think I have not put it properly, where the bladders meet they are creating a valley where the water is collecting and because, as you say it is new, it is leaking through the seams. I will try adjusting the angle of the bladders, when it stops raining and get some fabsil and spray on the seams. Just wish it would stop raining.
  4. We bought a Ventura Trinus at the NEC Caravan Show. We have used it about 4 times without problem. We have set up yesterday without problem until last night, it rained heavily and when we got up this morning we have found it leaking where the roof bladders meet the front bladder arch. Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. I am with Walter. We have had BMW's for over 20 years and been using Milenco tow mirrors until last year. We cracked the mirror housing on both sides last year and thanks to the advice on here we purchased some model specific EMUK mirrors and would recomend them. They are expensive but the way they fir on the car mirror housings once they are set you don't have to reset the mirror angle.
  6. Emuk are very good but expensive. I have the type which are dedicated to the make and model of car.
  7. I bought a pair and am pleasantly surprised how easy they are to fit and rock steady.
  8. BMW f11 or f07. The 2ltr d have 180 bhp and both come with self leveling suspension and if possible get the msport. We have had both and would have the f07.
  9. So they are fitted on the production line with a 13 pin socket but not all 13 pins are present?
  10. Are you saying that BMW factory fitted tow bars are not fitted on the production line?
  11. Nice, do you want to see my focus
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