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  1. Just a quick note to say 'thanks very much' Thetford C260 stopped flushing today, although lights dimmed so I knew it was likely to be a jammed pump, but I couldn't find how to access it. Imagine a slight state of panic as I'm about to depart on our travels in a few days! With your help it was so easy, I had the pump out and put back together and working again within 5 minutes. Cheers Simon
  2. Found out the issue to be the heating element. Specialist diagnosed, supplied part, and fitted for £140 all in.
  3. We tend to camp off-grid a lot, and would rather use CL's than main sites. A good sized washroom with a shower is one of our most important buying decisions. Even on sites with facilities we tend to use our own facilities.
  4. Hi everyone, thanks for looking at this. I have a 2014 Coachman VIP fitted with a N3112 Thetford fridge. The fridge works perfectly on gas and when connected to the car, but will not work on electric. When I turn the unit on error code 8 illuminates after about 15 seconds. If on 'auto' it automatically switches to gas. If I switch the system manually to electric it just flashes and shows error code 8. I have booked it in to be looked at, but wondered if anyone has experienced this and if there is anything I can try. I have tried disconnecting the power for a while (but not the battery), and reconnecting but it makes no difference. Kind regards Simon
  5. Hi everyone, I require a set of fridge vent covers for my 2014 Coachman. I ordered some but they didn't fit. Does anyone know the correct parts I should buy? Thanks Simon
  6. It's arrived! This will hopefully keep me going off-grid for a while.
  7. Once again thank you everyone for the replies and advice . Based on this advice I've purchased an Exide ER550 DUAL Leisure Battery -115Ah We'll take the current 75ah battery along as well in case of emergency. Simon
  8. Do you know, the one thing I didn't think of while off-grid camping, is that I might not be able to use my hair dryer
  9. I agree with that. What I meant was having measured the battery compartment, it would go in but perhaps a bit tight.
  10. Now searching premium brand batteries, this Exide has 115ah and appears to just about fit. Is this a decent enough battery? https://www. tayna. co. uk/leisure-batteries/exide/er550/
  11. Really helpful and answers, thank you all. We have a 2014 Coachman VIP which has an 80w (I believe) solar panel, and all lights are LED, and an Avtex TV, although unlikely to use that with such beautiful natural surroundings to marvel at!
  12. I'm actually looking forward to camping off-grid, and will take the battery thats currently fitted as a back up. So I'm looking at the plethora of new leisure batteries for sale. . I've spotted some sites with EHU, but the places we really want to stay, haven't!
  13. Hi everyone, wondered if anyone could offer the benefit of experience and recommend a good leisure battery please. Travelling to Scotland and the sites I may visit do not have EHU, and I require a good battery that may be strong enough for about 3/4 days. Measurements of the Coachman battery tray are 170mm(W) x 350mm(L) Thanks
  14. Got me thinking, but: draught drɑːft/ noun 1. a current of cool air in a room or other confined space. "heavy curtains at the windows cut out draughts" synonyms: current of air, rush of air, breath, whiff, waft, wind, breeze, gust, puff, blast, gale;
  15. Well you're alright then Neries, so it doesn't apply to you, well done. The marks can be quite hard to see. In fact looking at my caravan you wouldn't notice. But beware, under close inspection, and in certain lights they are there, and once you notice they stand out! The point is that even though currently quite minor, with constant use it is likely to get worse, I have seen some that have taken the paint off!
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