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  1. Right, I'm a newbie (ish) and only owned our 'van for just over a year. We have been using a porch awning in this time, but have just bought a used Dorema. We are going away on Thursday, but have not yet had chance to try the awning. Here's my predicament- we needed a size 13 to fit our 961cm 'van. However what we bought was a size 12 (it was only £140), which has been made into a size 14. ....so, what issues will I encounter when I try it, because clearly it will be a little too big??? If it doesn't fit good enough, I have had a quote of £140 to reduce the size to a 13, by the same people who extended it. I just hope it will go up just for these few days, with the view to reducing the size, if needed. Thoughts please. .... Thanks, Danny
  2. Micro Switchs Ian. Fitted the Truma Non Return Valve and the leaking has stopped and the taps have been running fine since. However, the water pressure is a little lower, but I have constant water now. Cheers Danny
  3. Just been into my local caravan spares and he has mentioned that the elbow on the hot water tank is also a non return valve and could also be at fault. Although I'm not convinced, I thought the elbow, which has a clear tube on it too, was the hot water outlet??
  4. Hi all, I have a Swift Challenger 04 and have the repeating problem of sometimes total loss of water. My pump is fine, as are my taps. Although I have noticed when I remove my external water pump, water trickles out of the Crystal Carver Housing. When I pulled of the push fitting at the back, I noticed there seemed to be a valve. Is this a Non Return Valve?? If so, could this be the cause?? I have seen Truma do a non return valve, so i thought I would fit this on the inlet hose. Would this work???? Thanks Danny
  5. A cable tie would surfice, but there is no where to attach it!! Just going to have to hope it hold in place. Failing that, I have another few ideas I could try. I just think its crazy they dont do the part, as I would imagine it being a common fault.
  6. Thanks Derek, I really appreciate your offer anyway.
  7. I have had a look, but cant see the part, so will send them an Email. Thanks
  8. Well, on looking at a few websites, there was no mention of the clip. So after a trip to the manufacturer nearby and after a chat with one of the staff, they dont do that part at all!!! Pretty daft really, dont you think?
  9. Ahhh, I see. I will see how it plays out in a few week, when we next go away. Thanks for your time Gaz, it's really appreciated :-)
  10. They have moved to Rotherham now, coincidently only 2 mile from me. But i wasnt sure if it was open to public, as I thought it was just a warehouse. I will call them tomorrow to sort something out. Thanks for your help :-) Danny New No - 08449971960
  11. Inside the system, the hoses are clipped in place with two hose clips, but one had snapped, as it was very brittle. Anyone know where, if at all, can i buy replacements from??? Scoured the net to no avail grrrr Thanks Danny (Just to note, I fixed my toilet, as it wasnt flushing very good. Turned out it was the base of the pump which had fallen off, So, super glued it back on and now have a proper flush. Hopefully this may help others.)
  12. Sorry if I ain't making much sense :-/ Just to confirm, it only comes on when on setting '9' and then doesn't seem to shut off. When on any other setting, nothing happens.
  13. I totally understand the concept of moving the thermostat, but why is it only coming on when set to 9 and why is it not going off?
  14. The tv of course :-) but then, it's not on at night :-/ it only comes on when I select '9' and then it was baking in the night, as it was on full.
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