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  1. Thank you. I feel more able to participate now I have retired, however it appears my list of things to do is growing faster than I can complete each task, I have diligent Fore Person !!! Actually I am my own worst enemy, coming up with ideas and projects. We have made a mental commitment to get away more. We have certainly had some challenges over the years, awnings, caravan issues, but then who hasn't. It goes with the nature of the activity. Love a challenge an all that ! Thanks again to all.
  2. Hi All, I hope this is the right place for this. I joined a few years ago and did not follow through with an introduction and work took over. I have recently retires and recently rediscovered the site and reactivated the account. In brief we have been caravanning for 19 years, started as a way of exploring France and got hooked on our first outing in Dorset. Did not get to France until 2009 !!! We have been members of the Caravan Club for many years too, ( I know the name has changed, can't get used to it after all this time, no offence to Motor Homers, nearly went that way ourselves I have engineering experience and good knowledge of caravans, but everyday is a learning experience, certainly when caravanning. I would not miss it for the world. I look forward to getting invloved. Thanks
  3. Having had a number of cars over the years, I would recommend a Honda CRV MK111 Diesel 2. 2. We have only just let ours go, ( with regret ) to the daughter as we have a larger caravan now. We now have a newer Santa Fe which is great. It was all we could find that was Honda like, heavier with bigger engine, for a 1600 kg caravan The Honda CRV 2008 we had was an ES, 4x4, manual, reversing camera Sat Nav. Kerb weight 1647 kg. Towed MTPLM of 1500kgs without issue. 91% match. France and back 1500 miles and averaged 30. 7 towing. Largest boot in its class. Drives like a car. If I ever end up with a lighter van it will be back to the CRV. Price will be the tough point, but not impossible privately.
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