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  1. I feel for you. As a widow myself I know how important the memories are and how marking certain things about him cheers us up. My husband was a big Spurs supporter so I guess if that was at the front of my house there would be war! If you have to move it then putting it somewhere out of sight somewhere where it will be between you and your late love would still be the same. As others have said wait and see or go and see the owners to get it straight from the horse's mouth. Take someone with you if necessary. Then you will know what if anything is required.
  2. Mine is 4 berth. A double a single the other end and then a hammock which would be ok I'd imagine for a child up to about 4yrs. The hammock is on aluminium poles that slot into brackets over the single bunk. Thinking about it again the poles and canvas are pretty strong and the bunk is the same length as the bed underneath so I guess it could be ok for an older child.
  3. Thanks guys! I need to mull all that over and get my head around all the suggestions. I'm pretty sure a new battery might be the way to go except I wouldn't know how to fit one and I can't get the car anywhere to let someone else fit it. I know I'm a bit of an incompetent (I can just hear you thinking it). Time to start calling in favours perhaps.
  4. Hi everyone - Potted history - I have been looking after my friends' car a BMW mini 11 plate. (Don't ask me what model, it's drop head and black with 6 gears!) Anyway they have been in Australia for nearly 18 months (due back this Summer) and their car has lived on my spare driveway with the occasional trip out to keep it going. The battery was beginning to waiver and then the snow came and it died. The lights come on when I try to start it but that's all. Will a trickle charger work - I used to have one but no longer - but if I investigate buying one will it do the job with the battery being so flat? Any suggestions. Now careful there I know how techy you can all get - just remember I am not into this very much and you can leave me puzzled very easily. Only easy answers please that are idiot proof!
  5. OK here's the update. Emails and phone calls have been flying back and forth to Australia, and most of the comments on here are correct. It seems that there are insurers out there who will insure in these circumstances but by far the simplest way is to transfer ownership. I was reluctant to do that but the owner's daughter has now been asked to take ownership, insure and put me as the named driver. I await results - or otherwise. Thanks to everyone for their wisdom thus far, I'll let you know. ..
  6. You guys tend to know what's what so here is my problem. I am looking after a friend's car while they are in Australia for 18 months. Initially they added me to the ins. so I could drive it on the odd occasion just to keep it running but now the insurance has expired and they are refusing to renew with me driving because they (the owners) are out of the country. (AA) Having just finished an hour long frustrated call from them, I offered to investigate. They are away for another 17 months, and although I understand that on my ins. I can drive it 3rd party only it makes me nervous. Apart from anything else it is stored on my driveway and no insurance presumably means no protection should something happen while it's here. I've Googled and got more confused than they are, so do any of you know the answer to the problem?
  7. Oh dear H I wasn't aware how your illness recently has affected you. Perhaps a long lie down might help! They say that fresh air and good food can very much aid recovery of mental health!
  8. The problem is though that that flash at you is saying 'I can't see!'
  9. I'm with the OP on this one. I have moaned regularly not only about the brightness but the automatic dip being too late . I love night driving and will choose late travel over daytime, but the lights are getting more of a problem - and yes my eyes are good!
  10. Right I hadn't appreciated that you could buy it for less than the pay out. Now it makes perfect sense. Good luck!
  11. HELP! I don't understand how that works. The caravan is a write off so they pay him out. So what's this buying it back? How is that a good idea?
  12. I hate to pop the Eurotunnel balloon - but I hate it! I went to South of France/Monacco with my late husband - just in the car. I was on tenterhooks all the way under, and felt like a mole without the digging. We had a good holiday - except I got eaten alive by mozzies - but the whole time I was dreading the trip back. Never again! You're all welcome to it!
  13. T00ts

    Kwiggle Anyone?

    I don't know about it being called a Kwiggle but it would certainly give me a wiggle if I was to try it. Terrifying - and where would I put the shopping?
  14. My Mum used to call these unfathomable noises in the middle of the night 'Chinese torture'. Anything from dripping rain to dripping taps used to drive her crazy. Everyone else used to sleep like a babe. it seemed to make it even worse for her. I can still see the exasperated expression on my Dad's face!
  15. ?? Does that mean you've tried it? Surely it depends on the cut and colour!
  16. Ignore these blokes they're only jealous! It's a great idea.
  17. T00ts

    Cycle Lane Dilemma

    When I started this thread I really thought it was a rather innocuous subject, however it seems not. On reflection I realise that I am all in favour of a nicely toned rump clad in pretty lycra above well developed thighs and calves. Perhaps I should in future regard such situations as a well earned chance to sight see! I just wonder how long fellow road users would allow me to enjoy the view before road rage set in.
  18. T00ts

    Cycle Lane Dilemma

    That's ridiculous! When did you crack and go for it?
  19. I had my mover fitted on my driveway. Excellent and the bonus was that I watched everything they did!
  20. T00ts

    Cycle Lane Dilemma

    Naughty! You know you don't really mean it, we all know that underneath you are the regular teddybear!
  21. T00ts

    Cycle Lane Dilemma

    That's what was happening yesterday.
  22. T00ts

    Cycle Lane Dilemma

    To clarify my intentions in this thread - we all have to use the roads and my concern was how to fairly cope with those who press on regardless of any imminent danger. I don't want to be responsible for anyone's injuries but would hope that cyclists would appreciate my dilemma in trying to avoid them!
  23. T00ts

    Cycle Lane Dilemma

    I understand all that, and far be it for me to suggest that a cyclist's vulnerability be increased. I think cycle lanes are a good innovation. My worry yesterday was that cyclists seemed to think that the fact they had a designated lane meant they were invulnerable. There seemed to be little in the way of decreased speed at junctions etc which to me seemed madness. It made me extremely nervous as they seemed to appear out of no-where a lot of the time. There was often no clear view back down the queue behind me, perhaps because the lane is so narrow other vehicles masked it. Crazy!
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