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  1. Finally got to tow the caravan.. the voltage did not drop to 12v, but reduced to a minimum of 13.2v. the fridge stayed cold. snart alternator it seems is smart enough…
  2. I bought a cheap voltmeter and have been observing today after a typical 400 mile trip. Took several hours to fully charge the battery. At this point voltage dropped from 14.4 volts to 12v or thereabout. When I lift off the throttle fully, it goes back up to 14.4v. Turning on the LED headlights seems to lift voltage to 13.2V.
  3. I was being funny about the pic. My rig in the Ford dealer car park. No pressure!
  4. But what a nice picture! this thread makes me nervous. Was my fridge working because I'm wrong and the dealer was right, or was it working because I had the week off, hence my work truck had been mostly stood and was recharging the battery still after only a 30 minute drive to the dealer! ho hum...
  5. I've given up! Dealer looked at it today so it decided to work. We will see what happens over the summer!
  6. Commiserations OP. I returned to our caravan on Monday to find one corner marked where someone has tried to squeeze something past and failed. No one is admitting liability, and it looks like I will have to swallow some painting costs. Annoying, but no-one else is putting their hands up. Fortunately an older caravan so warrentys etc are well out of the picture..
  7. We were all newbies once. Bit of patience goes a long way...
  8. I don't really want to spend £200 + on gadgets that I should not need (and I do not understand how they work), nor do I want to mess with my caravan wiring. I simply want pin 10 to deliver current with the ignition on as it should. If Ford cannot deliver that then they should not offer the option. Ultimately I may have to back down. It is a company car and while I'm senior enough to make a stand, the business will have no interest in pursuing it. I am reading the advice and taking it on board. Even the stuff I don't like!
  9. At the moment I'm pushing ford to supply a towbar fit for purpose. The electrical requirement for pin 10 is well established. It supplied power with the ignition on. Or it should. I'm reluctant to modify a new vehicle myself for obvious reasons.
  10. My caravan is not immediately to hand so I normally test on a tow socket tester (although I have backed that up with visits to the caravan). The single blip I could live with, but every time the revs go down the supply goes off. It's smart you see! Tried the headlights and made no difference - fancy LED lights... use less power I suspect! Every car I've had has supplied enough power to operate the pin ten relay - albeit it may be actually supplying sub optimum power. The Ranger is new.
  11. I have recently taken delivery of a new Ford Ranger and am having issues with the towbar electrics (which are probably factory fitted) The issue appears to be related to the smart alternator which does not provide power to pin 10 at low revs. While this might not be an issue - it also might be an issue - with a ten speed auto the truck itself normally runs at fairly low revs. I won't be making any changes myself, as it's under warranty, and as far as I'm concerned (and the dealer seems onboard), a truck with a towbar should be capable of providing power to run the f
  12. Although we could be depending on why we are travelling. I’ve used a hired Motorhome extensively as a result of my job
  13. I have strong issues with the CMC booking system. It is not going to change though as families are there to be endured, and the committee seems mostly run by retired folk who can block book well in advance. There is then the poster above who decides if you can't beat them join them. My soloution is not a deposit - but to allow each member to only book a certain number of breaks a long way ahead at any one time. When it gets nearer to any date to then open up to all. I have pretty much stopped checking CMC availability. Anywhere popular or with facilities will be blo
  14. I had a D4 FWD for 3 years - unfortunately never towed with it, but it had plenty of go. Check weights carefully - some combinations of engine, drive and gearbox did hit towing capacity.
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