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  1. I have strong issues with the CMC booking system. It is not going to change though as families are there to be endured, and the committee seems mostly run by retired folk who can block book well in advance. There is then the poster above who decides if you can't beat them join them. My soloution is not a deposit - but to allow each member to only book a certain number of breaks a long way ahead at any one time. When it gets nearer to any date to then open up to all. I have pretty much stopped checking CMC availability. Anywhere popular or with facilities will be block booked. I did let my membership lapse, but have rejoined, but only for the discounted ferries. Not really the way it is meant to work.
  2. I had a D4 FWD for 3 years - unfortunately never towed with it, but it had plenty of go. Check weights carefully - some combinations of engine, drive and gearbox did hit towing capacity.
  3. Also http://www. cooperscaravans. co. uk/
  4. There was an upgrade to help with the stealability. Very happy with ours.
  5. All missing a trick. .. We have for the last 2 years headed off to to the Isle or Wright on Bank Holiday Monday. Crowds, such as they are have gone home. Lovely area, further uncrowded by the ferry tax. ...
  6. newish to us so not been done yet. I think it tows pretty level.
  7. Noticed last time I towed that the front wheels were warmer than the rear. Initially I thought I had a brake issue, but unless it's the same issue both sides, (which seems unlikely) all is a bit odd. Any other ideas?
  8. I recently spent several hours trying to replace a jockey wheel assembly. Ended up just replacing the wheel as I could not get the new one to wind in (had to separate the two halves as it is a central position). Through necessity I had to try again, as the old one really was past it's best. I discovered that the winder on the new one works in the opposite direction. Still have an issue as the winder clashes with the handbrake lever. ..
  9. In the world of caravan sites it seems to be flexible. I drive a Transit Custom Crew Cab. It's my work van, but not liveried up etc. Ferry companies class it as a car as it has back seats and windows. Government class it as a van for speed limits, and better for company car tax. Campsites seem fine with a phone call before I head to site.
  10. Also in BSJ Feel free to say hello if you spot us. . I'm heading from Yorkshire and can't leave until the evening, so I'm not arriving until Wednesday. ... We usually aim to get to this location - https://goo. gl/maps/HTFbZjFDtV62 - subject to how damp the campsite is. ... Still not sure if it's your first time. ... assuming it is. . Research the Classic British Welcome which is a superb car show in a village to the North of Le Mans on the Friday morning. .. In the past the roads outside of the campsite have got a bit leary on (Mad) Friday evening (have a look at youtube!). Last year though was much calmer. There is no sound like waking up on the Sunday morning to the sounds of the Aston and Corvette's.
  11. Greetings. .. I assume you are off for the race. I leave on Tuesday. .. I think the first year I tried it my battery was toast after about 4 days, pretty much just using lights and radio. (if this is your first time take a pocket radio so you can keep up with the race via Radio Le Mans). I now take a cheap generator, and top up the battery when I'm around the campsite and the cars are on track - or late in the evening when the french neighbours get there techno music going. .. Which site are you on?
  12. Although it's good that the Police now know where stolen caravans from Birch Services are heading, it's depressing that the crooks were a)brave enough to do this two days in a row and b) were not in clink after the first. I'm guessing it would have been hidden on it's own though so they would not know who had parked it.
  13. Must every thread have a reference to dogs. We love our dog, and we happily take him with us. But he is a dog and not a child, and not everywhere we go is dog friendly. Swimming, shopping and restaurants come to mind. Equally we have checked with neighbours to make sure our monster behaves. He is left with water and ventilation, in appropriate weather. ... It's not dogs who are the problems - it's owners who do not know their dogs, or do not care what their dogs do as they are 'mini people'.
  14. Ta Will carry on with the extensions then. I really did not need them for the reversing I was doing there - had enough to think about. ..
  15. Couple of things come to mind. First was when some clever guy pitched his tent 6 inches from our caravan to avoid a muddy pitch. I was not amused, and said so. other time was when someone had pitched next to our generator and then complained about it. Was not a major problem being at a 24 hour motor race as there were times when the generator could be running and still be quieter that the cars. We we have seen heard some appalling noise there though. Eurotrsh pop through big speakers to 7am not welcome.
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