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  1. Hi broganthedog we have the 2016 model Altea Tamar. Had it now for 2 years and no major problems. it be serviced twice with no damp issues the damp readings have been the same both times. We love that the shower is separate form the toilet, not a wet room. if there are any bad points is the blown air heating can make the back bunk very hot if you don't turn the fan on. which then at night you can hear the fan. regards to where to buy your caravan i would say the closest dealer as you need to take in back to them to be service or any warranty jobs. you can use an Adria regested mobile service agent for your service but they won't do any repairs under warranty. we bought our form Stuart Longton caravans got a got deal and have been very good after sales.
  2. Hi all thanks for your great ideas and suggestion. there are some amazing parks to be had. will have to start making a short list to help us chose.
  3. We have decided to to go to France next summer. I have started looking for sites in the Pays de la Loire or southern Brittany Regions. I was after any recommended sites. Prefer a pool and close to the beach.
  4. Hi could posted some pictures of how you have attached the cover on the off side where there is no cut out in the awning track.
  5. Yes i have some screw pegs there are not very good. problem is the plastic tee section at the top where you hook the awning tie down point doesn't spin freely, so if hammer the peg in when putting the awning up, when you go to unscrew the peg the whole peg rotates cause the awning to twist around the peg making extra strain on the guide rope and one big knot. I ended up just pegging them in with a hammer. This works fine, but because of the thread they collect more dirt/ mud making a right mess of the carry box they came in. after some time now i have gone back the the slightly long hard ground peg. If your pegs are coming out because the wind i would consider taking it down as it's only going to do damage to your awning if the wind is pulling the pegs out the ground.
  6. There is a Altea 542dk on eBay starting bid at £4000 mite be worth watching if you are really after a Altea. needs a good clean looking at the pictures . eBay item number:162520892352 regards to the values you could try phoning a caravan dealer a ask them for some sort of guide price.
  7. We have a 260cm size porch awning it just fits between the front window and door and just pass the kitchen window.
  8. I am with towergate and caravan guard in the past. Towergate came up as the best price on the search engine.
  9. same as Jiffy176 with the cushions layout and a 2cm thick topper from ikea which was a double topper cut in half and then the out cover that it came was used to recover each half.
  10. sometime they just don't get it LOL On our caravan the clear tube that shows the level of water, unclips for the top and the flex elbow allows the fush water to drain out.
  11. I have been caravanning now for around 4 years, and have been touring around the north west of England and north wales with my family on holidays and weekends. I often think of going to France or further but the cost of ferries put me off. When putting in the details to search for the dates and times when we would like to go the cost of the return trip is about the same as staying in a caravan park here in the uk for 2 weeks. are ferries expensive? and Do you get a big discount by joining one of the caravan clubs? Any advise please
  12. What was the problem with the drawers
  13. Hi we have the 552 DT Tamar. I took the 6th bunk bed out to make more space at the dinette and made some infill cushions to make up the gap . we can fit 1 small child and 1 adult on each side. Yes it is cozy but it still works as a dinning table for us.
  14. I happen to purchase this exact drill On the bases of it size, weight and price. It does the job well. There is plenty of torque and charge. . The drill managed on a full charge to lift the steadies from the caravan storage go away for weekend and when returned to the caravan storage. I didn't even have to recharge while away. It makes the job dropping the steadies and lifting them so much easier.
  15. There is a you tube video by Alko on how to fit Shocks.
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