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  1. Matelo Dave Unfortunately no, would love to but not an option. Sean
  2. Help I have a 2. 0 Tdci Touran (130 hp) and an Abbey 418GTS Vogue. They have been perfectly matched but I am now due a new company car. Due to policy, I can now have a 1. 6 Touran (105hp), 1. 6 Passat estate (120hp) and a 1. 6 Vauxhall Zafira Tourer (136hp). I have ruled the Touran out due to lack of power and faced with a dilemma. According to several websites, the Zafira is perfect but I am not sold on it. The Passat gives a middle of the road report with average performance but the weight ratio is 97%. However, the Passat is a great looking and carries a load of features. Does anyone
  3. Hi John Do you still have windows ? I have a 2004 model so not sure if yours are a match. Are you able to tell me your year, hinge width and height of the centre. Would also be a great help if you could also give any codes on the window and roxite code. Many thanks Sean
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