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  1. Ok thanks. As I've got a 100 watt solar panel and a brand new 105a/h battery fitted, I'm happy to leave the 12v switched on at the moment. I do agree about the website being primitive, shades of the old Sinclair spectrums!
  2. Just been to caravan and 12v now switched back on. Both my phone and tablet are receiving data, so thanks again for the advice. Leisure battery being charged from solar panel and showing 13volts so pleased with that for an overcast day 😀👍
  3. Ok thanks. I assume this is on the Sergeant unit under the front bunk? Will check it out tomorrow when next at the van
  4. I've just collected my new Lunar CK and have the same problem, did you manage to resolve yours, and if so, how please?
  5. I've got a lunar Clubman CK that came with factory fitted alarm and Phantom tracker. Can't fault the service from Phantom, I forgot to deactivate the alarm when hooking up one day, and in less than a minute I had a text on my mobile alerting me and immediately followed up with a phone call. The Sergeant alarm comes as standard as well
  6. Quick update, I had a reply today from Hafele UK who said the hinge is not a UK produced hinge and could only advise a "wet finger in the air" suggestion. I will go with my original gut feeling on adjustment. Thanks for all the suggestions to date 👍👍
  7. Thanks for info. I did see a different version on their website so might do the same if existing work loose again
  8. That's what I was thinking re the adjustment. However I will now wait for Hafele to reply as not urgent and would like to get it correct as drooping doors do annoy!
  9. Got that bit ok but there is another vertical screw which may (or may not) be for adjustment. Will post photo tomorrow Photo of the hinge. I managed to see the make so have just emailed the manufacturer (Hafele) for advice. I will update as and when I receive a reply
  10. Will try and post photo tomorrow 👍 Got that bit ok but there is another vertical screw which may (or may not) be for adjustment. Will post photo tomorrow
  11. Hi has anyone tried to adjust the hinges on a lunar Clubman CK please? I'm trying to line up the three top kitchen doors above the sink/cooker. The doors have hinges on the sides and are not the lift up type. Hopefully I can provide photos at a later date as caravan is currently in storage. Many thanks in advance
  12. Seems I made an error in previous post, should read PS and not HP anyway it still tows ok 😀
  13. Should have added in my previous quote that my 1. 6 is 160bhp and that my previous 2. 2s were 150bhp. I noticed lower rpm when towing with the 1. 6 for the same road speed compared with the 2. 2s. Certainly no strain on engine at all
  14. Well I bit the bullet and bought the cr-v 1. 6 EX dtec after owning two previous 2. 2 dtec cr-vs. I've jut completed a 200 mile round trip towing and must admit my initial fears about towing with this smaller engine have been laid to rest. The car towed as well, if not better than the 2. 2. Over a mix of A & B roads plus motorways I couldn't fault the performance. Managed to achieve 28. 3 towing so happy with that
  15. Last year I picked up my caravan from it's annual service and drove home via A & B roads and the M4 motorway without realising I hadn't fitted my towing mirrors! Not a proud admission after 40+ years of towing, but as my car is a Honda CR-V I had excellent rear vision down both sides of the van without realising the additional mirrors were still in the boot. I know I was passed by at least 1 police car on the motorway but luckily I wasn't caught. Nobody from the service department warned me that I hadn't fitted the mirrors before I left the premises, nor would I have expected them to have done, as the onus of responsibility was clearly on me as the driver of the vehicle. As I said, not my finest hour, but an innocent oversight.
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