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  1. this might be a precursor to government legislation outlawing the unmetered resale of energy.
  2. PMW

    So am I evil!

    In our day we would have been making as much noise as we could to try and set it off. Be careful what you wish for.
  3. I thought only I was that obsessive, however it led me to buy my Honda CRV which was a brilliant car, 16 years, 266,000 miles with no breakdowns and no major mechanical issues.
  4. what makes it "premium", it has the same cetane rating and standard certification as other brands regular diesel?
  5. PMW

    Nose weight

    Yes, and it is the minimum of the limit specified by the caravan, towbar or car. Exceeding the limit would cause issues with your insurer in the event of an accident too. They are at liberty to do so if they feel the limit might be exceeded. I tow a twin axle with a convertible and have had the nose weight checked at a DVSA check point.
  6. There are several websites which will give you non premium rate equivalents for most numbers, if a number is not on one it might be on another. One I use is "saynoto0870" but there are others.
  7. it amazes me that they can find 40, 60, 80k or even more for the motor home but won't pay £15-20 a night for a pitch.
  8. +1 to that, there are lots of people who for different reasons need wifi whilst we are away. We are not all at liberty to turn our backs on real life for extended periods. if the ZTE is unlocked maybe try a prepaid data sim from a different network?
  9. that's two different issues. Boosting a weak signal is one thing, but if there is no signal then no amount of boosting will help. If you are confident your equipment is up to the job then look at your sim. Smarty is owned by Three. Three coverage is not as good as Vodfone, O2 and EE. Those operators cover between 97-99% of the UK population whilst Three only get to 91% meaning when you get to more remote and sparsely populated locations Three can be very poor. look at reviews around the web on that ZTE router, they are very mixed at best.
  10. Is nobody seeing the obvious solution here. JayandJay's "mate" has one in his garage which he deems a waste of space OP thinks one might solve a specific issue he has Perhaps JayandJay could introduce the OP to the mate with the unwanted Mr Shifta.
  11. I asked this question a few years ago and the Bailey lady's advice was quoted then too, but I have issues with that. Firstly caravan manufacturers offer a limited period water ingress warranty - for a reason, secondly any sealant has a life expectancy after which it WILL eventually fail (polyurethane sealants normally five to ten years, silicon normally around twenty) and third and most important by the time you detect water ingress the damage inside the panel has already begun and it's a massive job to reverse that. For many caravanners this is not an issue as they will never own vans of sufficient age to consider resealing them. If like me you do and you want to protect it then resealing is a serious consideration. It is not difficult, but it is time consuming. Don't attempt it all in one go. The most common point of sealant failure is the awning rail itself, people attach the awning then tension it to within an inch of it's life - all that pressure goes straight to the rail and the sealant so start with that. Use a cheese wire to cut the old sealant, and wooden wedges to keep the rail from reattaching to the sealant. Be careful handling the rail, it is soft and will want to fold up on you. Have a second pair of hands ready to help move it. Remove all old sealant, this is really important. Scrape what you can, then use methylated spirit to get rid of the rest, then wipe over with isopropyl alcohol to remove the spirit residue - again very important as otherwise the new sealant will not stick, and the residue will last for months unless properly removed. Sikaflex 512 is the sealant of choice, it is a non hardening adhesive sealant with excellent elasticity and flexibility. Never reuse old screws, new stainless screws are not that expensive if you source them carefully and buy in volume. If you have a tinned roof where the tin sheet is folded over the outer wall roll it flat, don't be tempted to hammer it, as it will be quite fragile and impact can cause it to fracture. Use a seam roller to flatten it out before applying the new sealant. Manufacturers work to a cost, hence the issue of corroded screws because they will not pay the extra for stainless. Likewise the sealant they use will not be anywhere near as good as the sikaflex. All to save a few quid. If done properly the new seals on your van will be far superior to the manufacturer's original.
  12. not necessarily, there are a number of importers who will retain the vehicles US gross weight,speak to a decent importer. Many are plated at 3500kg for convenience in the UK. There is no reason they cannot be plated to their original gross weight. You will often find vehicles like Dodge Ram 2500s or Ford F250 super duties available on Autotrader and such sites ready to go.
  13. It's lovely to be back in the van. It seems an age since we were last away, though in truth we haven't missed that many trips. October and Christmas were cancelled due to the pandemic, Easter was lost to work commitments but we did get a brief trip in a Whitsuntide. But to be back on site with a whole two weeks stretching out before us is great, the smell of summer rain on new mown grass, the delicate scent of dozens of gallons of barbecue lighter fuel meeting it's destruction as it completes it's given task. Children arguing over which if the two identical berths they are going to sleep in. How we have missed it.
  14. regardless of the regulator the heat output is determined by the burner rating. Different regulators will just alter the gas flow to maintain the burners designed heat output. Attempting to exceed the rated output of the burner is likely to cause damage. we have an excellent device which gives just as much heat output as a charcoal barbecue we bought it from Argos, it was £25, it's called a charcoal barbecue. At 43cm diameter the cooking area is more than twice that of the cadac, it's the perfect size for one bag of instant light charcoal (4 in a bag from Tesco for £6), it also gives food that genuine barbecue flavour. I have replaced the nuts which attach the legs with wing nuts so it is easy to dismantle. It weighs next to nothing. Sometimes the simple answer is the best.
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