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  1. I don't think it ever had sold secure status, it was tested and approved by Thatcham which is the insurance companies own assessor.
  2. Forgive me, but I don't see how you can expect to post a thread regarding no shows and late cancellations and not expect to reignite the debate about how to prevent it, to which end deposits is a reasonable argument.
  3. you pay a premium for SUVs, you don't need one for a 1500kg van, they have a higher running cost and repairs get more likely, and more expensive as they get older. I'd look at a Mondeo estate, they are fantastic tow cars and a great value used buy, otherwise Volvo V70, Merc E class, Jag X type.
  4. If it's a Lunar weight upgrade sticker you are waiting for you will be waiting a very, very long time.
  5. I think you'll find grey painted floor board on a Freelander. We too have a rug for the lounge but with our kids, travelling companions kids, dogs et al we found fitted carpet was not a viable option. Using the light wood laminate makes the van look brighter and more airy too, we would never have dared go for white carpet!
  6. We replaced the carpet in our Freelander with laminate, the real stuff, kitchen grade that whilst not waterproof will not mind a bit of moisture. We went for the best we could find, the small amount you are buying means the difference in cost is limited, the bigger investment is in time. Every piece almost has to be cut and shaped. Given the weight of the very thick carpet and the fact that there were yards of the stuff under cabinets and beds etc, all of which we removed the difference in weight was much less than you might think, under 10kg in a big twin axle more here
  7. We moved from an Isabella carbon-x poled awning to a Bradcot Modulair and would not go back. Much quicker and easier to put up. Just like a poled awning it has zip out panels so you can remove them before feeding into the rail if needed, you can even feed the three sections separately and connect them in the rail if necessary. One thing I never do is peg anything down until it is properly inflated, whether we are using it as a porch or a full awning. There are enough pegs to hammer in without doing them twice!
  8. When we bought our first TA a couple of years ago we had a Leisurewise E-move 303 fitted by Midland Motor Movers. We chose that one because it can be upgraded from twin motor to AWD simply by adding another set in the future if we choose to, but that is unlikely. Our driveway is about one in twelve or 8% incline, the dropped kerb is offset from the gates that it goes through then it has to cross very loose gravel. Getting it out of the drive does need a three point turn, it will not turn sharply enough to get out in one go, so its out to a 45 degree angle then reverse it to the k
  9. It seems that Lunar is not quite dead, I see they are advertising for staff .....
  10. I'm not a great one for wind breaks, but they do come in handy sometimes when we want to enclose the kids, or sometimes we use them round the back of the caravan if we get people walking across the pitch all the time (one of my pet hates) We bought a pair with our first caravan, so now twenty years old and the brand is lixada. They are grey, with a clear band near the top, "window" height when seated. Five poles, four panels each 4 foot high and six wide and they are still going strong. I can't remember exactly how much they should have been but we bought the two for £50. They are
  11. simple answers, cost and weight. The caravan already has a method of supplying 12v to the accessories which need it by way of the battery and charger which are necessary to make the caravan function when not hooked up why add cost, complexity and weight adding a secondary system to supply something the van already has?
  12. if your primary concern is investment then buy a flat, or a small house, Have the gas and electrics inspected, get a decorator to give it a once over and place it with a management company to let for you. Yes they will take a cut, yes they will charge you top price for any maintenance as their contractors usually give them a kick back, but you need not get involved at all. Property prices are not guaranteed but it is very unlikely the value of your asset will fall, and certainly over a period of years almost certain it will increase and you get a regular income from the rent, less expenses and
  13. The Mach E claims a range of 379 miles, which is in line with many other manufacturers, and much better than some. Likewise the 37 mile e-range on the PHEV is very much the industry norm. The idea of the PHEV is that for most people 95% of their mileage is journeys of less than 30 miles, which could be completed fully electrically and still have a vehicle capable of long range uninterrupted journeys without the need for a massive charging infrastructure. I think Government are making a massive mistake in outlawing PHEVs. If the report I have read is to be believed this is largely
  14. A lot of people mistakenly think that the only difference between cars with two different power outputs from the same engine capacity is the engine map, that is never the case. The engine map used by the manufacturer will always be a compromise, designed to cover a number of different markets and possible configurations whilst protecting the machinery it controls and not causing a premature failure in any part of it. If you are prepared to eat into the safety margin the manufacturer builds in then you can improve the performance of most cars by remapping them. This is where a reputable company
  15. Crikey, how on earth dd you manage to insure that? I used to work as a risk assessor for a motor insurance company. I would have been loathed to quote a vRS for a 19 year old but absolutely no way I would quote with those mods.
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