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  1. His not sure if i am addressing this or completing the form correctly! I am hoping to tour some of europe and want to add sites etc to Maps. me. Can anyone please point me to the Caravan and Motorhome Club, Caravan and Camping Club d and other KML files to add. They are the same files that are used to add POI's to Sat Nav's. Thanks
  2. Are they checking for vans over recommended towing weight or total weight of car and trailer? Has this checking been noticed in any other parts of the country? Paul
  3. I'm having more and more trouble refilling my Safefill gas cylinders when travelling in Italy. I am thinking of renting an Italian cylinder does anyone know what sort of pigtail connection I would need? Many thanks Safe travelling
  4. Hi this is my first question after many years of caravanning. My Dometic Fridge Freezer is wet in the fridge compartment and although the little hole seems clear it is not draining away. Is this a temperature problem - although only recently began - or a drainage problem. Van was serviced two months ago. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks Paul
  5. Our newly purchased Snooper TV works perfectly on 240 volts but when plugged into the 12volt socket switches off after 30 - 60 mins. Has anyone else experienced similar problems or any ideas of the cause? Thanks Paul
  6. When I get back from a fortnight s holiday I want to give the toilet housing cabinet a good clean. What is the experts best way to do this and which cleaning agents to use? Can I use a hosepipe without it leaking through the wall into the caravan? Many thanks
  7. Thank you all for your fabulous response. We shall take your advice this time and go through Gotthard as we are booked on site in Cumiana near Turin but we do fancy ericfield's route through Belgium and Austria. How have you planned your journey down to Italy, we have never tried a journey of this length. What is your average speed and do you take one or two days? We plan to try to stay off motorways if we can. Thanks Paul and Debb
  8. It is our first time taking the van across the Alps. We are heading for Brescia in Italy so Gotthard looks the best way for toll free route from calais. Has anyone experience of going over the pass or should I just pay up and go through the tunnel? Cheers Paul & Debb
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