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  1. Hi Rodders Thanks for the link, no info that would help be just links to dealers.
  2. Fridge not working on 240v and suspicious its also not working on 12v. I am an electrician but a diagram of the wiring would be very helpful. anybody know were I can download a copy?
  3. Is there anybody on the forum using a Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet Engine as a tow car for a small caravan (MTPLM 990kg)? I am already running a Vitara with the old low torque 1.6 engine which is Ok but you have to use the gears a lot.
  4. Thank you Black Grouse, O'Leary Motorhomes had the basin unit in stock at £184.99 compared to a quote from Swindon caravans for the Lunar part at £763!!! (not fitted) It entailed a 500 odd mile 11 plus hour round trip as they considered it to fragile to courier but worth it. Thanks Godders
  5. We have a 2012 Lunar Ariva and the all in one plastic basin/cupboards/shower tap mount is starting to crack in many different places. I have not tried Lunar but I suspect a replacement unit would not be available, does anybody know of a company that if I removed the unit could repair the cracks?
  6. If you are like me sometimes your thoughts are fixed in one direction because that's what everybody says, in this case the damp is coming from above probably the awning rail! When I started this thread the caravan engineer had just left and I was a bit upset, so I purchased my own damp meter and confirmed his readings, the floor in the corner was mushy and 40 but you only had to come up the wall 25mm and the readings dropped away rapidly. I thought this cannot be that difficult so Iowered the jockey wheel as far as it would go and slid under the back end. In the first photo you will see the cladding meets the trim just below the skirt rail. The cladding folds under the van and the trim also folds under the two edges with some Sikaflex between are clipped together. All very good until you get to the end of the trim where the cladding stops being folded under the van and become the edge. Hopefully you can see in the second photo that all the rain running down the side of the van is channeled by the awning rail into that small unprotected area of floor. And it's the some on the other side of the caravan. I now feel a bit embarrassed that I had not looked closer into the problem before, if you have an Ariva 2012 look to see if you have the same manufacturing fault on your van. Meanwhile the caravan is drying out nicely under its cover till the spring when I have a few ideas the cure this problem.
  7. I know there is a lot of Talk here about water increase in Lunar vans but my inquiry is specific. High levels of moisture ie 40 on either side at the back floor level, started last year in the kitchen cupboard last autumn so the awning rail was resealed and the strip above the kitchen window resealed. Readings had settled during winter as caravan was covered. This year when tested it was back in the cupboard again and behind the toilet, anybody else with an Ariva had this problem. At high level readings are fine.
  8. Good point Guzzilazz photo's of cracks.
  9. godders7


    Star cracks have appeared around the one piece plastic basin/cupboard fixings in our Ariva, in some places the screws have almost pulled out of the plastic. This has happen quite quickly, is it a combination of the body flexing in travel and aging plastic? (7 years old) Any suggestions how I could make a descent repair?
  10. Thank you gentlemen, I have learned a lot from your reply's and will ponder my next move.
  11. Having been to two sites this year where FM was very poor or non existent but TV was OK. Has anybody replaced their FM radios with DAB, if so how did they go about it please.
  12. We have had our caravan for a few years now but FM radio reception is nearly always poor and cuts out. This is using the standard black side mounted aerial which I have added a booster to but still the same. The radio in the car which is parked alongside the van is always fine. I had though about connecting it to the TV aerial but I know its a completely different frequency band. Anybody have any suggestions.
  13. Just come back from a weeks holiday in our caravan in chilly weather, but we were snug and warm. Having read BenF's pinned description of fitting "Electric underfloor heating" several weeks ago I decided to have ago, very easy to fit and left on all the time no extra extra heating was required. Using only 187. 5 W compared to the min. setting on the Truma of 500 W! Thanks BenF
  14. Having discovered that my heater did have a remote sensor I then started heating and cooling the sensor. It seems the electronic temperature controller receiving the temperature variations from the remote sensor must be very heavily "slugged", presumably to prevent the heater turning on/off to quickly to every little draft. . When I have worked out how to "get into the cupboard" were the electronic controller is housed I will investigate further. Godfrey
  15. Just dismantled the heater and discovered it has a remote sensor. Back to square one Any more ideas please Godfrey
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