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  1. We have no problem getting past the (extended) bed in our Vigo, but there is a bit of a knack to it. I favour passing with my back to the window but I believe others go the other way round!
  2. I don't know where the CMC is getting those figures from. As far as I'm aware the towing limit over 3. 5t on dual carriageways is, and always has been, the same as on motorways, i. e. 90kph. While the overall limit on roads without a central reservation has gone down to 80kph from 90, has the 3. 5t towing limit also been reduced by 10kph from the 80kph that it used to be?
  3. You're partly right. I now see that the upgrade I found on the Prima website applies to earlier Unicorns, not the U4, but there were upgrades available for the U1 through U3.
  4. The Axle Spec sheet you've attached clearly states it is 1500kg. Your Valencia has a standard MTPLM of 1499kg but Bailey will sell you a sticker allowing you to increase that to (I believe) 1549kg. How can that be legal?
  5. It is a few years since we travelled on Pont Aven, but at that time you had to book when you got on board. (As it happens, despite a long queue to book a table, by the time the ship had sailed out of Santander into the Bay of Biscay and the wind had got up there were plenty of empty tables!)
  6. 2016 model, built in late 2015
  7. I recently took my U3 Vigo for the Alde fluid to be changed and the dealer told me the wheel was too close to the wheel box. They reported this to Bailey who contacted Al-Ko, who inspected it last week. Dealer has just told me that the inspector's report states that in his opinion the 'van has "probably" been overloaded but they will replace the axle FOC as a gesture of goodwill. My interpretation of this is that they can't prove that it has been overloaded, but if they said it hadn't been they would have left themselves open to a claim for loss of use of the 'van. Or am I being too cynical??
  8. I have Milenco Grand Aeros which fitted on my Freelander 2 mirrors with no problems, either folded or unfolded.
  9. I bought a 'Specialised' supposedly-tailored towing cover for my 'van and that has also left black marks.
  10. Have had several discussions with Alde who have suggested that the problem must be the brass Air Bleed Valve sticking open, either due to a fault or a bit of foreign matter stopping it closing. It could be that your actions have dislodged something which was blocking it, allowing the valve to close.
  11. In my experience Google Maps is rather more likely to take you down back roads than its Google stablemate Waze. While I have paper atlases I rarely resort to them, nor have I often found the need to use Google Earth except to check campsite approaches. My policy is, if my GPS tells me to turn down a dodgy-looking road, I ignore it; it will soon re-route me.
  12. The Whale water inlet flap is very poorly constructed. I've broken two in fairly quick succession - the plastic 'catch' (for want of a better word) is too easily broken when you open or close the flap. My solution was to stick a length of strong velcro to the flap - folded over on itself leaving a 'tab' which attaches to another piece of velcro below the flap. Works perfectly.
  13. As bubble2015 says, surely your first move is to check the noseweight. I think Bailey must have considered the position of the wardrobe and its likely contents when they designed the 'van, though I expect the 'Bailey-knockers' will say otherwise!
  14. As Les Medes suggests, you can often find them at a DIY ("Brico") warehouse. Other likely sources would be "Feu Vert" or "Norauto" - the French Halfords equivalents.
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