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  1. Thanks for all the great tips! Will hopefully manage to get a signal when we are next away!
  2. No idea!!!! What on earth is that. ....
  3. We tried to re-tune the TV numerous times!!!! With the ariel from caravan (which had worked fine in Fort Wiliam and Gairloch) and numerous times with the HUGE one we had bought in Ullapool which was for weak signals! No idea why it wasnt working but there were several people getting lots of channels with either caravan ariel or one attached to the front. ...
  4. Really? I wondered if it was our TV as there were lots of people with their ariels up but no satellite dish and a few I spoke with were getting loads of channels!! I wondered if there was maybe a specific "caravan" ariel that was good. ..
  5. We have recently returned from our holiday in north west scotland. We have a standard freeview TV and the ariel in the caravan. No problems picking up all channels in fort william and in Gairloch. Then when we went to Ardmair Bay, Ullapool, we couldnt get any signal at all. ..even bought a HUGE ariel for weak signal areas and. .nothing. When we returned we tried it in the drive and it worked perfectly, every channel. We went away at the weekend to Crail, on the east coast and again NOTHING! I understand that in some areas you may not get a signal but we did get one in Gairloch on the
  6. Thanks for that advice. ....might not try the 80mph though. ...
  7. Hi, we have a detachable tow bar so needs to be an alko stabiliser. ...i think? lol and I am in Central Scotland! But thanks very much for the offer. That sounds a bit scary. We did actually have a tiny bit of a wobble in a rather open stretch of motorway. Only about three sways and hubby slowed down and it stopped immediately. ..think I am just a bit worried about long distances but with all the great comments so far, I feel better already! I know "the accident waiting to happen" post was a bit of a shocker! But all the really positive posts here so far have certainly "calmed me dow
  8. All these great posts are stopping me worry!....gradually. lol
  9. Thank you! Interesting reading! Do you know, I was just thinking the very same thing! All these comments have really put my mind at rest. Thank you! Yip! All the great comments have really put my mind at ease. Thank you. :-)
  10. Thank you! My mind is easing. ....slowly but surely!! lol Aw, thank you for that! It will actually be hubby that is towing and he is totally relaxed about it. I just really needed reassurance that this stabiliser is not the be all and end all if you know what I mean. Thanks to all the fab comments on here I will hopefully be a relaxed passenger!! I will of course mention the top tips to hubby!!! lol I am glad I posted this too Toots! The comments on here have really helped and put me at ease about these STABILISERS!!!!Glad they have helped you too! LOL I always like it when I
  11. Great! Thanks for that. Good advice. Thank you! Thank you! You have made me feel better already! Thank you! Will do.
  12. Thank you for all your positive posts!!!! Will really try not to worry now! Think its because we are going further afield on our second trip out. ...north west scotland which will be pretty windy I'm sure. ....right. ...forget about stabiliser for now! . .....
  13. I recently posted on here the question "does everyone use a stabiliser" and I got lots of helpful comments. However some of them left me doubting what to do especially the one that said "driving at 40mph or over with no stabiliser is an accident waiting to happen"...aarrrghhhh! As our budget has slightly diminished as we spent far more on the van than first anticipated, I have been frantically bidding on Alko stablisers on ebay. ....and havent managed to win one yet! I think we have now ran out of time to get one as we are leaving on Friday which doesnt leave long for delivery and obvious
  14. I just bought an awning yesterday on Gumtree. A Tuscany pyramid 925. Only used for one season. £200.
  15. Our next trip is only our second time out. We are looking forward to sitting in our caravan looking out to the sea. Heading up to north of Scotland. Few days at Gairloch, Sands Caravan Park and then Ardmair Point, Ullapool. .fingers crossed we get a pitch right on the waters edge. ...cant wait!
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