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  1. Try here. https://www. caravantalk. co. uk/caravan-specifications/
  2. Then I must be getting to the stage of being back in favour, as my car and caravan are becoming classic's, have no intention of changing them anytime soon. I tend to treat people as they treat me, if they say hello and exchange pleasantry's I do the same, if they don't want to know then that is fine. I have no desire to change my lifestyle to suite others. I respect other peoples privacy as I would hope they would respect mine. I have never envied what others have, they had earned what they have got and good luck to them.
  3. Had the same problem, it turned out to be the regulator in the end, but try changing the jet burner first it might be partly blocked. When you hold the button in its it a blue flame of a bluey yellow one. If it is the latter then its more then likely the burner, always try the cheaper option first.
  4. I am from St. Helens too Dave 56, I would go M6,A14,A11. I will have the pleasure of doing the same at the end of May. Safe journey
  5. Had the same issue, I put a length of wood across the wheel and the sponginess was cured, the hatch was solid but it just fell springing the wood across the wheel solved it. Hope this helps.
  6. It was very lucky it wasn't at night. I am guilty of leaving my phone charger plugged in. I won't be in future.
  7. Hi all, just an update on my fridge problem, sorry it has been a long time but I just abandoned it over the winter months, as I was pretty fed up with at the time. So to date, I have removed the fridge and put it on my bench in my workshop (man cave) I reconnected the mains after cleaning the flu etc. . and low and behold it is working on electric one again. I then removed and changed the gas jet with a new one and connected the gas back up, but no joy, it is still not cooling the fridge. I have narrowed it down to thermocouple or the Gas regulator valve. So it looks like it will have
  8. I do take exception to the Avondale bashing to be honest, yes there is and were some bad ones but isn't that the case with all caravans even the new ones. Thank god for Gordon the only one that gave a true account of what to look for. I have had my Avondale for 4 years now with minor problems, which you would expect from a 15 year old van. Criky18 I hope it all check out for you because as you have already stated it ticks all the boxes.
  9. Interesting Joanie, it all helps to know these things. Thankyou. Again another avenue to explore, thanks JamesF
  10. Always fitted tow mirrors but I was never quite sure if I had adjusted them right, it looks like I didn't according to the OP. So thanks for the tip I will surly set them up right from now on.
  11. Sorry Joanie the answer is no, from what I have checked so far is it has not leaked any gas, well there is no signs of it leaking that I can see. The electric element seems to check out okay so I am at a loss. I have one more outing with it next weekend and then it is being prepared for winter storage. I will remove the fridge then and have it checked over by a qualified engineer I will post as soon as I know anything. Thanks for asking and thanks to all that has tried to help, very much appreciated.
  12. If it is showing the metal however thin, you can't t-cut or polish it out, I would go with the recommendation of Upyonder.
  13. Well there you go, I guess they do still make L shaped lounges, problem solved.
  14. Don't think they make L shape lounges anymore, at least I haven't seen any. My Avondale Rialto 550-4 has the L shaped lounge but it is a 2002 model good luck with your search, let us know if you fine one.
  15. Hi Gary, thankyou, I will check them both out.
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