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  1. And as I have pointed out my NEW kerbweight is my car is with me,shmbo and luggage when it is when stood at the kerbside, its all a play on words, so if the new weight of my car stood at the side of the road KERB is 2000kgs (GVW) then 1815kgs is 91%.
  2. There is nothing wrong with the figures. My car manufacturer has put a little sticker on the door frame, this is there to tell me my GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT, may be I should not have put GKW but instead GVW/MAM. But the GVW/MAM is also the weight that my car is with me,shmbo and luggage is when stood at the kerbside, so in effect becomes its new kerbside weight and if I'am checked by vosa then I can tow my TA at 1815kgs . Also can you explain what the MASS IN SERVICE got to do with towing a trailer.
  3. I have been towing a trailer/caravan for around 46 years, ( yyyyyyyyyyyes i know Im an old Git). I passed my test in 1974. My GTW is 3818kgs my car has a GKW of 2000kgs , so Im towing at around 91%. I'am comfortable with that, I dont go mad driving at silly speeds but then I dont hang about either, I have a Twin Axle caravan I check my nose weight of the caravan, because sometimes I dont re-load every thing as I have taken stuff out. I have experienced snaking twice, once when I had bought a cabin cruiser and did not have a stabiliser fitted and the second time because I had a little too much weight on the rear fixed bed(even thought the nose weight was correct) I moved the awning poles 3ft forward and onto the floor, problem solved. Whats a good tow car, I have a Mazda cx5 2.2 d automatic/ 185bhp 280ftlbs torque. I like a tow car with a short back end overhang from the centre of the back wheels to the tow bar, a SUV, its got a large enough boot space, even more with the seats folded down.
  4. You could use Tiraps to fasten to the 'D' ring
  5. Our alde system has the boiler under the fixed double bed, it also as you can imagine gives of heat, we tend to lower the heating to around 13deg at night, and 15deg during the winter days. The caravan for me has a nice ambient temp throughout.
  6. My Ace Supreme Twinstar TA has an external under slung tank fitted from factory. It is under the nearside front bunk. My main bugbear with the onboard tank system is the way I have to keep filling it by switching two valves around that are under the front bunk and are a pain to get to. I would like to fit two solenoid/motorised valves one is just a shut off valve and the other is a diverter valve. I cant find a diagram of my system online but it looks like the picture below.
  7. Taps have filters in them, they are screwed into the end of the tap, onboard pumps have a filter in them so do most in-the barrel systems, so check to see if you can find any.
  8. it looks like a Thetford fd3 door. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiQtqGF9s3kAhU18-AKHQmtDcYQjRx6BAgBEAQ&url=%2Furl%3Fsa%3Di%26source%3Dimages%26cd%3D%26ved%3D%26url%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fpicclick.co.uk%2FThetford-Bailey-caravan-motorhome-toilet-locker-flush-door-302788553423.html%26psig%3DAOvVaw14LSodq1FPhrGuCcIK-ijT%26ust%3D1568468113720307&psig=AOvVaw14LSodq1FPhrGuCcIK-ijT&ust=1568468113720307
  9. And when me and my brother arrived at Hillhead in Brixham we were told to WALK around and find two pitches,, its 2.5 miles in total to walk around. Never again.
  10. I did join both CMC and C&CC, but after 1 year ditched them both, I do go to a C&CC Listed site in North Nottinghamshire on a regular basis, I can text the Warden(site manager) and ask for a specific pitch, ( it has a water tap close by, I'am also 'allowed' to remove the water filler pipe and replace with a multi connection and connect my Whale mains kit then I re-attach their filler pipe for other campers to fill their aqua rolls.
  11. 2017 pictures here. https://www.carbuyer.co.uk/reviews/mazda/cx-5/suv/pictures#1 I have a Mazda CX5--2.2 d auto. 150bhp. Mine is a two wheel drive model (2014) GTW 4050kgs GKW 2050kgs MPGTW 2000kgs I tow a Ace Supreme Twinstar TA weighing in at 1815kgs I have had the engine Stage 1 remapped so its 184bhp now (ins company notified of course, and an increase of 20p per week in premium) My CX-5 returns around 42.8mpg with automatic gearbox after the remap, before it was around 39mpg with 150bhp. Has excellent mpg towing the caravan. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908281590114?radius=1500&colour=Red&postcode=s662lu&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&model=CX-5&advertising-location=at_cars&transmission=Automatic&maximum-mileage=60000&fuel-type=Diesel&make=MAZDA&sort=relevance&page=1
  12. But I cannot see the bubble levels glued to the A frame from the drivers seat of the car, but I can see the led lights of my bit of kit through the front window of the caravan
  13. I saw this topic many years ago and decided to make my own portable level, When Arriving onsite I place my caravan leveller in front/behind the wheels ( well the bits of decking I use). I open the front centre blind and place my home made bit of kit on the front drawers, and plug into the 12v supply. Drive onto the levelling ramp until I dont have either the Left or Right bulb illuminated, apply the caravan breaks and chock the wheels, then unhitch the caravan and adjust the front to back using the jockey wheel until I dont have any of the bulbs illuminated, then wind down the caravan legs,
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