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  1. Can I ask if a member of admin could delete all and evry post in this vile forum. Could you also delete me aa forum member.
  2. My current location on my own, been in this isolation for the past 30yrs., waiting for my wife to return home , , she left at 7.45am and will return at 6.30pm after working in the accounts dept of a large haulage company doing the drivers wages that are keeping britain going.
  3. I went shoppi g today.. They were only letting people in as people came out. I waited keeping my distance to 3 mts. On entering the store a guy rushed past me and stood opposite another woman 1.5mts away. I could not pass and waited both of them were totaly oblivious to other shoppers. The guy picked something off the shelf and put it back, I did my shopping and headed for the tills only using empty isles to get there, I observed the 2mtrs. I was paying with my contactless and stayed 2mtrs from the checkout girl.The guy then walked back past me, I commented to the staff about his activity and told them they should evict him as he wasnt there to buy anything. He just said "get a grip" . I followed him out and he got into his TAXI and drove off.
  4. If he's so keen to be out and about. I'd say Jehovahs Witness Please do not insult me.. I am a Jew.
  5. Ok lets put things in perspective..I will leave my relegious belefs to one side. If you belive in evolution then this plague is a natural selection process to rid the planet of weak people. That will give the tree huggers and Greta Thurmberg a chance to see the continued population of the earth and human beings survival, Im 64 disabled and not affraid of death.
  6. Has anyone given consideration to the disabled who cant go for a walk, who rely on their vehicle to get around just to get out and about, what about their mental well being. I wonder how many people who live in terrace houses that are in the inner cities fancy going for a walk along slum streets, that dont have nice country lanes and green areas. We have now become a country that is run by a dictatorship, that see's this new plauge as a means to flex its new muscles, What is wrong with people being able to go out in Derbyshire and go for a walk in the fresh air and keep 5 miles away from anyone else.
  7. At our asda. You order via app or internet and PAY. And select collection day and time. You will be updated if goods are not available or have been substituted for simular products. On your collection day You get a text via the app You use the app to tell them you are on your way. On arrival you have to PUSH A BUTTON on the machine to alert them you have arrived You stay in your car They fetch goods out and walk away You get out of the car and pack your goods into YOUR OWN BAGS You go home. Payment has already been taken
  8. Me niether full pf forigners with funny accents Well at least Willame Walace will have something to smile about. Keep the sasanacks out
  9. Thats the same drain pipe on mine the end bung is also a problem and it starts to leak , but on the c260 the pump is EXTERNAL , you can see it isf you open the locker door and look up its blue, I had problems with the tank to the pump , Thetford have replaced this pipe free of charge and it now incorporates a separate drain. This the new pipe. for the c250/c260, what model toilet do you have, is the pump internal?
  10. Well Im 64 I have had pnumonia 3 times. Brochitis , and according to my GP in the risk catagory. GP wont give me a letter/document to verify .cant goto supermarkets with over 70's. I placed an order last week for collection tomorrow. On checking my order many items have a SOLD OUT notification so no point in placing the order because you are not garenteed to get items.
  11. Have you seen my video. Even if you wires are still attached the contacts on the circuit board corrode.
  12. I did post about my thetford problems, although others have not had any. I have sealed between the inner section between the toilet frame and the caravan sidewall and along the two side panels just inside the door. To stop any further collection of water I will be fitting a drain in the resese at the back in the toilet floor. What model toilet is it , the c250/c260 has a pipe mod free from Thetford.
  13. Maybe it can help you. My pump stopped working for the toilet, checked caravan 12v fuse-ok- check toilet fuse by removing the waste cassette -ok- disconnect the pump and try on 12v battery-ok-check circuit board in the toilet (Thetford c250/c260) ahh there is my problem they corrode. And a temp fix.
  14. There is a place in Skegness that will produce a new cushion, I had them do my Older 2007 Sterling Eccles Jewel. Send then a photo and they will confirm if they have the same material. Windale Furnishings Ltd Unit 2 Hassall Rd, Skegness PE25 3TB Hours: Closes soon: 4PM ⋅ Opens 8AM Fri Phone: 01754 610437 I think they are what the drawers 'lockinto'
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