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  1. Im in agreement why have a seperate router. The ee osprey wifi box can connect upto 10 devices
  2. Yes Lutz, I would agree, and if his car is weighed and is 1670kgs then he can tow 1000kgs, but his V5 below has printed the maximum trailer weight on it,, my v5 dosn't have Technical permissable maximum mass of the trailer, is it just certain vehicles that have this on the V5.
  3. quote from the article... Another very common misconception is that the 85% is law, and must not be exceeded, under any circumstances. This is not true, and never has been. Indeed, and, more worryingly, some cars have a legal towing capacity that is, actually, lower than 85% of kerb weight, meaning that, using the latter, will, actually, render the driver illegal. and on a recent FB page the driver of a Ford Mondeo was surprised at how little his car could tow. 400kgs His vin plate
  4. You dont need to spend £220. see here, its really easy to do yourself. I did mine last year. 30mins at the most.
  5. You could always get one of these, or they are easy to make, just flatten out a steel pole and create a curve.
  6. Me,me,me Can I dispute it that cadacs never go wrong,, please,please. On no sorry i must be wrong, they dont go wrong they just backfire and shoot the raw propane via the jet and melt the burner.
  7. Here is an update from the owner of the caravan posted on FB Bill & Marie's STOLEN CARAVAN UPDATE. Massive Big Up to all who shared our misfortune, we were amazed it got over 7,000 shares, resulting in CCTV footage of it at various locations & dashcam footage of it traveling South on the M1 showing Registration of vehicle towing, plus many private messages with information. We were disappointed in the police response, It seemed if we did all the footwork and told them where the van was they "MAY" look into it. It's not just the van they take, it's memories, little things like the stuff that personalised the van, the day before we spent £150 on stuff in the caravan shop to replace old stuff & that was in the van unopened, we are not expecting to get it back... Fortunately we wouldn't want it back. Anyway, can't dwell on what has happened, we can't change that.... But the future is bright and we are looking at our next memory maker. Many thanks again. Bill & Marie.
  8. have a look at this on Amazon Captain-Tolleys-Creeping-Crack-sealer
  9. SSSH dont tell the CMC I WAS a member and cancelled at the renewal due to my experience of Hillhead Site, ( go and walk around the 2.5miles of the site find a pitch and report back) I also used them for breakdown cover and told Greenflag on renewal, they weren't bothered whether or not I was a CMC member. Oh and I can still login to their website.
  10. On the image it is Bill Palmer from Dronfield in Sheffield, he is on FB.
  11. Slightly off topic but, I changed my fluid last year following This Video. my system has the pump in the header tank in the wardrobe but the way to change the fluid is the same.
  12. Youtube video HERE for the Alde 3020 Heating in a Bailey Unicorn S4 Cabrera. How to bleed the system. May be like your system.
  13. Sherwood Forest holiday park has this arrangement with TV on the Bollard. It is Best to get a length of aerial cable with Ftype on both ends, around 15mtrs in lenght , and a cable for the inside of the caravan with Ftype and Male Aerial on the other
  14. Just had this posted on FB.
  15. I have one of these aerials on my outside 'mancave area' (posh name for a gazebo) works well , when going to a caravan site I check digital coverage on the freeview website and use google maps to 'draw' a line of sight to the transmitter , if there are houses near by I check the direction of there aerials.
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