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  1. My new waste pipe support , i do know you can buy off e*ay some awning rail fittings with velcro straps.
  2. Ace Supreme Twinstar 2008, basically as a Bailey Senator Wyoming. Ace Supreme Twinstar
  3. I managed to get one of these, you only need to be able to thread the bolt between the wheel spokes, luckily mine are only 5 spoke so the gap is pretty wide, insurance accepted it instead of two alko locks.
  4. I use the black solid rubber interlocking mats then a breathable ground sheet on HARD STANDINGS, on grass pitches I use just the breathable ground sheet, and If I am leaving the caravan until then following weekend the I lift the groundsheet.
  5. I got one of these of fleebay, it has adaptors for the vango kalari https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quattro-Valve-Air-Awning-Tent-4-Way-Adapter-Inflator-Kit-Pump-Leisurewize/392271994058?epid=1575108671&hash=item5b553b9cca:g:bWgAAOSwgs5cpz8d
  6. I am also 63 and the most I have paid for a car is £14000. I could never afford the price of a EV that would suit me. My current car is a Mazda cx5 2wd £14000, and my caravan cost me £8000. I know people that have caravans that are more expensive than both of mine put together.
  7. You can get just the motor from here. They work out at £50 , which is a lot cheaper than buying in the UK, but not sure if they will post to UK. http://www.husvagn-svensson.se/shop_1/hem/443-12v-motor.html Come on Alde what about a discount for us Brits.
  8. My internal wall board is glued to the insulation and the wooden supports, as in a sandwich , outer skin/glue/insulation/glue/inner wallboard, the only way I can think of removing the inner wall board is with a router set to a depth of 3mm (thickness of the inner wall panel) but with a 1/4" -1/2" bit it will be a bit of a task, not to mention the dust.
  9. As the title says What were Thetford Design Team Thinking of when they designed their toilet, in the images below, the potential for leaks is abundant. First we have the pump, the output spigot is tapered, and the pipe is push fit held in place with a zip tie. The connection to the water tank is also push fit with a zip tie, this one is at least straight but again a potential leak point as it is on the bottom of the water tank. Then the silly little rubber hose to empty the tank, with a PUSH FIT bung, come on the pipe should have been long enough to to reach above water level to prevent any leaks Now the base, if there was a leak any water would spill over onto the caravan INSIDE via the two side panels that do not have any form of seal, (I know there is a small trough around the edge) also on my caravan there is a gap of around 8mm between the door frame and the base of the toilet, any water leaking through the door seal WILL spill over INTO the caravan because the 'lip' at the bottom is only 1/8". My rant over.
  10. Can I ask AJGalaxy2012 was your wall board glue to the polystyrene?
  11. Hi, thanks for the info. I have done a repair with Plast-Aid £22.00 from Amazon. i will keep the acetone fix method in the old brain box should I need another repair, On removing the toilet (see my other comments) the frame that surrounds the access door was damaged, this I have repaired with plast-aid, its good stuff.
  12. The repair so far, remove bathroom cabinet and a shelf above the rear window, remove toilet to give better access and expose an area of internal wall panel to use as a patch, remove section of wall panel to access frame, then hang a electric heater from roof sky light and commence drying. I cut the wall panel where the vertical frame of the cabinet will cover up the joint.
  13. A bit of advice please,,,, will I need to remove a section of wall panel in the bathroom for the frame to dry out.
  14. Just to add, the caravan is now sat outside my home, Alde heating on full, 1kw heater in place of the toilet cassette to help dry things near the bottom of the caravan, the caravan is attached to car with hitch lock on, a double wheel clamp, alarm is on, oh and the off side side lights and running lights powered from the caravan battery via a cable plugged into the 12v system, caravan is on mains electric to maintain battery charge. Have I forgotten anything?????
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