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  1. Hi all The new Swift has a different type of light in the shower. I can not find anything anywhere about this. It is circular, with a blue LED light in the middle and a typical white light on the edge. You touch the centre of the fitting and can toggle between off, Blue light only and white light only. It is switched with the rest of the bathroom lights. What I am missing is, what is the point in the blue light? Cheers
  2. You may get lucky and not visit except a service, but if that crank goes, your in for a heavy bill.
  3. Ive owned a 2.7 D3, 4.4 D3, 3.0 D4, 3.0 D5. I found that the 2.0 D5 was too hesitant solo, let alone towing. The d5 with 700nm of torque is effortless and I regularly tow 3500kg with mine (150% in the 85% 'rule'), the key is to sort out the rear tyres and get them up to the right psi. With the tyres sorted it tows just as well as a d4, leave the tyres low and it is a little twitchy but still a decent ride. I get the 2.0 regularly as a courtesy when they go wrong so speak with some experience. My biggest recommendation is to never run one out of
  4. Metheone

    B+E test.

    I took my B+E when I moved to an auto as was wasn't able to get away with being under 3500kg train anymore. Took the test in a manual though so I have flexibility
  5. So a win of the Excalibur on Ebay earlier has started me off on that route. Shall see how it goes
  6. Be great to see some pics if anyone is in the area
  7. Ive been watching availability at this site, and its becoming more available suggesting people are of the same opinion as you Fortyfoot
  8. Thanks for all the replies, its great to hear other view. The Excalibur is the only lock still available that i know of that makes use of the AL-KO receiver and isnt the AL-KO lock. The other types make use of a designed wheel bolt and then a steel bar. Fine in principle, but to me the weakest point is now the wheel nut
  9. Still struggling between going for: a - nemesis and excalibur b - 2 x nemesis
  10. Not overly sure why your thinking I've assumed things. I can categorically tell you, there is at least one caravanner out there who cannot reverse his outfit. I have no doubt there are more. There are people who have movers and can reverse, and many here have given reasonable reasons why they still use a mover. Lost in the wilderness said, if it can't be done in a few shunts then use a mover. Im all for that. No point getting off to a stressful start. But the chances are, by that point, the van is at least on the pitch and its final adjustments.
  11. The other thing I found, if I read it right is that if a tag is following you, the nearby phone will get an alert. So in theory, the thief would get alerted that there is a tag.
  12. Im strongly in the 'no mover camp'. There are two conditions where I can understand a mover - To store the van at home, or to store in storage. I appreciate sometimes peoples houses etc are tight and need precision or the van and car physically wouldn't fit together. I use a car to put the van where it needs to go and reverse up to it when we need to leave. No physical handling of the van. I can 'sort' of understand people who stop in the middle of the road way on a site and take the van off and move it in to the pitch on the mover. What frustrates me is at
  13. I am currently waiting on one due any time now but know that Swift are struggling with certain items with Covid etc. Van is built sat waiting for the bits to arrive apparently. Dealers been great but wondered if there was anyone else in the same boat. *By no means moaning, just curious
  14. Out of interest, wondering if anyone is waiting for a swift new and was experiencing any delays prior to it getting to dealer? Thanks
  15. Yes mate, Check it isn't vertical. What site are you on? Any friendly neighbours?
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