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  1. So given Swift has some financial challenges, how easy might it be for them to absorb such a recall? In times of growth, the additional revenue can be used to pay for past problems which relative to sales are less. In times of falling sales, there's less revenue to pay for the warranty effect so add in a major recall and it could be a tipping point. Also, this in itself will further affect sales. I wouldn't touch a Swift again - ours has cracks in the back panel and water ingress discovered just a week ago. Dealer claiming for a new back panel and a week to fit so a 3k to 5k job. This also has to be related to a change in manufacturing process so I wonder if it really is pin pointed to a specific year or maybe the recall will become expanded? It will be very interesting to see on which van years people here and on other forums spot the issue. Maybe they should have kept the factory open and turned it into a giant repair workshop and maybe they'll need a government bailout...
  2. Do you know which year was affected - just 2017 or others?
  3. That might be amusing except that our hard earned cash is spent by such incompetents...
  4. I don't think a filler or silicon will hold as the van flexes. It needs something stronger but bonding to ABS is difficult. I'd be very tempted to glue a structural piece of plastic over it using a pad or strips of 3Ms VHB tape. That will provide structure
  5. PandR


    Wet and Forget works great on roof tiles, patios etc. There's perhaps a leap of faith to spray it over a caravan but the chemical is fairly benign...
  6. In S.A.?? He did need to ask. He didn't have a gun with him ..
  7. Not very customer friendly and I'm sure they get a nice kickback from their "preferred" insurer but easy for them to justify. They will say they effectively need to review your insurance to be certain it complies with site safety / liability etc. But you probably just got to put up and shut up...
  8. The problem may well lie with the uncertainty of owning such a large expensive vehicle in a world where emissions rules are becoming ever more Draconian. I can buy a new diesel car and probably live with the consequences of it being emissions obsolete in 8 years against maybe owning it for 12 or 14 years. But if I spend £100k on a motorhome which is then of little value due to changing rules then I couldn't live with that! Friends of ours bought a motorhome over £125k and it's Euro 5. Soon they will need to pay in excess of a £100 to drive it in / out of the South Circular. These are big investments with the potential for huge losses...
  9. I've had poor and bad towbar installs until we discovered Phil Taylor Towbars in Chichester. Now had three fitted by them and all outstanding. Certainly worth an hour or twos drive...
  10. Well, I kind of deal the other way. I'd pile in with all the accessories etc at a slightly higher price so that I appear the best equipped van for sale and get a high level of buyer interest. I'd then be very reluctant to accept much of a reduced offer.
  11. PandR

    Selling up

    You probably know this already but don't let the buyer pay using PayPal. Cash on collection...
  12. This site is owned by the European Camping Group and a boy from Hull drowned there in the summer. Our experience is that once the original owners sell out to the big boys, standards go right down and so we avoid all the big "chain" sites. Trouble is, it usually takes a visit to learn that it's been taken over. Camping Lac de La Liez near Langres went the same way.
  13. Check out the thread from daied. He's looking to go to the same place.
  14. Oh. I don't disagree at all but if you're low on funds, as many people are, it's very hard to find a free solicitor.
  15. Wow. You really believe that? Would it help? Does legal aid even exist anymore?
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