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  1. Good luck Ian. There is a nice Aire with full facilities just South of Saintes on the A10 I think including a fully stocked shop. Aire St Leger probably 5 to 15 miles South of Saintes We travelled there in a day from Salamanca. It felt busy and safe. http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?p=3579
  2. Not sure if I said this before but to crown off the journey, I had TWO Spanish speeding tickets waiting for me on the doorstep. 100 Euros each but halved if paid within 20 days. The dates of said misdemeanours were 8th and 9th Feb but when you go to pay, their system asks when you received the letter. I popped in the date we found the letters and the fines were indeed halved. In Spain they have tracking from Correos but not when being sent to the UK hence you can pay late and get the reduction.
  3. Well done! Eurotunnel are running an amended service which is why you can't book online. If you call them up there's plenty of availability especially if you want to buy a Felxiplus ticket. Turn up and board the next train...
  4. And maybe the final post from Spain 2020. Could be a while before the van is used again... http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?p=3582
  5. Ha. They didn't find the pack we bought from the motorway services in France. That should give us about a weeks grace.
  6. Another 500 miles today and we reached the tunnel at 16:20. Trains leaving 20 past the hour and the place doesn't look busy at all. French soldiers with big guns checking all vehicles. Not sure what they are looking for...
  7. Well, they cancelled our sailing (although yet to tell us via email or text) and are offering a voucher refund. The voucher will be 450 GBP Meanwhile I have spent nearly a thousand pounds booking a return and several 500 mile drives across France and Spain....
  8. Yes but they cancelled it. And now they have closed their phone lines. Have always found BF quite decent to deal with but they've really let a lot of people down. Including many people who shouldn't be driving across France. One of our group is 80 and caring for his disabled wife... They should have been stepping up to re-patriate more people - not abandoning ship!!!
  9. Aha, I asked this question to the GP on Janet Kipling's Radio Devon broadcast yesterday . Unless we are showing symptons, there is no advice that we must self isolate on return from Spain. That advice may be superceded anytime soon though...
  10. Drove 500 miles today from Salamanca to Saintes. Took an hour to cross the border but other than that all uneventful. Aires are all open and the one we are staying on the shop is open fully - including supplies of toilet roll which is surprising given there are loads of Brits here. Some have suggested sticking to the Peage network. Have heard some mixed messages of DFDS requiring a rebook. We have tickets now with DFDS and Eurotunnel - having made the decision to depart we don't want to be stuck in France for days!!! Full update here: http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?p=3579 Steve, good luck with the final leg. Best wishes for all facing this daunting drive back. Oh, Brittany Ferries have offered me a voucher - what an insult!!! Get the wretched ferries running again!!!!
  11. Is that the last crossing or are you just monitoring marine traffic? I believe a number of ferries will continue to run but freight only and no freight drivers. I.E. Trailers only. We still haven't been specifically told our crossing on the 31st isn't going to happen!!! Some scary stuff here http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?p=3573
  12. We've heard that all Aires and Truck stops in France have now been closed. Can anyone corroborate please? As from today so experiences prior to today not helpful...
  13. Uneventful journey to Camping Olympia in Salamanca. Rest of journey will be Aires. Camping Olympia is rammed and those without reservations are being turned away..
  14. It's over 4 days so doable. Google doesn't take account of the Wobbly box...
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