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  1. PandR no longer uses this forum but may be contacted directly by email - caravanramblings@gmail.com

  2. I read that too. I just don't get it. Lockdown is virtually over in the UK whether or not anyone wants to admit it. This is about politics. Why 9th June and not 2 months ago? For what it's worth, my take is the government wants to make it difficult for us to travel abroad so we spend our money in the UK. I think it also "softens us up" for more difficult and restricted EU travel when we've left. It's got naff all to do with Covid-19. This government is a shambles.
  3. Friend of mine has had his fees reduced by 400 a year because the site has had its Business rates cancelled.
  4. Let's have a leadership swap then. We'll take Angela, competence over charisma.
  5. The stats for Blighty are that somewhere between 1 and 100,000 people per 100,000 population have contracted CV-19.....
  6. Our local garden centre has just re-opened.
  7. They will refund if you escalate and tell them that by law they must provide a refund and not a voucher
  8. You'll get me in full rant mode. I believe the furlough scheme will prove itself as a total disaster for generating the wrong behaviour, as well as further bankrupting Blighty. I'll list just three of numerous issues. 1. Totally open to abuse with employees furloughed but continuing to provide "corporate" support but paid for by tax payers. 2. We have virtual offices with a market leader. I got a call from their "Business Development Director" asking me where to forward mail, a basic weekly task which has gone unquestioned for years. Utterly intrigued it turns out they furloughed all their staff and a Director is spending half a day at each centre forwarding mail. We are all still paying full price for the services! 3. Companies will be reticent to restart operations on the basis it's more cost effective not to trade than to trade. Because Germany is testing, testing and more testing then I think we can trust their figures more than Blighty. If you only test those in hospital then inevitably death rates will be high. You should watch the following video. He speaks more sense than all the lunatics being given airtime for daily prayers. I'll try to find the link and post next.
  9. You can request a full refund from BF. Tell them the law is a refund and not a voucher, ask them for the address of their legal department and "hey presto". I mean BF may not survive this...
  10. If you had 60 percent no claims discount then the premium would have been around £800. Then because you risk profile has gone up having claimed, the total would have been around £1200. So you are still getting 60pct no claims discount on a total premium of £1200. It was a good idea to protect it...
  11. Interesting choices here. Bojo is trying to restart the economy. If there was an unlimited money tree then we could lockdown indefinitely. But there isn't. Meanwhile, if Scotland and Wales carry on without opening their economy does that mean the English contribute even more to prop up their governments? That's makes the Scottish and Welsh decisions rather easy...
  12. Haha. A perfect opportunity to fix a few damp areas in the van...
  13. I'm sure when you get there you'll be equally outraged! I believe the sentiment is that lots of younger people are having to take a 20% reduction in pay because they are furloughed. If you earn 30k or more then you'll take a minimum of 20% cut down to 25k. At the same time, many retired folks have cumulative pension income far in excess of this, often state backed, and are perceived not to be sharing the pain. The younger workers feel that their taxes are subsidising the retirement of older generations when the same benefits will not be sustainable in their twilight years.
  14. Well, if it's acceptable for one side of the transaction but not the other then nothing would move - but your last 2 sentences above contradict each other. And the point I was making is that a bill of sale won't protect you in PayPal land. They will ask for the tracking number and when you can't provide it refund the buyer who has already absconded with the car! That's why it needs to be cash... Your only recourse if not is through the courts against the buyer...
  15. I think that's poor advice. If you want to sell an item that's a collection as a seller you should insist upon cash on collection. That's because if you allow the buyer to pay PayPal and then collect it, they can report the item wasn't delivered. They say to PayPal someone unauthorized collected it and by default PayPal give the money back and you have no proof of delivery. Large items such as a caravan I always insist on face to face collection and a cash transaction. eBay PayPal guarantees only really work for items which are posted through an approved and tracked courier.
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