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  1. Did you look at taking the ferry route which avoids Bosnia. Sorry if it's already been mentioned bit haven't read the entire thread. We drew a blank a few years ago on obtaining insurance. Have a look at our trip here but doesn't help with the last bit. http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?cat=45 I think a lot of people just wing-it
  2. I've got the Drayton Wiser system along with wireless thermostatic valves. Valves can be grouped into rooms and areas, each with its own schedule. It's brilliant.
  3. Wow. I've never used them but an online "independent" owned by Michelin. You couldn't make it up...
  4. I think Costco have £100 off 4 Michelin tyres atm. And they'll be the cheapest around before the discount.
  5. I carry lots of beer but none of it is spare
  6. Whilst driving up the M1 smart section recently, I noticed that the Kia Sorento map was displaying the speed limit corresponding to the overhead gantries. Even spookier, as I passed under a change of speed sign, the map speed limit changed. It didn't get it 100% correct, about 80 to 90 percent. My phone was plugged into the car so to make sure it wasn't internet information I switched off mobile data. Still the limit changed. I'm fairly certain the car doesn't have a mobile SIM card so how on earth was this happening. Was it using one of the many sensors to actually read the limit from the Overhead gantry?
  7. We preferred to run a dessicant dehumidifier 3 days a week. It provides a little warmth due to the process and some dry air circulation. A bit cheaper and no feeling of damp at all.
  8. I changed ours and it was an all day job but I also swapped the pump for an in-line one. A pump was essential and if it's done properly and flushed, I'd probably pay someone next time. See a description below. http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?page_id=2145 http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?page_id=2147
  9. Our swift has Alde heating. Our previous ones had blown air. From a pure heat perspective, radiators everytime. You just need to look at housing in terms of whether houses have wet systems or blown air. Builders tried blown air in the 70s and it was horrible. Hard to control and it provides (IMHO) a very dry unpleasant environment. In terms of other factors such as weight or maintenance you pays your money and takes your choice. The fluid change is a pain but it's once every five years. Our blown air systems were probably noisier than the Alde but that's probably down to installation and whether an in-line pump or header tank pump is used. But we'd never go back to blown air...
  10. PandR

    Gas Locker

    Really Useful Boxes. Organised meticulously. Both in the van, house and car. Expensive but you do get what you pay for.
  11. Aha. But it generates revenue so maybe it won't disappear too quickly...
  12. What makes you think that? Is there a party offering to rollback vehicle taxation??? They can have my vote...
  13. Calor fill precisely based upon weight. Ridiculously expensive though, that's why I'm with Safefill.
  14. That might create a certain misunderstanding. The difference between petrol from the pump generated electricity versus oil / gas generated electricity on the grid is entirely due to government taxation policy. There is a certain elegance of a hybrid vehicle only having electric motors and a simple electricity petrol generator. Think of the energy savings not manufacturing an ICE. Electric propelled cars are inherently far simpler.
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