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  1. Switching was the best thing we ever did. Managed to fit a 10kg bottle into our Sterling Eccles. Look on our website. Google "caravanramblings Safefill"
  2. But maybe with the advent of the new parking app it would be wise to hitch up under the hours of darkness. 😁😁
  3. It's a good site and really convenient for the tunnel
  4. I think he meant the sale / purchase of the adapters to fill a standard gas bottle, not a Safefill. There's no issues buying a 3rd party adapter from eBay to fill a Safefill. I'm a huge fan of Safefill btw and had no refusals to fill. In Spain it was "frowned upon" bit filled anyway!!! http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?page_id=2270
  5. What about using a glass fibre mix to fill out the holes and then overboard with Marine ply?
  6. Apparently, according to our local Calor dealer this is a part of new export regulations in preparation for leaving the EU. Post October 31st you'll need to get an export certificate from the local Post Office regarding the transit of flammable goods across external EU borders, along with the payment of a 30 percent tariff to discourage the illegal export of energy non compliant with the EU propane butane mix specification.
  7. So is that Lunar customer care from the old company which no longer exists and has no employees. Or customer care from the new company talking to their bosses ie the new owners. What a shambles There can be no future surely. Lunar were way behind the curve in relation to build technology and with a tight market, are simply not going to be able to catch up. Have a feeling they might wish to resurrect the motorhome aspect though...
  8. That's a big van to tow with a smallish 1.6 diesel. Certainly not for me.
  9. Are there comparison sites for caravan insurance?
  10. Assume it's coming from the red overflow pipe? Could there be a pressure relief valve or similar which has some limescale present. If so and it's push fit, try cleaning in vinegar.
  11. Schools will be back soon so perhaps you could wait outside and ask a small child to help. 😏
  12. Or maybe they are πŸ˜€
  13. May I ask the price? Our van and contents are currently insured new for old, 27k for north of Β£200. Our car insurances are 50 - 100 pct higher so that feels the right ball-park. The biggest part of motor insurance is liability and possible 3rd party costs which is often why the price difference insuring a 3k car or a 30k car is negligible. Still though this doesn't make sense...
  14. Agree. Any claim which could be settled for under a grand I'd try to sort out well away from Insurance companies. The black mark of a claim will cost far more over future years and exponentially if you have one or two further ones!!!
  15. We've been very impressed with the Powertouch and yes, the auto engagement is a treat. One van came fitted with an Enduro which was rubbish. Wouldn't be without one particularly if you have a tight spot and want to align wheels for an Alko lock. Also gives some tremendous on-site positioning options...
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