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  1. We've recently changed to a 2007 CRV and we love it. It's not as big in the boot department as our previous car, but the way it handles and the extra power certainly made for a much more relaxing (less looking at temp and down changing) towing experience. We average 31mpg towing at a steady 60, sometimes using cruise control. Has anyone had their CRV 2. 2 remapped?
  2. Mines an older 3rd gen one, but that's some good info for those whom it applies to. Already a tow bar & electrics fitted but unsure as to wether it's a vehicle specific or generic kit. I'll be removing some of the panels to check this when i get the chance.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback guys. After the comments here and some looking around the internet, we decided to go ahead and buy ourselves a CRV. We have not yet towed with it (can't wait!) but so far the car is lovely. Definitely more power than our previous tow car, which could struggle a little on uphill drags, so towing should be a much more relaxing experience.
  4. I think the series 4 works slightly differently bu supposedly a similar reaction speed. Hm, something to keep in mind. We have an Adria which I sometimes struggle to keep at 75kg for our current car, I was hoping these may be a little more forgiving. I was in one several years ago when the owner decided to show me how it performed from a standing start. Surprisingly nippy for a car of its size/style. I don't know anything about a twin stage clutch, something I'll have to look into.
  5. Hi all, Still looking for a new tow car and my wife likes the look if the Ginda CRV 3rd generation. Does anyone have an opinion in these? If I'm thinking correctly, its 4 wheel drive system is automatic, meaning you can't set it to 4 wheel drive before attempting that muddy field? How have owners found these to cope? Cheers, Mark
  6. Thanks for all the input everyone, plenty to look at and choose from. Yes, we are currently waiting on our insurance. They may opt to repair our vehicle but I doubt it due to age and value (it's 13 years old) I'd prefer to change to a different vehicle mainly as ours, although great in many ways, was a little under powered at something like 107bhp iirc meaning long uphill drags became hard work (and therefore mentally tiring not being able to relax and enjoy the ride). The newer versions of ours were available with a 2. 2ltr 6 speed so that could be an option but not seen too many about
  7. My wife and I had recently decided to start saving for a new car. Unfortunately yesterday someone decided to speed up the process by hitting our car & I think it may be written off, so we'll have to start looking around sooner than expected. Looking for some ideas please. What we would ideally like; Preferably diesel. 7 seater would be good but not essential. 4 wheel drive as we are doing more rallies so could be beneficial (nearly been stuck a couple of times). And the limiting factor, a budget of 2-3k as it's sooner than expected. Any suggestions welcome.
  8. I used to have a page with loads of car PCD's listed that was quite handy for finding out cross compatability. Does anyone know if something similar exists for caravans?
  9. Good shout on the washers, something I hadn't thought about! Thanks.
  10. I wonder if the rubber window insert may do it? Like below. Would it be likely to crack with repeated bending? https://www. leisureshopdirect. com/product_images/228554_xlge. jpg
  11. I'll take a look at that site. I know I'll have to re rivet the whole thing but i'd rather put the effort in and keep our Adie nice. Maybe see if i can get stainless rivets.
  12. Our is just next to the toilet. Kids have pulled it off before but as it's just a suction cup it goes back with no damage at all.
  13. On one of the links above it says it will move the seat forward by approximately 4 inches. So I'm hoping that would be enough.
  14. We used something similar to this for both loo roll and towel rail. Edit: helps if I include the link. https://www. amazon. co. uk/gp/aw/d/B00WS80O1W/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmr2_1?qid=1462361839&sr=8-1-fkmr2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=Stick+on+loo+roll
  15. Ok, on that picture you can see a line of rivets along the inside top edge. On the outside top edge there is what is effectively a piano hinge with the other half of the hinge riveted to the body. Got that picture in your head? Good. Now imagine a flat rubber strip, as wide as the hinge. This is sandwiched between the hinge and locker door/body. So you'd have locker door - rubber - hinge then riveted together. Same on the body, body - rubber - hinge then riveted. When closed you would see the rubber instead of the hinge. And if you can make sense of that, give y
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