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  1. Most people would recommend it
  2. Don't waste your money. The Sale of Goods Act is much more useful and free too
  3. "Torque" will be the amount the wheel nuts are tightened. This will vary amongst manufacturers but depends on if a steel or alloy wheel is fitted. The torque figures can be located either in your handbook, on a sticker on the caravan or by contacting the manufacturer of your van directly. Hope this helps
  4. I'd go for Petzl too. You get what you pay for!
  5. Block them up if you wish but at your peril! They are there for a reason, to provide a continuous flow of fresh air into the van. This not only allows you to breathe but also for any gas-burning appliances to work efficiently and safely.
  6. Because few people seem to care and most know that no-one is there to enforce them
  7. As it is in Spain. Situation in UK seems to be getting worse!
  8. Even folding campers will be heavier than 750kg and I couldn't see you fiddling with one of those trailer tent things either!
  9. Love the fact that the weight is 17cwt! Somewhere around 865kg?
  10. Welcome and a definite reminder to do your homework BEFORE buying! This forum is extremely useful and informative. I hope we can all help you
  11. It appears that your particular model can tow 750kg. This is micro-caravan territory (pods). I doubt you'll be able to tow much at all http://www. honestjohn. co. uk/specs/detail/?v=ANISBNOT0025
  12. No, it isn't. It's for everybody
  13. They may save water but boost they do not! Have one fitted at home and compared to the normal shower head, is a bit weak
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