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  1. Sorry i'm late to the conversation but I see others have advised you well. I hope you have made the right decision, whatever that may be.
  2. Turn the hot tap on, wait a few minutes, then turn on the cold slowly to regulate the temp. If it's a Morco boiler, they are temperamental with water pressure. H.
  3. Hi and welcome. The answer to your question is as varied as the wine section in Tescos. There is no right answer so it depends on what you want from the situation. The one overriding fact is that ownership is expensive whether you use it yourself or let it out. If you are still at the stage of asking these basic questions, you haven't done enough research into the long term costs yet. My advice if you want to go ahead, find a park that you love if using it yourself, find a park that families want if renting out. H.
  4. Hi Ross, if you have found a site that suits all your needs then you have done most of the hard work. Buying a static is just buying a lifestyle, it is expensive to keep it running too so make sure you have a 5 year plan. There is no right answer to the cost of the van as each site will charge what they can get away with. Your kids will love it at weekend as it's something new, will they still love it next month? Next year? If it feels right, go with it if budget allows, make memories and enjoy the youth of your kids.
  5. If you are unsure and your site normally use a professional to do it, then I would arrange for them to do it. It is normally around £50 - £70 for a drain down. Money well spent considering what it will cost for new pipes, new carpet etc. Next year learn how to do it yourself, floe do a great valve adapter and online video's to help you.
  6. Sorry to hear about your trouble. There are two ways to get rid of your caravan. 1. Sell it back to the site usually at a huge loss. 2. Market your van wherever you think people are looking at buying them. Ok, I know that sounds simple but selling is a minefield. You need to make it appealing to new buyers without it being 'too good to be true'. There are lots of places to get your van online for sale, but where it is, the site it's on, initial costs and ongoing fees are critical in getting people to view it. I sold mine within a couple of weeks, I sold my friends on the same site within a week, others on the site are still trying to sell after a year. You need to market it well, pitch it at the right price, offer a reason for people to view and buy it. Once you have mastered that, you then need to keep your buyers away from the site salesman as they will steal your buyer. The site owner may well put off the new buyers, in short, it isn't easy. Good luck.
  7. It is a common problem for which the solution is just as hard to get right, but if you want to avoid a bigger problem then make sure any old ladies keep their mouths closed. I heard about this old lady who swallowed a fly. ..
  8. Check your insurance policy as they usually require water to be isolated from outside. Moving the tap into a better position is the easiest option.
  9. Well intentioned, poorly executed.
  10. Honk

    Cycle Lane Dilemma

    Manchester is such a welcoming city and at the forefront of anything that helps rid the place of these two wheeled menaces. We are proud to be the first city to lose the Mobike, they have had enough of the damage and the loss of their bikes that we are the first city out of 200 to be unsaddled. Plenty of tongue in cheek sarcasm for the snowflakes. Personally, I'm embarrassed.
  11. 3 bedrooms are hunted for on family sites, 2 bedrooms are popular on owner only sites, never seen a 1 bedroom but can see the appeal for your project. A quick google will reap rewards for those who buy statics. ..
  12. Short answer - No. My brother has a static on a very busy well known site, fees are almost 7k per year. He could rent it out and cover his costs but would never be able to earn from it. If he rents he gets a bigger cut, if the park rent it they get a bigger cut. Both leave him liable for cleaning, damage, gas, elec etc. The reason parks earn big bucks, they own the vans so no site fees to pay. You would get a better return on putting your money on red, and the ball lands on black. You only lose it once
  13. You are in a difficult position, your current site will want a big fee to disconnect your van, looking to find a new site that allows bring ons is difficult too as they earn money on the sale of a van. They too will want a connection fee. I wish you luck but expect a tough time.
  14. Hi and welcome. First of all, look at a couple of posts I wrote about owning a static is it for me and getting a static I would say that you could get a really nice van on a really nice site for what you are hoping to spend. The key is to take your time and look for parks that you want to be on. Now is an ideal time to buy as people want to get rid before the end of the season, but the downside is that you may have to pay for next years fees on top of your caravan price. Use Google maps to find some sites in the areas you want to go and visit them, talk to owners and my mantra is READ THE CONTRACT. Anything else just shout. H.
  15. https://www. thecaravanwarehouse. co. uk/ https://www. static-caravan-spares. co. uk/index. php?route=common/home
  16. There are a couple of good static caravan spares sites on the web, google is your friend here. If you can't find any, I will look in my favourites on my laptop later as there are a few in there.
  17. Whoa there! Call the council first, find out if you can use the land for what you want to do, think about long term ongoing costs too, it is a money pit or an expensive lifestyle choice. Do your homework or just throw your money in the grid. Good luck and keep us posted.
  18. As above, there are strict rules for space between caravans and some sites ignore this. You should have a word with the site owner to remind him of his legal duty, be prepared for total ignorance to extreme bullying though. Can you get a few friends to back you up?
  19. You will be fine, just remember to turn the boiler off before you turn the gas back on.
  20. What a fab result for one lucky owner. Well done GMP.
  21. You are in the lucky minority, long may it last.
  22. Thanks for the update. When deciding if it was your future or not, did the prospect of leaving the EU sway your decision? I only ask as I am wondering if many ex pats will be leaving and if the surplus vacancies will affect prices in the future.
  23. The static industry is not known for honest open business practices and there will be some who buck the trend, overall though, my statement is valid.
  24. One of the downsides to owning a static is that the site owners will block outside trades from coming onto site, forcing you to use their own or preferred suppliers.
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